Have you noticed how each fall and winter season we are blitzed with advertisements for cold medicines, flu shots, and prescription drugs? It seems every year the media and news go into a full blown hyper hysteria alert to scare us into using over-the-counter medicines, prescription products, and vaccinations with a mistaken belief we will “win the war they declare against bacteria, pathogens, and viruses.” After seeing so much media hype about medical interventions to treat the same symptoms it seemed like a great time to share a seven-step system to stay super healthy during the fall and winter seasons. Come to think of it, this is a great strategy to stay healthy, vibrant and well all year long. Just apply one idea from each category each day and watch the amazing rapid results you achieve. As the famous brand says, “Just Do It,” and your life will naturally transform from sick to strong and never be the same again.

As more people research natural products for their beauty and health many are embracing the back to basics health trends offered by a holistic lifestyle, medicinal plants, and natural nutrition. After reviewing the patterns and trends of many people it became evident we create and manifest an environment that is conducive to being sad, sick, stressed and subpar almost every fall and winter.

7 Step System to Stay Super Healthy

Here is a 7 Step System to Stay Super Healthy. Focus on applying and implementing at least one idea from each category each day and watch what happens to your health and well being over time.

Antioxidants, enzymes, fiber, minerals, phytonutrients, prebiotics, probiotics, trace elements, and vitamins are essential ingredients our body deserves, desires and demands for vibrant health and well being. When you deny the body the basic building blocks it will begin to break down. When you treat your body better than your vehicle it will last for a lifetime, perform feats of magic and run with amazing precision to allow you to enjoy amazing activities. When you treat your body worse than your car it will break down, develop chronic diseases, drain your health and wealth as sickness and troubles rob your energy and happiness. Be sure you are receiving at least the minimum recommended daily allowance (RDA) of each of these vital categories.

Hike in Woods

Our beliefs, behaviors, habits, and habitats are vital to our well being, so choose wisely.

Emotional and mental health is vital all year long to help us stay resilient. It is especially important in the fall and winter because the changing conditions and weather can be more demanding and draining on our emotions and energy. As the days become cooler with less sunlight and more darkness follows our lives can be more stressed and taxed. With less outdoor activities and sun, we may end up spending more time in our homes eating more, enjoying more TV and exercising less. This is a recipe for anxiety, stress and weight gain. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of energy psychology that is easy, fast and terrific to reboot our emotional and mental mindset. This is a great time to learn new skills, play games, read more and try new mind games. Our beliefs, behaviors, habits, and habitats are vital to our well being so choose wisely.

Essential oils are the elixir of life that help plants stay healthy and strong to survive. They can help do the same things for us. Essential oils are easy to find and use for so many aspects of our health and wellbeing.  A great DIY essential oil expert and how to resource is Dr. Eric Zielinski commonly referred to as Dr. Z. Thieves blend of essential oils offers a great combination to help us stay healthy in the fall and winter. Essential oils can be used in many different ways. Some can be applied to our skin, consumed in beverages and foods, nebulized and vaporized. Essential oils have many beneficial characteristics, properties, and traits. Investing the time to learn and use them will pay off with big dividends.

Exercise and fitness is a complex process of being active, healthy and fit as you focus on the importance of different benefits including: agility, alignment, balance, conditioning, coordination, endurance, flexibility, gait, habits, longevity, motor skills, posture, power, recovery, resiliency, stability, stamina, strength and tone. When you learn more about the methods, mindsets and modalities of experts from Egoscue, Eight Minutes, Four Minute Workout, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Monkey Bar Gym, MovNat, Peak 8 Fitness, TRX System, and yoga you will discover key strategies for keeping your body maintained and tuned.


Herbs are the medicine of Mother Nature placed on earth by divine intervention to keep us healthy, vibrant and strong.

Herbs are the medicine of Mother Nature placed on earth by divine intervention to keep us healthy, vibrant and strong. Consuming herbs can be as easy as buying herbs, harvesting wild edibles or simply taking supplements. Herbs can also be made into teas, tinctures, and tonics. Herbs can also be used in infusions using oils like coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and sesame oil. Herbs can be used to season and spice up beverages and foods. Think of cinnamon and clove in hot chocolate, ginger tea or oatmeal. When you consider all the edible and incredible plant parts that provide herbs like bark, beans, berries, flowers, fruits, greens, leaves, medicinal mushrooms, roots, seeds, twigs, and vines you will me amazed at what herbal medicine has to offer us.

Lifestyle support strategies include meditation, mindfulness and moderation are definitely worth the commitment. When we maintain a meditation and mindfulness practice we help to connect our head, heart, and spirit to our higher passion and purpose. There are many studies that document the emotional, mental and physical benefits of meditation and mindfulness and more people are benefitting from the process. Exercising moderation in the consumption of alcohol, desserts, fast foods, processed foods, and sweet treats will help protect and support your body, mind, and spirit. When we engage in meditation, mindfulness, and moderation our life can transcend and transform to a new dimension beyond our wildest dreams.

Bowl of Oranges

Consuming quality fresh fruits that are lower in sugar and in season and organic can be very beneficial.

Nutrient-dense organic whole foods are vital for our health and well being. Consuming quality fresh fruits that are lower in sugar and in season and organic can be very beneficial. Using sweeter fruits to balance out less sweet and tasty foods is a great strategy. Green plants are the most important category for people to eat and enjoy even more of. Eating a rainbow of vegetables is a delicious and nutritious way to consume a broad spectrum of potent prebiotics, phytonutrients, probiotics, and proteins. Roots like beets, burdock, onions, parsnips, sweet potatoes, taro, turnips, and yucca are packed with fiber and nutrition. Eating seaweeds, sprouts and wild foods is a great way to enjoy more nutrition and great food variety. Learning to enjoy a variety of nuts and seeds is very beneficial for a healthy body and brain.

There is a big focus on natural products and techniques to help us be happy, healthy and in harmony. It is evident that many books, speakers, videos, and websites are dedicated to helping us discover a vibrant lifestyle and well being. A few of my favorites are Deepak Chopra, Dr. Axe, Dr. Ben Lynch ND, Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, and Dr. Zach Bush. Being open to learn, read, and research these strategies further will open up a wealth of ideas and information that can help you attain the body and brain you desire and deserve. While it can be challenging to avoid the media medical hype and think outside the box for natural health the rewards are beyond wealth and words for those that can attain and maintain vibrant health. Remember … it is up to each of us to make informed decisions and determine what ideas, information, and products are best for our families.

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