This years Great NEWS posts are dedicated to sharing Healthy Habits for a Great 2015 and today we focus on the healthy habit of Written Goals and Action Plans.   Our mind is the control center for our conscious choices, planning and thinking.  To be happy, healthy and holistic in all areas of our wheel of life we need a vision for our future and a detailed map with directions to get us there.  To help insure success in all eight of our wheel of life areas it is essential to develop the healthy habit of having Written Goals and Action Plans.

To enjoy a great 2015 we must begin by focusing our attention and energy on directing our mind.  Since our mind is directing our daily beliefs, behaviors and rituals we must invest the time to think about our dreams, mission and vision in life and then consciously write out the goals and action plans that will create our dream life.  This post is written in January because it is one of the most important times to make sure we have reviewed our life lessons from the year before and begin redirecting, reenergizing and reprogramming our mind with the revisions needed to shift gears in any area of our wheel or life that is out of balance or not performing well.

The Magic of Written Goals and Action Plans

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Our mind can easily be distracted by all the advertisements, gadgets, noise and shiny toys that are constantly being placed in our life.

Our mind can easily be distracted by all the advertisements, gadgets, noise and shiny toys that are constantly being placed in our life.   Most people do not realize that if you do not have written goals and action plans to accomplish them the world is full of companies and people who do have them.

Guess who will win the game of life in the end.  Of course the company or person with a written business plan, marketing plan and website that clearly describes and defines their values, vision and very clear offering with the most determination will win.

One of the best things you can do after writing your goals and action plans is to look at them right after waking and right before going to sleep at night.  This helps us continually program our mind for what is most important in our life.  During the day we can easily get off track if we do not constantly check our bearing and compass to keep us on course.  Therefore it is essential to have a written set of goals and action plans to constantly remember and review to keep us focused and on track with our life’s passion and purpose.

Our body needs to see, hear and feel an empowering message regarding our mission each day.  It needs reminders to keep us alkalized, calm, energized, fit, healthy, nourished and rested each day.

Our mind can get confused, distracted, fuzzy and lazy if we do not constantly remind it of the highest priorities for our peak performance.  It is difficult to keep our mind on track with the most important activities if we do not have a clear and concise set of blue prints and directions that continually keep us moving in the right direction to maintain our passion, progress and purpose.

Our spirit wants a message that will keep us inspired and uplifted when the hiccups and speed bumps of life come along.  When we are inspired we need the life map to keep us on our path of passion and purpose.  Our goals must nurture our spiritual health.

Our relationships can easily suffer if we do not share our goals and action plans to mutually support each other.  When we lack the clarity and understanding of what is essential and important our relationships are less supportive and more stressful which contributes to our challenges.  We must have a written plan to direct our energy, enthusiasm and excitement for the key relationships in our life.  Happy and healthy relationships will flourish more easily when the people around us see that they are a part of our written goals and action plans.


Having written goals and plans is a vital part of our personal development and self growth.

Having written goals and plans is a vital part of our personal development and self growth.  Probably every expert and guru on the planet will agree on this.  Peak performance requires a lot of determination and drive but if we do not have written goals and action plans we can end up lost in space ship earth.

Our passion, profession and purpose in life are key components of our happiness and health.  To be successful in our business, career, profession or even retirement we must have written goals and action plans. Sailing through life is easier and smoother when we have a clear set of written blue prints and plans.

Our finances are highly dependent on having written budgets, expense reports, investment plans and portfolios, tax filings and wills to keep us financially free and independent.   When we try to function without good systems and written plans we often let important financial matters become haphazard and hopeless.  We must be committed to having well designed plans and continually investing the energy and time to insure our dreams and financial freedom become our future reality.

Not having written goals and actions plans result in people wasting thousands of dollars each year and hundreds of thousands of dollars over a life time that could compound into a million dollar nest egg.  Lack of plans is probably the number one reason for the abundance of anger, bankruptcies, depression, disease, divorce, emotional issues, frustration, guilt, sadness, unhappiness and violence in the world.  While money may not buy you happiness it is clearly a vital part of having a happy and healthy lifestyle and determining our financial success.

In order to have more abundance in our life it is extremely valuable to have a clear and concise set of written goals and action plans. In order to have more than enough for ourselves and excess to share or spend with others we need a success system.  While there are some things in life for free most amentias require an exchange of value we call money.  Our level of abundance is directly linked to having a clear vision and mastery action plans that keep us on target and allow others to support our values and vision.

Written Goals and Action Plans Suggestions

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Our written solutions, strategies and systems for our values, vision and determine our level of success maintaining our happiness, health and harmony.

When we implement proven principles we set our self up for sustainable success. At the beginning of each year and all year long we must set up a system to insure we are clear, concise, confident and congruent about our goals and action plans.  Our written solutions, strategies and systems for our values, vision and determine our level of success maintaining our happiness, health and harmony.

Following simple steps and specific strategies like these will help assure and insure we accomplish and manifest our deepest desires and dreams.

  • Write out our values, vision, rules, role models, relationships, timelines, for all areas in our wheel of life.
  • Create a vivid vision board with feelings, pictures, sounds and words that represent how this lifestyle will meet your needs and wants.
  • Look at your vision board each morning when you wake up and right before you go to sleep.  Ask you conscious mind and unconscious mind to cooperate day and night to design the dream life you deserve and desire.
  • Set aside some time each day to preplan the next day and review what is most important to exceed and at a minimum meet your written goals.  Keep a journal of daily ahhs, ideas and wins.  Celebrate all progress.
  • Once a week check review progress and track your direction and distinctions. Celebrate small victories.
  • Once a month do a review and reprogram as needed.  Celebrate with a nice reward for some thing that you maintained for at least 21 days during the month. Follow up with quarterly progress reports and reviews.
  • Place reminder pictures of your goals and plans on the calendar, computer, dashboard, desk, refrigerator and screen saver. A picture is worth a thousand words.  Have fun and be happy as you live a life with passion and make progress.
  • Place key things to remember and reminder you of what is most important in your life in calendar, computer, phone or planner to remind you to check your direction and progress.
  • Seek honest, open and safe feedback from your mastermind group, peers and role models.  Listen and modify your strategies as needed.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series is designed to offer simple suggestions and small steps to help manifest more of what we deserve and desire.   Our choices and decisions today will determine our level of happiness, health and harmony in the future.

Our daily behaviors, beliefs and biology control our body and brain like the hardware, software and operating systems control a computer.   Choose wisely to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

This Great NEWS post on Healthy Habits offers simple suggestions for directing our destiny with written goals and action plans.  We manifest a great life by directing our reality and results with beneficial behaviors, beliefs and habits that are empower and energize us.  Healthy Habits will help manifest more happiness, health, love and peace in our life.

What is your current Gap?

Do you have written goals and actions plans?  When is the last time you looked at them?  Are you investing the time to plan your life versus let others plan it for you?

Mastery Action Plans (MAP)

What written mastery action plans will help us to be, do and have  even more in each area of our wheel of life?   Our life is like the ripples in a pond after a stone drops, we are always expanding and reaching out further.  By focusing on the healthy habit of having written goals and action plans for 2015 and beyond we create even more possibilities for happiness and health.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the healthy habit of writing goals and action plans?  What other ideas will help us direct our behaviors, beliefs and biology for a great 2015 and rest of our life?

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Energizing Exercise

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