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How would you rate your level of feeling happy and healthy? On a scale of Zero (sad, sick stressed, and struggling) to Ten (happy, healing, healthy, and in harmony)? Most people seem to be more on the sad, sick, stressed, and struggling side of the rating system with many challenges and issues in their finances, relationships, and work. If a healthy, independent and long life is important to you, then Morningstar NEWS with a happy and healthy formula is here to help you take control of your health and life.

Most people say they want to be happy and healthy. Unfortunately, what they do and what they say are often complete contradictions and often polar opposites. Without the right coaching, guidance, and role models it is easy to be bewildered and brainwashed with harmful and hurtful misinformation. To be happy, healing and healthy requires us to understand basic biology, chemistry, and psychology. Then we must use that information to program our body, brain, and spirit to do what it takes for peak performance and sustainable success. Many times we must reprogram our beliefs and brains that have been hijacked by other people, politicians, and profit-making corporations.

If our body and brain do not get the elements, energy, and exercise we need for optimal growth, health, and performance we start a downward spiral in our quality of life. Over time the ongoing deprivation and disruption to our body and brain increase our risks for many diseases and health issues. This blog post offers a simple happy and healthy formula and a basic recipe to help people improve their body, mind, and spirit with their emotional, mental and physical well-being.

The obvious lifestyle secret hidden in plain sight to be happy and healthy is found in the basic formula Hydrogen 2 + Oxygen = Water. This profound principle is the formula for being happy and healthy because our body is approximately 70% water and we depend on hydrogen and oxygen in the air and in water to fuel our cells. Optimal levels of hydrogen and oxygen are required to maintain our happiness, harmony, and health for peak performance.

Understanding basic biology, chemistry and psychology is the key combination to unlocking our energy, health, and longevity. Our belief systems and behavior systems play a major role in determining our priorities, problems, and profits in life. There are seven simple steps to ensure you have the optimal level of hydrogen and oxygen in your body and brain all the time.

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Happy and Healthy Formula H2O – Seven Simple Suggestions

Many people lack awareness about the importance of feeding, fixing, friending, and fueling our bodies and brain for optimal performance. For better performance, we must focus on seven simple suggestions to stay happy and healthy. All seven are linked to hydrogen and oxygen.

The following seven suggestions can make a major difference in the quality and quantity of your life when you implement an action plan to make them a priority during each and every day for a healthy and long life:

  1. Breathing involves both an art and science for being happy and healthy and having optimal performance. It is important to ensure you breathe in and out through your nose the majority of the time. It sounds so simple yet many adults and kids breathe in and out through their mouths and as a result are struggling with their health and well-being. If you are finding yourself congested, nasal breathing, or snoring it is time to find some coaching, education, and training to help you reprogram your body and brain for nasal breathing. When people become stressed they tend to breathe more rapidly and shallowly which prevents optimal oxygen exchange and deprives the body and cells of adequate oxygen. Breathing involves learning the art and science so you can maintain the optimal oxygen needed to sustain being happy and healthy. Super special pranayama and yoga teachers are a great resource to help learn the art and science of better breathing.
  2. Exercising our heart, lungs, and muscles is vital for conditioning our best body and brain for life to keep everything operating at peak performance. Many people are unaware of the role that carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen play in a happy and healthy lifestyle. If you want a fabulous, fit, and flexible body it will require the education, inspiration, and motivation to maintain, sustain and train your body and brain on a consistent basis (6 – 7 days a week).
  3. Hydration is a fancy word for consuming water (H2O). Our body should consist of around 75% water for optimal health, longevity, and vitality. When we get dehydrated we start to lose our water and our physiology starts to shift to less happy and healthy. Avoid drinking ice-cold water and drink more warm water. Be sure to consume the cleanest and highest quality water you can. Most water should be filtered or your body becomes the filter.
  4. Plant-based nutrition can provide the majority of the optimal carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen our body and brain need. Even if you are not ready to go vegetarian at least consider being 90 – 95% plant-based to feel and look your best and live longer. Avoid dairy and be careful to read ingredients and eat only organic foods. Plants have a higher water content which means more hydrogen and oxygen for healthy and strong bones, muscles, and organs.
  5. Sunshine and sun time is essential to be happy and healthy long-term. Humans need to feel and see the sun to help balance our body, mind, and spirit. The sun provides energy for humans and plants. Sunshine helps our body make Vitamin D which essential for hundreds of functions in the human body and brain. The sun also helps keep hydrogen and oxygen flowing and moving around the world.
  6. Water plays a major role in the quality of our external and internal environment. On the external side water feeds and fuels animals, organisms, and plants to survive and thrive. These them interact with humans so we can survive and thrive. It is the circle of life that sustains life. Internally water plays a major role to keep us happy, in harmony, and healthy. Water plays a role in our rivers of life our blood and our lymph system. When we are dehydrated our blood and lymph get thicker and they are less able to flow freely and easily. Less water means our digestion and elimination systems are less able to function well and we can suffer from constipation and poor absorption and digestion.
  7. Water is our universal solvent and transporter of everything important to human life. Water transports and works with our blood, enzymes, fats, fiber, hydrogen, lymph, minerals, phytonutrients, trace elements, and vitamins to maintain and sustain the miracle of our life. We can go weeks without food but we can not last long without the hydrogen and oxygen in the water. Remember to monitor your color and frequency of urine to ensure you stay healthy and hydrated. As your urine starts to show a color you are starting to be dehydrated and the darker it is the more warning lights should show and sound the alarm. Also if you have not urinated for a 2-3 hour period during the day you are probably dehydrated.

BTW, you can even find hydrogen powder supplements and devices that increase the hydrogen in water to help improve your health and well-being. I am currently using a device for generating more hydrogen in water because we all need to be finding extra support strategies to be happy and healthy.

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Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. The information in this blog about the happy and healthy formula of Hydrogen2 + Oxygen = Water and wellness.

“Remember…hydrogen plus oxygen are incredibly important if being happy and healthy are incredibly important.” —Michael Morningstar

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