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It seems appropriate and helpful to give some background history about the timeline of events leading up to creating a Belize Eco Village. At a Wealth Mastery seminar  many years ago a brilliant Hedge Fund manager Michael Smorch spoke about the importance of asset allocation and international diversification outside of the US to make and preserve wealth. That idea sparked and started me on a due diligence journey to find a suitable country to invest in raw land to create an eco community, financial return and wellness center. After traveling to many countries Costa Rica seemed like a great choice for many reasons. After careful analysis 59.5 acres of land was purchased in the mountains near the beach town of Uvita, Costa Rica overlooking the Pacific Ocean for an Eco Community retreat and wellness center. The passion of Purva Vida (Pure Life) was moving forward from a day dream to a romantic reality.

Costa Rica Town

Uvita, Costa Rica

While this piece of paradise is beautiful and breathtaking beyond words it is not possible or practical to be in three different countries working on two different eco communities with very different regions, regulations and rules while also running a health coaching business in the US. Hence something had to change and the decision was made to sell Costa Rica to focus on and free up funds for construction in Belize. We had previously bought a lot in a master planned eco community in southern Belize and then a 149 acre property nearby. Next we purchased another 480 acres next to the original property. This flatter and larger amount of land in Belize will allow us to build hundreds of eco homes easier and faster than the dozen that could have been built on the property in the mountains of Costa Rica. The Belize property is next to the Southern Highway in Stann Creek Belize so residents and visitors can utilize the bus system which runs right in front of the property.

To move the Belize Eco Village project along easier and faster it is essential to ask for your helpful strategies with solutions, suggestions and support in promoting the sale of the 59.5 acres near Uvita, Costa Rica. Here is a brief description of the property with back ground information and insight on why this land is such a perfect and special opportunity for the right group of investors.

Beautiful Uvita, Costa Rica Pacific Paradise & Rainforest

Uvita, Costa Rica is a beautiful beach village and this property has everything a person would need for a peaceful eco community, resort or retreat. Abundant coconut and fruit trees, jungle, pastures, rainforest, clean water, mountains and Pacific Ocean views make it a perfect piece of paradise. About 4 miles up the road from the beautiful southern beach town of Uvita Costa Rica is a 59.5 acre rainforest retreat in the foothills of the mountains. A new three line electric transmission system runs next to the property along the road from Uvita up to Socorro de Platanares in the mountains.

waterfallA clean year round stream runs along the entire lower elevation of the property line for about 600+ meters. With an approximate 960 foot elevation at the stream and 1500 feet at the road the property offers a cool breeze and lower temperatures than at the hot and humid beach.

There are over 20 mature coconut trees, 2 mango trees and cashew fruit trees. There is bamboo and many trees some so large 2 men cannot put their arms around them. Several large trees can be cut due to damage and can provide native hardwood for your houses. Along the stream are the larger trees with smaller ones covering other areas. Approximately 80% of the land is pasture/regrown and 20% jungle. It is a great property for reforestation which will produce a significant return on investment (ROI). A mature native hardwood tree at today’s prices brings over $1000. USD net to you. The land could easily grow 2000+ native hardwoods valued at over $2 million.There are incredible views of the Pacific Ocean to the west and jungle covered mountain views for 270 degrees. The mountain views are 80% jungle. There is very little cleared land up in this area and no farming or noise to bother you. There is one visible house on a ridge up on the mountain. This area is beautiful, clean, quiet, pristine, undeveloped and close to the beach town of Uvita, Costa Rica with all the amenities needed. This area should remain fairly pristine due to the limited access, mountain range barrier and large tracks of privately held and protected land by a few eco conscious neighbors. There are many species of birds and wildlife that frequent the property.

Michael Morningstar

Michael Morningstar

A big benefit bonus is Edgar Varela the English speaking caretaker who lives in nearby San Rafeal village. He is skilled in whatsapp for regular communications and updates. Iliana Arguedas Umana my attorney in nearby San Isidro is another very helpful resource fluent in English.

Three local real estate agents have listings on the property and can assist with tours. The property can be subdivided into two properties for additional associated costs.

Also feel free to email Michael at mm@michaelmorningstar.com for additional details.


Please enjoy this video that depicts the beautiful ocean view Costa Rica property above beautiful Uvita >

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