As a follow up to the previous newsletter regarding a Spring Garden for Earth Day it seems appropriate to discuss Spring Flowers as well. Many times during my life I’ve heard people say “spring showers bring May flowers”. Now that spring is upon us it is great to focus on the beauty, health and nutrition benefits of flowers.

While this article refers to spring in the northern hemisphere much of the content applies to people around the world regardless of what season or varieties of flowers one has available. Flowers are beautiful, diverse and necessary to sustain life on earth. Without them trees would not be able to produce fruit, nuts and seeds necessary for their survival. Flowers are essential for most plants to complete their life cycle and produce the seeds needed to continue the propagation of the species. Therefore flowers are part of our health, nourishment and survival as well.

Life Force of Flowers

Chamomile Mint Tea

Homegrown Chamomile Mint Tea

I highly recommend that everyone with an apartment, balcony, yard or land give serious consideration to planting more green plants that produce flowers. Whether you plant vegetables, bushes, vines, shrubs, trees or ornamental flowers you are creating a direct benefit for yourself and everyone on earth. Flowers are part of the life force that provides beauty, nourishment and sustenance for our existence.

In addition to their beautiful appearance let’s look at some of the many uses and key features of flowers as they benefit animals and humans.

Flowers make a great herbal tea. Hibiscus and chamomile are two of my favorites that taste great and seem to offer natural soothing benefits.

Flowers are delicious and nutritious. It is a real treat to eat the flowers of prickly pear cactus, dandelion, squash, rose, pansies, periwinkle and many other plants. Dandelion is an herb and the flowers, leaves and roots seem to promote health and vitality and should be harvested rather than hated and chemically treated to eliminate it.

More Floral Benefits

Flowers smell great and the essence is used in many essential oils, perfumes and various health remedies. Lavender oil and Bach Flower essence are well regarded by many natural health seekers. When is the last time you stopped to smell the roses?

The beautiful sunflower produces an amazing abundance of delicious and nutritious seeds that are a super bargain compared to other foods.

How Flowers Help the Environment

Ladybug on Yellow Spring FlowersBeautiful flowers also provide the fuel for bees and butterflies which provide beauty, inspiration and nutrition for our body, mind and spirit. Bees are essential to pollinate the flowers of plants we depend on for food. Bees are facing significant challenges due to many chemical and environmental factors and need all the help and support we can provide for them.

Flowering plants help prevent soil erosion and help to rebuild and recycle the soil while providing food for animals and humans. Instead of just buying cut flowers consider planting native flowers or flowering plants that produce edible fruits, nuts or seeds. This way you get the benefit of the flowers and the bonus of doing something good for the environment and the creatures that inhabit it.

Flowers help to inspire us whether they are wild flowers or domestic plants. To become greener for Earth Day begin to look for flowers which are native to your area and ecological zone. They will survive and thrive easier and require minimal maintenance on your part. Saving time now can also save you money now, and in the future.

It is easy to take beautiful flowers for granted and even adopt behaviors that prevent flowering plants from experiencing their full natural life cycle. Remember that a higher power put the perfect flowering plants on earth for our appreciation and nourishment and we should trust that wisdom and leave those details to the higher power and Mother Nature.

Making Life Better

When you come to realize all the amazing attributes and beautiful benefits associated with flowers it is easy to come to the conclusion we need more spring flowers in our lives. Come to think about it, we need more flowers all year long to brighten our daily lives and provide us fantastic foods and terrific treats. Plant some spring flowers now and other flowering plants through out the year and watch what a difference one person can make.

Next week the Great NEWS Letter will share: Safe Spring Cleaning

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My Wish for You is Health, Love, Abundance and Time to Enjoy Them.

To Your Perfect Health

Michael Morningstar