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How happy is your heart? How healthy is your home? Use a scale of Zero (sad, sick stressed, and struggling) to Ten (happy, healing, healthy, and in harmony)to rate your current circumstances? Many people seem to be scoring on the low end of the scale in their level of being happy and living healthy. Many people seem to be facing challenges and issues in their family, finances, relationships, and work. If being happy and healthy is important to you, this Morningstar NEWS blog has seven simple steps to set yourself up for success in feeling happy and being healthy.

Many people say they want to be happy and healthy. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the connection and correlation between their behaviors, beliefs, and body language and how they affect every aspect of your lifestyle and love life. BTW body language includes alignment, eye movement, facial expressions, gestures, positions, posture, and smiles. Fortunately, once you understand the seven secret simple steps and suggestions to be happy and healthy you can totally transform your life. With coaching, guidance, and role models it is easier to begin making lifestyle choices and decisions that move you in the direction of being happy and healthy. To be happy and healthy requires us to understand basic energy psychology and mental psychology to implement a massive action plan that will propel you towards success.

Everything we manifest starts with our identity which is determined by our beliefs, rules, standards, values, and vision. Once we understand this information we can program our body, brain, and spirit to do what it takes to be happy and healthy. Often times we allow our happiness and health to be hijacked by other people and we must rescue and restore our identity and reprogram our body and brain. If you allow others to brainwash you and put you in their trance you end up with them pulling the strings and you dancing like a puppet. When you invest in some thinking time you will begin to see the trance and tunes you are dancing to and find the puppet master behind the curtain.

This blog post offers some simple suggestions for a happy heart and healthy home to create the lifestyle and loving environment you deserve and desire to enjoy emotional, mental, and physical wellness.

The secret to being happy and healthy long-term is to create a compelling, inspiring, and motivating lifestyle massive plan of action. This can be in the form of a brilliant blueprint, life map, mind map, road map, values, and vision board or Subliminal Suggestion System (SSS) with your Goals, Passion, Purpose, and Story (GPPS) clearly outlined.  The secret to being happy and healthy is programming and understanding the energy psychology and mental psychology that directs the direction of your life.

Once we understand the Operating System (OS) and Software that controls and directs our belief systems we can then implement the beliefs, behaviors, and habits that lead to a happy and healthy lifestyle. There are seven simple steps to have a happy heart and a healthy home.

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Happy Heart and Healthy Home – Seven Simple Steps

By focusing on seven simple steps we can consistently move towards having a happy heart and healthy home. All seven are linked to our beliefs, behaviors, body language, and habits that guide our choices, decisions, and lifestyle.

  1. Be quiet for at least one hour every Sunday morning to indulge in mindfulness and Thinking Time regarding your Values and Vision for your life. Avoid distractions, frustrations, and talking in order to be open, quiet, receptive, and still in order to connect with your driving force, guiding force, higher power, and supreme spirit. It is important to connect your higher power and inner spirit so you can be direct, honest, and open about what you want and who you really are at your core. It may sound simple yet many people allow people, things, and the world around them to dictate and direct what they should believe, say and think. This results in excessive straining, stressing, and struggling without owning your identity and personal power. This will often lead to an unhappy heart and an unhealthy home. If you are finding yourself angry, confused, depressed, frustrated, and upset it may be time to find some compassionate coaching, gladiator guidance, and transformation training to help you reprogram your body, mind, and spirit. After completing all seven steps you may likely discover the value of setting aside an hour each day for exercise, gratitude, meditation, mindfulness, prayer, thinking time, wellness and yoga. One hour a day is the minimum daily allowance of self-care for progress on the path to being happy and healthy.
  2. Draw a Circle of Life (wheel) with a center point and divide it into eight equal pie slice areas. Rate each area with the current quality of your lifestyle in that category. Be honest and totally truthful because you and the universe know the truth and what good will it do for you to try to lie to yourself. Your rating score in each area will help shed light on how you rate for having a happy heart and a healthy home. There are eight areas in a Circle of Life (wheel) to rate with a score of Zero to Ten (with 0 being painful and pitiful and 10 being perfect and pleasure). The eight areas starting at the top and going clockwise are Body, Mind, Spirit, Relationships, Education, Business/ Career, Finances, and Abundance. Think about how your heart feels and how your home reflects each area in your circle of life. When people are unhappy and unhealthy they tend to blame circumstances, life, parents, people, and the universe. After you do all the steps it will be time to take ownership and responsibility for the choices and decisions you made and continue to make and stop blaming everyone and everything around you. Many people who you know may be energy vampires (sucking other people’s emotions, energy, and time) and variable victims (telling the same sad story over and over until you and those around you are in a deep dance and trance).
  3. Create a Ben Franklin T Sheet checklist regarding your circle of life circumstances and conditions. Again think about the eight areas in your (wheel) circle of life and add other aspects that pop up. Rate everything that has happened or is happening to your body, mind, and spirit as a Negative or Positive in your life. Many people are unaware of the role they play in attracting or avoiding energy, information, and inspiration that can lead to a happy heart and healthy home or an unhappy heart and unhealthy home. If you want a happy heart and healthy home it will require the courage to get the education, inspiration, and motivation to recondition your body, brain, and spirit 24×7 until you manifest your desires and destiny.
  4.  Our body, mind, and spirit each require food, fuel, and fun for peak performance. Remember…you are what you eat so choose wisely what you put in and on your body. Hippocrates is credited with these great words of wisdom: Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food. Water feeds and fuels us so be sure to hydrate all day long with clean water. Choose high-quality nutrient-dense organic premium whole foods and life-supporting ingredients if a high-quality premium life is really important to you. If you are not willing to do what it takes to be happy and healthy then you might as well get ready to be unhappy and unhealthy. Life is really that simple.
  5. Create a clear, detailed, and exciting autobiography and happy ever after story with your values and visions clearly defined. This can be in the form of a: blueprint, Goals Passion Purpose Story (GPPS), life map, mind map, road map, storyboard, treasure map, or values and vision board that inspires and motivates you each and every day to be all you can be. Look at it first thing when you wake up, during the day, and before bedtime. Remember… a picture is worth a thousand words so your Collage for Conscious Creation will send subliminal messages to your brain and subconscious mind to be focused and guided to manifest your mission and vision success story.
  6. Clean out your heart of all the old anger, blame, confusion, fears, frustration, hurts, traumas, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can help. While you are doing some cleaning it may be beneficial to also clean your colon, gall bladder, and liver. Next clean out your home of all the chemicals, cleaners, fake food, Frankenstein food (GMO), junk food, poisons, and toxins. What we allow in our homes plays a major role in the quality of our happiness and health.  Do the homework and research and you will find the toxic things that rob you of your health and wealth. Celebrate your progress with sunshine and sun time which is essential to be happy and healthy long-term. Humans need to feel and see the sun to help balance and boost our body, mind, and spirit. The sun provides energy for humans and plants. Consume a rainbow of plant-based superfoods for perfect health and peak performance.
  7. Begin making baby steps with better choices and decisions one small step at a time. Become a force for good and let the power of light and love help you find your personal power.  Remember to ask for and listen to your confident coaches, guardian angels, loving leaders, magnificent mentors, role models, positive peers, and terrific teachers to coach, encourage and guide you on your journey to a happy heart and healthy home. Find a peak performance peer group that will help you stand proud, strong, and tall as they sing your praise and support your progress. Many personal development and self-growth experts believe that the people we spend the most time with determines who we will become and the life we will enjoy. If your peer group is dragging you down and holding you back it is time to find peers who will help you develop and discover your peak personal power. A great resource to help you understand these powerful proven principles is the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

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These seven simple steps are easy to do and so easy not to do. One of the most powerful motivators is finding your passion and purpose in life and then identifying the leverage that inspires and motivates you to do whatever it takes. It is vital to find your driving force and energy source to pull you in the direction of your dreams and burning desires.

Speaking of your driving force reminds me of movies with messages like Star Wars and the “Force”. There are three powerful quotes where Yoda says “You fail because you don’t believe” and “Named must your fear be before banish it you can” and “Do or do not. There is no try.”  May your driving force be with you and strong as you manifest your happy heart and healthy home.

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The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a happy and healthy lifestyle and mindset. This blog shares seven simple steps for manifesting a happy heart and healthy home.

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