With billions of dollars spend annually on chemicals and compounds for our bodies it seems people need help and information in order to beware of bath, beauty and body brands that harm rather than help. The multitude of products advertised, sold and used by people is frightening when you discover the many toxic bath, beauty and body care products being promoted to these misinformed and naïve buyers.

Most people are not aware that cosmetic products, personal care products and the thousands of ingredients in them are not required to be proven safe by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act before they are sold. People assume the cosmetics and personal care products they purchase are safe and have been scientifically tested. Unfortunately the majority of the thousands of products available in the US and global markets have not been researched and tested for health and safety.

Your Skin is the Largest Body Organ

Check Baby Shampoos for SLS

Read Labels for Questionable Ingredients

While many products have been tested on an animal, which is a cause for compassion and concern, most products are created in a laboratory with synthetic chemicals and compounds that are neither natural nor proven safe for contact with our delicate skin. How many readers have been warned to avoid putting anything on their skin unless they would be comfortable putting it in their mouth first? The reason is because much of what you apply to your skin is absorbed into your body as if you ate it. You are what you eat and what you put on your skin.

Many people do not realize our skin is the largest organ and easily absorbs many substances. It is responsible for protecting the body by allowing healthy things in such as oils, sunlight and water while keeping unhealthy things like bacteria, chemicals and virus out. Our skin is miraculous at absorbing healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals while at the same time releasing waste products.

Artificial chemicals and compounds are able to by pass our defenses and invade our body causing many problems. Things applied to the skin are easily absorbed and assimilated into the blood, lymph and tissues. This is why topical creams, gels and patches are used to apply substances and treat various health and medical conditions. Therefore it is imperative you read the label of every product you use and look for chemicals and compounds that you are not familiar with and which may contain substances with known health hazards.

Terms to Watch Out for in Personal Care Products

If you are unable to pronounce a substance and are unfamiliar with the process and source of the substance chances are that it is not natural and may be carcinogenic, harmful and toxic to some part of your body. Watch out for confusing combinations and terms such as ceteareth, laureth, myreth, oleth and other “eth” compounds which results from ethoxylation, oxynol, PEG, polyethylene, polyethylene glycol and polyoxyethylene.

Other harmful chemicals to look for are: 1.4 dioxane, alcohols, aluminum chlor-hydrate, artificial fragrances, bleaches, coal tar, detergents, dyes, fluoride, glycerin, heavy metals, mineral oils, musks, nail polish and polish removers, parabens, perfumes, petrolatum, petroleum products, phthlates, preservatives, solvents, synthetic chemicals and talc powder.

Remember many substances may be deceptively labeled (natural, organic and safe), or simply not listed in an effort to keep you from knowing what is in the products. Many people start using unhealthy products without questioning the ingredients.

Many cosmetics are made with rendered fats from animals, processed cooking oil waste and many chemical substances that you would not eat. Yet when you apply them to your skin that is what happens as you absorb them into your body.
Natural Skin Cream

Choose First All Natural Products

You may be asking what are the natural alternatives and simple solutions to avoid these harmful products. The answer is really quite simple.

First realize that your beauty, health and longevity begins with the internal elements, foods and liquids you consume and then assimilate to manufacture what your body needs. Our body is an amazing miracle and when given the proper essential ingredients can produce whatever the body requires to feel fantastic, look great and live longer.

When you are not at your natural best it is time to determine what is missing from your body, mind and spirit nourishment and supply the natural nutrient dense whole foods your body desires and deserves. Also be sure to provide the required daily dose of healthy emotions such as gratitude, happiness and love that are essential for perfect health and harmony.

After focusing on basic raw internal ingredients first, then consider natural and organic products that are from environmentally friendly and sustainable sources. Look for those manufactured with the highest standards and full disclosure to educate your self in order to feel confident and safe using them.

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Natural raw oils such as almond, avocado, coconut, jojoba, neem, olive oil and sesame oil are just a few of the best skin care foods to nourish your body.

Pure castile soap is a great way to brush your teeth, clean your body, shave and wash your hair.

Use only pure all natural and organic cosmetic products made from botanical sources and sustain ably produced from the land and seas. Mother Nature provides amazing low cost natural substances for your natural beauty and health.[/colored_box]

Stay Safe: Check the Ingredients

The Environmental Working Group website has great information and resources to help you become better educated on the products which are best for you and your family. They list the ingredients in over 69,000 personal care products.

Remember that your body is constantly creating magic moments and is a miracle in motion as it performs tens of thousands of functions every second to help your maintain your health and well being. Choose carefully when you buy products and be sure to beware bath, beauty and body brands that harm rather than help. Every product you purchase is an investment in your beautiful body, mind and spirit or a high risk gamble with your energy, health, longevity and vitality. Please choose wisely.

To check the ingredients in your Personal Care Products, visit > EWG’s Cosmetic Database

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