Last week for Earth Day, Every Day the article was on the risk from global water pollution and depleting our drinking water resources from aquifers, lakes, rivers, springs and wells.

This week we will learn about the modern disease dilemma resulting from the outdated Pasteur germ theory mania, dependence on pharmaceuticals, modern medicine monopoly and sick-care mindset. By manifesting an eco-friendly Earth Day, Every Day consciousness we maintain the momentum for minimizing man made health risks to improve our health and well being.

Are you feeling new benefits to being focused on making a green lifestyle and holistic health an important part of your Earth Day, Every Day commitment? By awakening your conscious and subconscious mind it is easier to detect environmental health risks and change your choices to totally transform the quality and quantity of your life.

The outcome behind the twelve issues of Earth Day, Every Day is to empower millions with information regarding risks to our global environment and to share strategies and suggestions to help you and planet earth. Be sure to acknowledge others and yourself for any actions being implemented to promote Earth Day, Every Day for an even happier, healthier and harmonious lifestyle.

When you set your awareness and intention for global peace, prosperity and purity it will create a conscious and subconscious paradigm shift to redirect our thinking and put our lives and mother earth back on the path to perfect health.

Modern Day Diseases

Increase of Modern Day DiseasesOur modern disease dilemma has evolved from the conflicting approaches of misguided germ theory mania, a modern medicine monopoly, over dependence on pharmaceuticals and a sick-care focused mindset.

This has resulted in many of the top developed countries spending billions on waging war against disease, germs and health problems only to see an even higher percentage of their population feeling sad, sick and stressed. Are you ready to change your beliefs and behaviors in order to feel happy, healthy and in harmony? Great!

Next we need to look at some of the main problems with our current misguided medical model and see what areas need to be improved.

Misguided Medical Model

Our phobia of germs is causing us to over focus on killing germs rather than refocus on learning how to live in natural harmony. Billions are being spent on antibacterial soaps, antibiotics, prescriptions and vaccinations which often cause the body to become more depend and weaker. This artificial intervention prevents the body from naturally building its immune system stronger and developing more resistance to germs. By strengthening our immune system and using the power of Mother Nature and plants to help protect us we allow the natural evolution process to work in our favor. It is the focus on the overall health and resiliency of the entire body, mind and spiritual system that is essential to maintaining perfect health rather than the microscopic organisms that will always cohabitate our world.

The allopathic method of modern medicine dominates most of the developed countries and discourages open access to holistic health alternatives. This one sided monopoly focuses mostly on diagnosis, prescriptions, radical treatments and surgeries to fix the mechanical issues with minimal desire and incentive to focus on the causes, conditions and contributors which lead to the appearance of various disease states. More money is made by using expensive consultations, diagnostic machines, hospital stays, medicines and surgeries than finding simple natural solutions. It is essential to focus on maintaining exercise, health, lifestyle, nutrition and wellness programs in order to prevent spending $100,000+ for cancer treatments, coronary bypass, at risk pregnancy treatments or other diseases.

Prescription and Over The Counter (OTC) medicines are a multi billion dollar per year industry and one of the fastest and largest growth sectors in many countries. When so much money is made by so many people in the global pharmaceutical food chain is it any wonder that this form of medical treatment is out of control? With such a significant emphasis on synthetic pharmaceuticals as the primary means of treating patients for symptoms instead of focusing on the causes we continue to spend billions on a growing problem without making much progress. Remember an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. The key is to focus on holistic health and natural solutions to prevent disease from spiraling out of control.

Most of our healthcare model could be more accurately described as a outdated sickcare model. The primary focus in allopathic medicine is often on an overly scientific approach utilizing disease diagnosis, mechanical procedures, pharmaceuticals, surgeries and treating symptoms. An optimal healthcare wellness model would focus on health maintenance and disease prevention. By investing 80% of the money and time building the key foundations for body, mind and spiritual wellness we create the environment for perfect health. This includes focusing on healthy communications, emotions, energy, environment, exercise, fitness, lifestyle, mindset, nutrition, relationships and long term well being

Love, Medicine, & MiraclesThis week for Earth Day, Every Day we learned about the modern disease dilemma resulting from the outdated thinking of germ theory mania, dependence on pharmaceuticals, modern medicine monopoly and sick-care mindset.

Setting the intention to manifest an eco-friendly Earth Day, Every Day we maintain the momentum for minimizing health risks and improving our current health and future well being.

Mastery Action Plan

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