Welcome to the Belize Eco Village Bulletin 17 update. We are eager to connect with like-minded souls who share our values, virtues, and visions and like our BEV project as a healthy investment haven. My last trip to Belize was in August and right after I left the Cabbage Hall road was recapped prior to the rains. This blog will share some pictures and progress since then. Seeing Ecoshell 1 dome homes in Belize during my May trip was a big boost to my morale and we are researching them diligently.

It has been over four years and six months since we bought the property and now have title, electricity, water and two houses completed. Belize has been a roller coaster of adventure, bandits, comedy, drama, nightmares, puzzles, surprises and tragedy from day one. While the land acquisition, title process and construction exceeded our budget and timeline, overall we are grateful for what we have completed so far.

Belize HouseWhile it should be the rainy season it was extremely dry in June, July, and August. The rain finally fell in September providing much relief for the garden, plantings and rain storage tanks. Now it is time to focus on the garden for food and landscaping. Our caretaker has also begun replacing trees destroyed by fire last June starting with coconut trees from nearby Maya Center Village. The big fire in June was another tough setback reminding us, you must have a burning desire and double determination to see your destiny and dream to reality in Belize.

Eco-Friendly Community and Construction

As we reported previously we completed our first two Stabilized Compressed Earth Block (SCEB) homes with the electricity and septic systems fully operational in both.  We did have a small celebration meal with the caretaker family who are very happy to be living in House 1. House 2 was to be occupied by a contractor and crew but due to the Sanctuary Belize (The Reserve) financial issues, he backed out.

Dome HouseAfter our visit to Monolithic Dome Institute (MDI) last October and visit in May to dome homes in Corozal, Belize we are convinced building Ecoshell 1 dome homes next makes the most sense for our BEV. Van Smith and his group at Equip International have been a wealth of information on best practices, design considerations, key factors and optimal methods to build EcoShell 1 domes for our Belize Eco Village project. We are lucky an airform, support equipment and experienced crew are in Belize and ready to build when we are.

After discussing our Eco Village project with a contact recently it became apparent it would be helpful to share some of the history of how we came to this point on our journey. While initially, we considered Italy, Spain and Turkey we decided on Costa Rica (Pura Vita) as a great place for an eco village and wellness center and bought 59 acres there. It soon became apparent that my lack of Spanish and refusal to pay bribes would make it difficult if not impossible there, so the property is for sale. Here is the Uvita Costa Rica property listing which when sold, will free up funds for our Belize Eco Village project. Who do you know looking for Pura Vida? After making good progress on our BEV we are now ready to step up and take it to the next level by attracting an experienced eco-development joint venture partner. Belize is becoming a popular ecotourism destination and our Beltraide Executive Investment Summary is on their website.

The goal of the Morningstar NEWS is to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. After completing two SCEB homes we feel EcoShell 1 domes will provide an even better healthy and sustainable home. We are planning to build two Ecoshell 1 dome homes in our BEV community in 2020. Remember we encourage your comments and thoughts to guide us. Namaste.

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