Happy New Year

As we rapidly approach another year’s end, how would you rate yourself on feeling happy, healthy, and in harmony? Have you been thinking about what you could do differently to update and upgrade your lifestyle to manifest a happy new you and a happy new year? Many people are experiencing a high level of anxiety, fear, frustration, and stress in their life, so maybe now is a good time to consider new ways to improve your emotional, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Some of the top ways to make a major impact and improvement in your life include eliminating and reducing: alcohol, drugs, fake, fast, fried, and Frankenstein foods, Genetically Engineered (GE) products, tobacco products, seed oils, and toxins. Our life depends on the consistent belief systems, behaviors, and habits that drive our lifestyle. Most people are causing the sadness, sickness, and stress they experience based on their choices and decisions. Making better lifestyle choices will help people feel happier, healthier, and in harmony now and in the new year.

After two years of crazy coronavirus conditions, many people have allowed their standards to drop and are buying and consuming more unhealthy products than before. The last Morningstar NEWS blog was about Alcohol – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly associated with excess alcohol consumption.

To be happy, healthy, and in harmony, it is important to consciously make better choices and decisions regarding the products you allow into your life. We must make better choices regarding our beliefs, behaviors, and habits that directly influence our emotional, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual health.

This blog will share some simple steps to improve your lifestyle by updating and upgrading your choices. Many people are searching for ideas to manifest a happy new you and a happy new year, and now is a terrific time to start implementing ideas to do that. Since our choices and decisions determine our life, that is one of the first places to start. Peak performance and self-development experts have provided books, coaching, and seminars to share simple steps, strategies, and suggestions to help us manifest the life we deserve and desire. This blog contains a summary of some of the best ideas and information to realize rapid results as you update and upgrade your lifestyle.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to help people become better informed with simple steps and suggestions to support a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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A Happy New You

Our beliefs, habits, rules, and values, directly and indirectly, control our lives. Many people do not realize how strong their first seven years of development sets the stage for the rest of their life.

Implementing the following simple steps can help you be happy now and be happy in the new year:

  • Being happy and healthy is dependent on your daily choices and lifestyle. Choose wisely.
  • Conditioning, exercise, and fitness are important to maintain our health and well-being. Investing in a wide variety of activities and training for one hour a day will pay big dividends if living a happy, healthy, and in harmony. Life is important to you.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are helpful for updating and upgrading our belief systems and gaining emotional, financial, mental, and physical mastery.
  • Environment plays a key role in influencing your happiness, health, and harmony in life. Investing time in a healthy and natural environment plays a major role.
  • Everything you eat, drink, feel, hear, say, see, smell, taste, and touch influences every cell in your body. Remember to avoid unhealthy habits and choose healthy habits. The compounding effect of healthy habits or unhealthy habits will determine the quality and quantity of your life.
  • Happiness is a state of mind most people want to enjoy more. Experiencing gratitude, honesty, joy, love, and peace each day contributes to your level of happiness.
  • Human psychology plays a key role in the art and science of our lifestyle. Pain and pleasure emotions are the key drivers for our beliefs and behaviors that determine the rewards and punishments in our life. Study the art and science of human psychology to create a winning attitude of gratitude.
  • Identity is the belief system that determines your emotional, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Choose to update and upgrade your identity each day. Baby steps can lead to big success.
  • Lifestyle is a key driver to happiness, health, and well-being. Making conscious choices are key to your quality of life.
  • Meditation is an easy, effective, and efficient way to benefit your body and brain in many ways.
  • Money plays an important role in determining your happiness and health. Too many people waste too much of their money on things that do not support being happy, healthy, and in harmony but actually contribute to poverty, sickness, and unhappiness. Learning to spend less and invest more of your money in healthy food, lifestyle quality, and strategic financial assets plays a major role in being happy, healthy, and in harmony for the long term.
  • Nutrition is vital to being happy and healthy.
  • Relationships are important in being happy, healthy, and in harmony. The relationships with your family, friends, and partners influence all the areas in your wheel of life. Unhealthy choices and decisions cause many people to end up sad, sick, and stressed.
  • Sleep is key to staying happy, healthy, and in harmony. Your personal circadian rhythm and sleep cycle play a major role in your happiness and health.
  • Weight control and maintenance play a key role in sustaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.
Don't Look Back

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A Happy New Year

Design and draft a written bucket list, checklist, and dream life to be your GPS system, and then monitor your progress each day. Schedule some thinking time on Sunday to review your weekly progress. Quickly align and adjust your daily code of conduct to create the life you deserve and desire.

  • Eat Healthy, Pray Often, and Love Yourself.
  • Find a high-quality peer group and surround yourself with empowering education and positive people.
  • Gratitude is a gift to give yourself and others each day.
  • Stop the silly, stupid stuff that supports the slow suicide syndrome. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff is a great book to help you design a dream life.

Implementing these simple success suggestions can help you be happy now and be happy in the new year.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog offers simple suggestions to rethink and review your relationship with alcohol to be happier and healthier.

“Our belief systems, decisions, and habits determine our emotional, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Awareness, consciousness, and mindfulness during the day determines your destiny. Your choices determine the level of happiness, health, and harmony you are able to manifest. Make better decisions by first asking, will this help me or will this hurt me? Remember … in the new circle of life, happiness is the new health, health is the new wealth, and harmony is the new holistic happiness”. —Michael Morningstar

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Senior woman raising her hands

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