What did you do to enhance your green lifestyle and holistic health in honor of Earth Day, Every Day?

Was this Earth Day like any other day and quickly passed by without you really noticing? With twelve articles focused on minimizing health risks and improving your health and well being you will be able to enjoy more peace of mind now and in the future. Are you ready for Earth Day, Every Day to learn about environmental and health risks in order to transform the quality of your life?

The blog post is committed to providing twelve issues dedicated to Earth Day, Every Day. We are excited to be sharing specific strategies and suggestions for education, empowerment and excitement in honor of planet earth. Are you ready to participate in celebration of Earth Day, Every Day for an even better future and more green living now? Great!

Earth Day, Every Day Series

This series will be identifying important global health risks and sharing specific strategies to help improve our progress and protect our selves, family’s and friends.

It will require our attention, commitment and intention to expand our conscious and subconscious awareness in order to put ourselves and the planet back on the path to perfect health.

Last week we covered the risk of excess stress and shared specific suggestions to help minimize the effects. This week let’s cover harmful radiation exposure which is another significant risk factor prevalent in the local and international news.

Sources of Radiation

Nuclear Plant in the CountryRadiation comes from many natural and man made sources. Natural sources of radiation include the sun, stars, uranium and radioactive particles in various materials on earth. There are things we can do to minimize exposure to the suns radiation by avoiding excessive exposure to our bare skin during the most intensive suns rays and minimize air travel during mid-day whenever possible.

In addition there is evidence that clothing made from natural fibers like cotton, hemp, linen and wool may help protect you from harmful exposure. Eating natural whole foods containing high levels of antioxidants, essential oils and phyto-nutrients that helped protect the plants from intense sun exposure is believed to provide those benefits to us as well.

As far as man made radiation there are many sources and types to consider:

  • Airport security scanners
  • CT scans
  • Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF)
  • depleted uranium
  • irradiated foods
  • mammograms
  • micro wave
  • nuclear fuels
  • nuclear power plants
  • nuclear weapons
  • nuclear waste products
  • PET scans
  • Radar
  • WiFi and X rays

This list is some key radiation sources to consider. Our first focus today is the risk from radiation from nuclear power plants and the nuclear fuels they require.

Going Nuclear

Nuclear fuels and nuclear fuel waste products must be manufactured, processed and transported which is the first level of risk they expose us to. Once in the nuclear power plant reactor there is the risk from accident (human error), natural disaster and sabotage. While great care may be taken to minimize the risks there are always multiple risks and so many factors to consider that there is no way to eliminate the risks.

When dealing with the extensive amount of radioactive fuels in a nuclear power plant there is nothing more dangerous or harmful on the planet to humans than the radioactive damage and destruction from the short and long term exposure that can result from a nuclear disaster.

Various weapons such as armor piercing rounds, Tomahawk missiles, artillery rounds, ICB missiles and nuclear bombs are made using the processed uranium and spent nuclear fuels into very dangerous and destructive nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

BTW only a limited number of countries are allowed to have these weapons while many other countries want access to them also. Every weapon that uses any form of nuclear or radioactive material which has ever been tested above or below ground releases radioactive material into the air, soil, underground and water it comes in contact with. Many of these weapons use depleted uranium which has a very long half life and is now contaminating many areas of the world from testing sites and war sites like Iraq.

Exposure to Radiation From Medical Tests

Xray of handWhile the radiation from many types of medical diagnosis and examinations are usually lower than the previous two categories it is important to be aware that these procedures still expose you to various levels of radiation and some is much more significant than others.

Also remember that radiation has a cumulative effect and therefore it is your lifetime exposure you must be very concerned about and careful to limit to the minimum amount possible.

Any amount of radiation is potentially harmful to your cells, DNA, mitochondria and health. Certain cells (reproductive egg and sperm), bone marrow, glands and organs are especially vulnerable. The more you are exposed to radiation the greater your risk of harmful and even potentially fatal consequences. Most people are unaware of the individual or cumulative amount of radiation they are exposed to with CT scans, fluoroscopy, mammograms, nuclear medicine, PET scans, cancer radiation treatments and X-rays.

When you combine the potential for significant amount of radiation from nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons and medical treatments it is very likely that for many people this will add up to a serious amount of radiation exposure. Since we already know that any radiation exposure has the potential for serious consequences the more radiation you are exposed to over time the greater your risk for compromising your health and well being.

Protection From Radiation

By now your stress level may have risen due to the obvious concerns regarding the amount of radiation exposure one may experience directly from medical devices and indirectly from radiation in the environment. To help reduce the stress aspect and keep you focused on solutions your can benefit from use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Since radiation acts as a free radical and can damage our cell walls, mitochondria, DNA and nucleus it is essential to use the natural resources available to improve your health, immune system and vitality all the time.

It is important to understand some strategies and suggestion which have been shown to have beneficial effects and help protect against the dangers of radiation. Consuming a diet that is rich in nutrient dense unprocessed plant based whole foods which contain antioxidants, enzymes, fiber, minerals, phyto-nutrients, trace elements and vitamins is essential for health and protection from free radicals.

The majority of the foods (beans, fruits, grains, green plants, nuts, sea veggies, seeds, sprouts and vegetables) should be prepared with minimal processing and low temperature cooking as needed. The majority should be consumed fresh and raw to maintain the peak potential for health and nutrition.

There are so many beneficial compounds in this type of food it would take a book to document them.

The important thing to remember is that fresh, locally grown, nutrient dense, organic foods are usually your best choices so choose wisely and create a healthy lifestyle for the best long term results.

Most people are aware of and many are learning about the potential benefits of also using natural compounds and supplements to enhance their natural defense and health. Recommendations like calcium bentonite clay, zeolite, sea salt, sea weeds (with iodine and minerals), blue green algae, chlorella, spirulina, cilantro, herbs, essential oils, healthy omega 3 fats and oils, Far Infrared Saunas, medicinal mushrooms, chlorophyll, wheat grass juice, powder super greens and many other green plants are well documented and seem to have passed the test of time. Accessing google and doing a little research with reliable holistic health experts is a great strategy to help determine which ideas are best for you.

By focusing on improving your green lifestyle and holistic health in honor of Earth Day, Every Day your life can make significant progress. With twelve articles focused on minimizing health risks and improving your health and well being you will be able to enjoy more peace of mind now and in the future. This week Earth Day – Every Day covered harmful radiation exposure which is another significant risk factor especially prevalent in the local and international news to help transform the quality of your life.

Mastery Action Plan

Identify three simple steps you can do minimize your exposure to radiation.

Invest one hour for internet research to educate yourself on the recommendations which are most suitable to help you protect and reduce your vulnerability to radioactive contamination.

An excellent site for more helpful information is > Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund

Our next blog post will share: Part 3: Earth Day, Every Day