Last week for Earth Day, Every Day we covered the risk of global air pollution. This week we will cover the risk from global water pollution and depletion of our drinking water resources from aquifers, lakes, rivers, springs and wells.

Setting an intention for Earth Day, Every Day helps maintain the momentum for minimizing health risks and improving your health and well being.

Are you seeing new benefits to being focused on making green living and holistic health an important part of your Earth Day, Every Day commitment? By awakening your unconscious mind it is easier to detect environmental and health risks and change the behaviors, decisions and habits to totally transform the quality of your life.

We are dedicating twelve articles to Earth Day, Every Day to empower millions with information regarding risks to our global environment. By sharing specific strategies and suggestions we help you while at the same time we help planet earth. Now is a great time to acknowledge you and thank you for whatever you are doing to promote Earth Day, Every Day for an even greener and healthier lifestyle today.

The Earth Day , Every Day series is highlighting important global health risks and sharing specific strategies to improve our progress and protect ourselves, families and friends. It will require a conscious and subconscious paradigm shift to redirect our thinking and put our lives and mother earth back on the path to perfect health.

Global Water Pollution

Water Pollution No SwimmingNext to global air pollution global water pollution is one of the most pressing issues we face.

The air we breathe and the water we consume and use to grow our foods are the elixirs of life. The global waters are being severely polluted. At the same time our collective reserves of drinking water resources from aquifers, lakes, rivers, springs and wells are being severely depleted.

Several countries are on the verge of running out of clean fresh water resources in the near future. Many others are rapidly depleting their fresh water resources which will lead to severe economic and health hardships for current and future generations.

The major sources contributing to the global water pollution problem are:

  1. Agriculture use of synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides
  2. Air pollution combining with rain
  3. Animal waste products from Commercial Animal Feed Operations (CAFO)
  4. Antibiotics from factory farms
  5. Chemical industry waste by products
  6. Cleaning products (bleach, dish washing/ laundry detergent, shampoo, soap, toilet cleaners, etc
  7. Coal mining and power plants
  8. Deforestation and soil erosion
  9. Fossil Fuels drilling, manufacturing, refineries and transportation uses
  10. Genetically Engineered (GE) and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
  11. Industrial waste
  12. Mining operations
  13. Nuclear power plants
  14. Plastic bags, bottles, containers and miscellaneous junk
  15. Prescription and Over the Counter (OTC) drugs
  16. Synthetic Chemicals
  17. Trash from dumping, litter, municipalities and ships (cargo, cruise, ferries, fishing and military)
  18. Waster water treatment plants

Taking Action To Stop Water Pollution

What can we do to halt the major causes of global water pollution? While at first glance the list may seem over powering just remember it is our daily choices and habits that create the problems so it is our new daily choices and habits that will correct the problems. Every small baby step you make each day when compounded over time will have a massive ripple effect.

When enough people join together and we reach the tipping point we will experience a massive shift in the choices available and the quality of our water systems improving.

Begin by reading the labels and avoiding the products with the most harmful compounds and ingredients. Suppliers will only sell what people buy. Replace chemical concoctions with natural choices. Commit to buy less and use less of the products you choose. Be sure to read the instructions and avoid using excessive amounts which adds up to excessive waste and pollution. Instead of using too much conditioner, detergent, shampoo, soap and toothpaste which wastes money and harms the environment and user be eco-conscious and eco-friendly. BTW avoid all fluoride toothpaste.

Demand cleaner, greener and environmentally safer products. Vote for eco friendly choices with every penny you invest for cleaner water and a better world. Vote your stock shares for better products and global stewardship. Sell the stocks of companies that are doing the most damage to our water ways. Invest in companies that are designing and developing cleaner and greener products and eco friendly services that are committed to a better future for today and future generations.

Speak out to protect our waterways from pollution and let your business leaders and politicians know you want to protect the precious fossil water resources for human consumption instead of animals and crops. Our bodies are around 75% water so we want the very best we can consume. Every time you buy and use a product think about the consequences to you, your family and the world around you. Is it a contributing factor to being sad, sick and stressed or is it helping you be happier, healthier and in harmony. With that way of thinking the choice is much more obvious.

Are You’re Drinking the Purest Water?

A Sacred Resource, Fresh WaterSince clean water is a key component for our health it is essential to find the best spring water or well water source available. If your water comes from a lake, river or questionable well be sure you use a good water filter to remove the harmful bacteria, calcium, chemicals and heavy metals that may result from various contamination sources.

Using a combination of calcium bentonite clay, a charcoal filter and sunlight (UV rays) is a highly efficient and low cost way to greatly improve the quality of your water. Avoid plastic bottles as much as possible and choose ceramic, glass or stainless steel containers. (some coated aluminum may be acceptable)

When you stop polluting and wasting water you are doing your part for Earth Day, Every Day. This week you learned more about the risks from global water pollution and depleting our drinking water resources from aquifers, lakes, rivers, springs and wells.

Now it is time for you to set an intention for Earth Day , Every Day to help maintain the momentum for minimizing health risks and improving your health and well being by eliminating and reducing things which contribute to global water pollution and depletion.

Mastery Action Plan

Invest 30 minutes to learn more about major sources of water pollution and read the following articles.

Make some decisions about how you will be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Our next blog post will share: Part 6: Earth Day, Every Day  – Disease Dilemma