What progress are you making to enhance your green living and holistic health in honor of Earth Day, Every Day?

Our goal is to maintain the momentum by dedicating twelve weeks to minimizing health risks and improving your health and well being. By focusing on Earth Day, Every Day it is easier to uncover environmental and health risks in order to transform the quality of your life.

We are dedicating twelve posts to Earth Day, Every Day to educate millions about risks in our global environment. We are happy to be sharing specific strategies and suggestions to protect you while we help planet earth. Are you doing your part to promote Earth Day, Every Day for an even better greener lifestyle and healthier world now? Great!

The Earth Day, Every Day series is addressing important global health risks and sharing specific strategies to improve our progress and protect our selves, family’s and friends. It will require our conscious and subconscious awareness and commitment in order to put ourselves and the planet back on the path to perfect health.

Last week we covered the risk of excess harmful radiation exposure which is a top topic in the local and international news. This week we will cover the risk of Genetically Engineered (GE) and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) to animals, humans and our global environment.

Harmful Consequences of GE and GMO

Genetically Modifying Plants

GE & GMO Altering of Mother Nature

While most people have heard these terms it is important to address what specifically makes Genetically Engineered (GE) and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) such a major health risk. Most of us remember from biology class that Mother Nature naturally adapts and evolves over the years with animals, bacteria, birds, fish, humans, insects, plants and all of life on earth changing and evolving. Because this process happens relatively slowly over many thousands of years the process is natural and supports the evolution of a healthy and holistic ecosystem. Weak species are unable to naturally adapt and therefore give way to those that are naturally stronger and more adaptable.

Unfortunately when we fast forward to the profit driven corporate conglomerates that dictate and dominate the decisions and directions with a profit driven science based tunnel vision driving our current frantic pace you begin to see the role of human puppet masters attempting to play God and manipulate Mother Nature for their own selfish gains. When the heads of these giant power gods of the modern agriculture, biotechnology, chemical, food, government, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and technology institutions join forces they feel justified in doing whatever they desire in pursuit of control, dominion, ego, power, profit and wealth.

They feel justified in deciding what is best for all animals, humans and resources on the planet often without full disclosure or permission from those to be affected. They usually rationalize their behavior as being for the good of mankind (which really means their goal of control, money, power and success).

All you need to do is look at our unpleasant history of aggression, conquest, domination, greed, human rights abuse, political corruption and wars to see that modern corporations and many governments benefit from taking advantage of humans and nature in their quest for control, money and power.

The Controlling Factors

So what does this have to do with GE and GMO’s? Everything! Over the last several decades elite groups of corporations and institutions have teamed up to fast track the development, ownership, research, patenting and self serving use of the genetic code in all forms of life. This includes egg, seed, sperm and stem cells, DNA, human genome, genetic traits and even the control over reproduction of animals, humans and plants.

Business executives, government officials and scientists now determine and decide on the majority of options that affect your everyday life without being held accountable to the people they affect. They dictate what crops are grown, chemicals are manufactured, foods you have access to, what medical treatment you should follow and how you should live your life. Their decisions affect your health and well being often without you even being told about it. This includes the natural or unnatural foods fed to animals, the ingredients in beverages and foods and the scientific experiments being conducted on animals and humans by altering the course of Mother Nature using “Frankenstein Science”.

GE and GMO animals, bacteria, fish and plants are not normal and are referred to as Frankenfoods because they do not occur naturally but are the result of artificial genetic interference and manipulation. They create entire new varieties of genetically altered and mutated organisms that have not evolved by divine guidance and Mother Nature but by a select group of individuals seeking to control the foundations of life. These organisms have not met the test of time and long term scientific testing to insure their safety. In fact the very unleashing of the organisms into the environment has already begun to affect the life forms and environment in ways that we do not and may never understand until it is too late.

Transference of DNA

Artificially putting DNA from a bacteria or other species into the DNA of a canola, corn, cotton or soy bean seed puts all living forms on earth at risk since all life forms share the same resources and continue to recycle them through our bodies. These Frankenfood seeds are then fed to the animals or humans without full disclosure in the US and many countries. Therefore many people do not even realize they are risking their health and longevity without their knowledge, permission or a warning.

In addition these seeds produce weaker varieties of food crops which require the use of additional chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and larvicide’s which further contaminate our air, food, land, plants and waters with massive chemical poisons around the globe. The whole GE and GMO process is a total misrepresentation of the real rewards and risks that are being offered and mass cover up of the perfect storm for potential environmental catastrophe and human disaster.

The clear facts show that animals are becoming infertile, developing cancers, experiencing birth defects and even dying from eating these GMO plants. In spite of this the madness continues without full disclosure and warnings regarding the beverages and foods we consume every day. This is a formula for human disaster on a scale we cannot even begin to imagine. The evidence is there in the form of many research project cover ups and suppressed scientific studies. It is also quite apparent by observing animals in nature which naturally avoid consuming GE and GMO seeds and will only eat them when abused, drugged, forced and tricked with complicated scientific intervention.

Creation of Frankenfoods

Speak Out Against GMOsThis could be depressing if it were not for the fact that most people do not ask questions about what they are eating and by putting their head in the sand and allowing this abuse to continue. When every consumer begins to invest their money in healthy foods and natural products instead of the harmful fast foods, junk foods and “Frankenfoods” they are currently buying and consuming then the markets will be forced to change their ways and provide full disclosure and transparency. It is as simple as the power of demand to which the supply will respond.

Therefore it is up to each and every man, woman and child to be educated on making better choices and decisions for their health, nutrition, wellness and success for the long term. It really comes down to as simple concept: You are what you eat so choose wisely. Just say no to all GMO. Choose locally grown organic nutrient dense whole foods at the market, restaurant and stores you frequent. In addition start a family victory garden with heirloom seeds and begin to grow some of your own fruits, greens, herbs, nuts, roots, sprouts and vegetables,

By focusing on improving your green lifestyle and holistic health in honor of Earth Day, Every Day your life will make significant progress. With twelve articles focused on minimizing health risks and improving your health and well being you will enjoy more peace of mind now and in the future as you take progressive action. This week Earth Day, Every Day covered harmful GE and GMO exposure in our foods which is significant risk factor in order to help transform the quality of your life.

Mastery Action Plan

Identify 3 simple things you can do minimize your exposure to the most common foods containing GE and GMO ingredients which are canola, corn, cotton, soy and sugar beets.

Commit to reading the ingredient labels on foods prior to consuming or purchasing any food. Invest one hour for internet research to educate yourself on the issues and find recommendations which are most suitable to help you protect and reduce your vulnerability to GE and GMO contamination.

A great article can be found at > 19 Studies Link GMO Foods to Organ Disruption

Our next blog post will share: Part 4: Earth Day, Every Day