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How healthy are your gums, teeth, and tongue? Use a scale of Zero (amalgam filings, bacteria, bad breath, cavities, crowns, gum issues, implants, metal in mouth, missing teeth, Periodontal Ligament (PDL) issues, plaque, root canals, strawberry tongue, and wisdom teeth removed) to Ten (all your adult teeth, no filings, no root canals, and no gum disease or receding gums) to rate your current circumstances? Many people seem to be scoring on the low end of the dental and oral health scale. Many people seem to be facing challenges and issues with their gums, teeth, and tongue. If having high-quality dental and oral health is important to you, this Morningstar NEWS blog shares the top thirty things that trigger teeth troubles to help you avoid them.

Many people say they want to have healthy gums and teeth yet they are often doing unhealthy things and making things worse. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the connection and correlation between their optimal nutrition, oral health habits, and overall lifestyle and how they affect every aspect of your gums and teeth health. BTW a lot of what you hear, read and see about oral habits, procedures, products, and strategies to keep your gums and teeth healthy is possibly misinformation or misleading, or both. Fortunately, once you understand the top thirty things that trigger teeth troubles you can change your approach and habits to protect your gum and teeth health in the future.

“Having healthy gums and teeth starts with having the education, information, and motivation for doing what it takes to enjoy dental and oral health for life.” Michael Morningstar

Once we have the education about how our body functions and the information about dental health we need the motivation to program our body and brain to follow through and do what it takes to make informed decisions for optimal oral health. There are many companies and individuals that benefit from our dental and oral health issues so be sure that you are doing everything in your power to be making the best choices and decisions.

This blog post offers the top thirty things that trigger teeth troubles so you can do everything within your power to promote and protect your dental and oral health. One of the reasons that dental health is so important to master is that it directly affects your emotional, mental, and physical health as well.

Healthy Teeth

Top Thirty Things Trigger Teeth Troubles

By focusing on avoiding the top thirty things that trigger teeth trouble we can more easily maintain our dental and oral health:

  1. Acidic beverages (juices and sodas) can feed bacteria that can harm gums, teeth, and tooth enamel.
  2. Acid re-flux allows stomach acid to damage the enamel on your teeth. Alcohol, burping, eating late, mis-combining foods, obesity, sodas, snoring, unhealthy foods, and weak stomach acid can cause reflux.
  3. Alcohol consumption can harm the brain, heart, and liver and lead to health issues. These can make dental and oral health issues even worse.
  4. Almonds and other hard nuts can break and crack teeth. Soaking nuts in saltwater will soften them up for chewing.
  5. Amalgam fillings contain mercury a known health hazard and heavy metal toxin. Heavy metals in the body and mouth are a serious health hazard.
  6. Antibiotic abuse and overuse are big problems in many people. They can stain your teeth and weakens your digestive, immune, and microbiome system.
  7. Bacteria overgrowth in the gums, root canal, or tongue is a major problem in many people and often leads to heart health issues. Bacteria produce plaque and toxins.
  8. Brushing incorrectly and infrequently leads to big dental issues. Most toothpaste has chemicals that are health hazards.
  9. Brushing teeth too hard and with a toothbrush with bristles too hard is a recipe for excess enamel wear.
  10. Candy, sugar, and sweets encourage and feed harmful bacteria growth. This can lead to numerous gum and teeth problems. Sugar is a major problem for our dental, emotional, mental, and physical health. Sugar can lead to amputation, blindness, diabetes, obesity, and tooth loss.
  11. Cavities can lead to a chain reaction that leads to filings, crowns, root canals, or tooth removal. Bacteria feed on sugar and cause cavities.
  12. Chewing ice is an unhealthy habit that can lead to tooth damage.
  13. Citrus fruit is acidic and should be removed from teeth after eating. The acid in lemons, limes, and oranges can damage our enamel.
  14. Dairy products are a major issue for many people. Pasteurized dairy is a common allergen that can disrupt the bronchial, digestive, nasal, and sinus systems. Dairy can lead to ear, nose, and throat (ENT) infections. Dairy often has antibiotics and hormones which can be health hazards. Dairy has sugar which feeds bacteria. Dairy can also contribute to constipation. Mothers’ milk is for babies only. Most milk does not “do the body good” and in fact avoiding dairy is very beneficial for your health. Avoid milk for three months and very likely you will have fewer ENT issues and want to give it up for life.
  15. Dentists are often too aggressive and eager to drill and fill a tooth that can be naturally saved and treated. Many fillings and root canals can be avoided by implementing natural oral hygiene. Google natural oral hygiene protocols like baking soda, essential oils, nasal breathing, natural mouth wash, oil pulling, saltwater gargling, sinus cleaning, and water pressure cleaning.
  16. Dental cleaning and exam avoidance and lack of proper oral health care can contribute to major gum and tooth decay, disease, and dysfunction.
  17. Falls, spills, trips, and tumbles can contribute to many teeth injuries. Wearing a bicycle helmet and protective gear is common sense, saves big bucks. and super smart.
  18. Flossing too hard can harm gums or too seldom can lead to a build-up of bacteria and plaque. Learn the optimal way to floss and do it regularly.
  19. Fluoride is a health hazard and known toxin. Google fluoride toxicity to read about health issues, poisoning, and toxicity caused by fluoride.
  20. Gum chewing is quite harmful to our gums and teeth. Chewing gum can contribute to overeating and under digesting food by overstimulating your salivary gland.
  21. Gums and teeth are living tissues that need special nutrition and Tender Loving Care (TLC) for optimal health. Stop abusing them and start appreciating them.
  22. Medications typically have health consequences and side effects and often trigger more complex health challenges.
  23. Mineral deficiencies are a major concern because they can lead to problems with gums and teeth.
  24. Mouthwash chemicals are harmful health hazards. Avoid the danger and save your money. Use all-natural essential oils, gargle, oil pulling, and rinse instead.
  25. Nutrition deficiencies (Enzymes, Fats, Fibers, Minerals, Trace Elements, and Vitamins) can lead to a wide range of dental, emotional, mental, and physical health issues.
  26. Popcorn kernel shells can become trapped under the gum next to a tooth and cause major problems as it decays. People can lose teeth because of this.
  27. Teeth grinding during the day or night are big problems. Not using a night guard can lead to grinding your teeth and excessive wear.  Grinding and pounding during sports can lead to tooth damage. Many outdoor activities and sports without mouth guards put children at a big risk for damaging teeth and big dental bills.
  28. Teeth used as tools to bite, cut or tear things like packages, string, tape, thread, or worse often cause tooth damage.
  29. Tobacco is a health hazard to every area of your body and brain. All tobacco is especially harmful to the cheeks, gums, teeth, and throat. It can lead to cancer and loss of teeth.
  30. Tooth hazards to avoid biting, chewing, or hitting that can cause breaking, chipping, and cracking include balls, bats, bikes, forks, glass, ice, keys, metal, nails, olive pits, rackets, rocks, spoons, stones, swings and tongue piercing jewelry. Caution, common sense, and contacting a biological holistic dentist will help identify the most common tooth hazards and how to avoid and minimize them.

The top thirty things that trigger teeth trouble require education, information, and motivation so you and your children can make better choices and decisions. Ask a dentist about gum graft cadavers, complications, and costs to understand the importance of protecting your gums. One of the most powerful methods to find the long-term motivation for oral health is to find a holistic dentist to learn about the cost of fixing complex dental issues. Ask to look at some before and after pictures to see how important care and prevention for your oral health is to preserve your beauty and smile.

Preventative Dental Care

The leverage of seeing terrible teeth troubles can be a very strong influence that inspires and motivates you to do whatever it takes to maintain your dental and oral health. People often spend a large amount of money paying for dental treatments to fix their gum and teeth problems that could be better used towards a: boat, car, camper, home, RV, or taking a dozen cruises or vacations

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a happy and healthy lifestyle and mindset. This blog shares the top thirty things that trigger teeth trouble so you can avoid them and maintain optimal dental and oral health. Contact the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine (IABDM) for more dental and oral health resources.

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