How focused are you on making a green lifestyle and holistic health an important part of your Earth Day, Every Day commitment?

To maintain the momentum it is important to immerse yourself for twelve weeks with a mindset of minimizing health risks and improving your health and well being. Setting an intention for Earth Day, Every Day allows your unconscious mind to more easily detect environmental and health risks and change behaviors, decisions and habits to totally transform the quality of your health and life.

By dedicating twelve articles to Earth Day, Every Day to educate millions about the major man made risks in our global environment. We are happy to be sharing specific strategies and suggestions to help protect you while at the same time helping planet earth. Thank you for whatever you are doing to promote Earth Day, Every Day for an even greener lifestyle and healthier world today.

The Earth Day ,Every Day twelve article series is dedicated to educating families on important global health risks and sharing specific strategies to improve our progress and protect our selves, family’s and friends. It will require our conscious and subconscious paradigm shift to redirect our thinking and put ourselves and the planet back on the path to perfect health.

Last week we covered the risk of Genetically Engineered (GE) and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) to animals, humans and our global environment. This week we will cover the risk of global air pollution.

Air Pollution Risks

Smog in the CityAll living organisms on planet earth are directly and indirectly dependent on the delicate balance between nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere and in our physical environment. We are only able to live on earth due to the delicate balance of the atmosphere we breathe and protective layer of ozone which shields us from harmful radiation from the sun.

Both key elements of our atmosphere are at significant risk from the destructive forces of modern man. This has unleashed a perfect storm created by consumption based economics, an inefficient industrial system and disposable products that create excess usage and waste worldwide. The escalating burning of fossil fuels combined with the deforestation of land for growing mono-culture crops to feed animals and humans is releasing massive amounts of carbon stored in trees, large plants and under ground. This has significantly increased the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere.

This has started a chain reaction which threatens our survival. As a result of increased burning of fossil fuels more air pollution is released which harms our health and also releases man made compounds which are damaging the ozone layer which also causes additional risks. We depend on this layer to protect us from excessive radiation entering into our lower atmosphere. This increase in radiation is harmful to our physical health as well as the global warming compound affect that is harming our sensitive ecosystems and environment.

Contributors to Air Pollution

The increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is being absorbed by the oceans which results in more acidification which has numerous harmful effects on coral reefs, marine algae and many higher forms of life in the oceans. The toxic compounds also released into the atmosphere return to earth during rains which releases accumulations of harmful compounds and heavy metals which poison our lands, waterways, oceans and all life.

Burning trash, chemical factories, land fills and vehicles are major sources of toxic compounds and heavy metals being released into the atmosphere and polluting every area of the world we live in.

Not that we are aware of the major sources of toxic air pollution it is essential to focus on strategies and suggestions to stop the major sources of air pollution and start the steps to reclaim the air, forests, land and waters we depend on for our health and vitality.

We must dedicate the finances, labor and resources to taking actions to reduce contributing factors to air pollution.

7 Ways to Reduce Air Pollution

Taking Action, Networking on Ways to Protect the Planet

Taking Action, Networking on Ways to Protect the Planet

1. Stop all wasteful consumption of fossil fuels from gas and wood burning fire places and fire pits, leaving lights on all day and night, wasteful use of vehicles vs. public transit, inefficient and wasteful building designs, lights on in offices at night, low fuel efficiency vehicles, phantom energy usage in appliances, poorly constructed and insulated buildings, wasteful air conditioning, cooler and refrigeration units practices in stores and urban sprawl.

2. Greatly reduce the number of coal fired power plants which will have a major impact on the quality of our air. There are 491 coals plants in the US spewing harmful compounds into the atmosphere 24/7.

For a map of their locations go to > Sierra Club Coal Plants Map

3. Drastically reduce lighting for billboards, car dealer lots, dormant electronic appliances, flood lights, outdoor lighting, street lights and vanity lights on buildings and structures.

4. Install smart systems and energy efficient electrical modems in buildings, homes and offices to reduce the wasteful consumption of energy that takes place even when you are not mentally aware or physically present.

5. Create and design efficient alternative renewable geothermal, solar, tidal and wind energy systems.

6. By demanding better and more energy efficient air planes, appliances, homes, offices and vehicles we will make a massive difference in the amount of fossil fuel air pollution being released.

7. We can all make a big improvement by consuming fewer goods, recycling, reducing energy wastage, utilizing natural day light and using energy efficient appliances and LED lighting.

When we do our part to reduce global air pollution for Earth Day, Every Day it is easier to enjoy a greener environment and holistic health. We build momentum by focusing our mind for twelve weeks with the intent of minimizing health risks and improving our health and well being.

Setting an intention for Earth Day, Every Day allows your conscious and unconscious mind to more easily detect environmental and health risks and change the needed behaviors, decisions and habits to totally transform the quality of your life.

Mastery Action Plans

Find an online resource like Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Environmental Working Group (EWG), Organic Consumers Association (OCA), Union of Concerned Scientists, Food Democracy, Care2Causes, Center for Biological Diversity, or similar organization committed to improving, protecting and saving our precious environment from destruction from pollution.

Our next blog post will share: Part 5: Earth Day, Every Day