Lotion on HandThe Natural Products Expo East 2018 in Baltimore was absolutely amazing. The Expo East conference highlights information on the latest trends in the natural products industry with fantastic opportunities to talk with experts. My Top Ten Trends at Expo East post identified beauty and body care natural products as the hot category to share. Many booths at Expo East were promoting natural foods and products to enhance body and skin care from inside out as well as outside in.

As more people do their homework looking for natural products for their beauty and health many are embracing the idea of using natural products for their body and skin care. Many representatives I spoke with about beauty and body care products shared their product came from natural foods and products made with TLC by Mother Nature. Several companies and products deserve honorable mention for their education and support at the conference and warrant further review. Some of my show favorites were:

  • Activated charcoal toothpaste from My Magic Mud was an interesting body care product made with natural ingredients. Activated charcoal is an interesting natural way to brighten and clean your teach. The other natural oils added extra cleaning benefits and a fresh taste too.
  • Branded ToothpasteBee Youth-full rejuvenating serum from The Herbs & Bees Company is made of high-quality ingredients and looks like a good product to use and company to support.
  • Bite Relief Soothing Balm from Murphy’s Naturals and Melora First Aid Manuka Healing Cream are examples of all natural first aid and relief remedies.
  • +CBDoil balm from CV Sciences was a product of significant interest at #expoeast. Most of the ingredients appear to be natural while a few I am a bit unsure about.  I shared a sample with a friend that is over ninety years old and the balm seems to be helping some of his sun-damaged skin. Look for a tidal wave of new information on CBD hemp products and their part in bringing it to the market.
  • Charlotte’s Web also had a nice Hemp Infused Balm besides their other CBD hemp oil products.Balm
  • Dr. Bronner soap was a big hit at the expo.  They offer many scents and varieties of all natural Castille soap in bars and liquids. It was great to see and try their new Arnica Menthol Organic Magic Balm. They are big promoters for agriculture that are regenerative, organic and sustainable. The all-one brand activism is especially inspiring and inviting.
  • Essential oils were definitely hot products at Expo East. It was great to visit with the exhibitors from Aura Cacia, NOW and Healing Solutions. It was particularly exciting to learn more about Healing Solutions, an essential oil provider with a wide assortment of essential oils.
  • Deodorant products were of particular interest since I had recently given up my salt crystal. With my regular consumption of garlic, ginger, onions, sauerkraut, and turmeric deodorant is very important to me. My previous blog about deodorants Humble, Sam’s Natural and Brittanie’s Thyme discovered at Expo East are still being tested first hand (or more accurately tested underarm :-)).
  • Shampoos, conditioners as well a skin creams and lotions were also definitely hot products at #ExpoEast. This is an example of too many products to sample and see and not enough time to list and visit most of the booths.
  • Thayers Natural Remedies offers a line of body care products. The samples I received were Slippery Elm lozenges, Witch Hazel and Lip Balm (certified organic). I personally use the witch hazel and lip balm. In the past, I have used the lozenges for an irritated or scratchy throat.

Slippery Elm LozengesAt #expoeast there was a big focus on beauty and body care natural products and many great companies and products were on display. Not all products are created equal so read the ingredients and test the product for yourself. It can be a bit tricky to read the labels and determine how healthy, natural and organic the ingredients are so sure to do your homework. Most of the marketers, suppliers, and vendors promoting the benefits of their products appear to have high standards and quality sources but remember … it is up to us to make informed decisions and determine what products are best for our families.

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