Spring is in full swing in the northern hemisphere and now is a great time to discover some safe spring cleaning tips and techniques. This is when many people want to clean up and clear out their homes after the winter season. The article is designed to help you do both at the same time. Spring often triggers a desire for more extensive cleaning to remove excess accumulations of dirt, dust and unwanted stuff cluttering our lives.

When it comes to spring cleaning it is essential to use caution with the products you and others use to clean with. Most people tell themselves they are too busy to read the labels and warnings on household cleaners before they buy them. Ignoring the waring labels is a big mistake. Once you buy hazardous products and bring them into your home you are allowing harmful and toxic chemicals to impact the quality of life for you and your family.

What’s In Your Home Cleaning Products?

It is important to invest some time now to research the dangers of harmful home cleaning products which may already be in your home and discover safer alternatives to replace them. While this does require additional time up front it will pay major dividends in the long term in regards to your health, happiness and peace of mind. Once you identify toxic chemicals it is important to share this information and let others know of your concerns and decisions to choose safer alternatives.

As part of local earth day activities Houston sponsored a Green Expo. It reminded me of the importance of learning more about our living and work environment. Most people seem to take their health for granted by not being more careful about the cleaning chemicals and products they are exposed to on a daily basis. There are an abundance of natural products available which are comparable in price or even more cost effective than the toxic cleaners which are being used. What is your health worth?

Many Commercial Household Cleaners Can Make Your SickIt would require a book to list all the toxic chemicals, cleaners and products commonly found in most homes. Therefore this article will highlight only some of the more harmful chemical compounds and then focus on healthier choices. Unfortunately the majority of commercial cleaners contain harmful and toxic chemicals. It is therefore prudent to assume that the majority of commercial cleaning products are harmful until diligent research proves otherwise.

Some Toxic Substances in Household Products

Some of the top toxic synthetic products commonly found are air fresheners, ammonia, anti-bacterial soaps, bleach, bug sprays, commode and drain cleaners, dishwasher soap, fabric cleaners and deodorizer, fabric softeners, furniture polish, laundry detergent, oven cleaners, shower and tub cleaners, spray disinfectants and window cleaners. These products are made with many harmful chemicals which contaminate your body, clothes, food and environment.

Avoid all chemicals that use compressed air or harmful substances which are sprayed on. Even pump units with harmful chemicals can expose you to harmful vapors.

These may result in many external skin issues as well as internal toxic build up. Remember any toxic substance you breathe, ingest or touch can have consequences now as well as accumulate and cause significant issues down the road. We are being exposed to hundreds of thousands of chemical combinations. Most companies focus on manufacturing new chemical and product combinations rather than focusing on the accumulation of scientific data and research regarding the environmental and human consequences of these toxic time bombs.

Choose Safe Household Cleaners

Some of the common natural household products which are safe include vinegar, baking soda, essential oils diluted in water, hydrogen peroxide and borax. Some people also use various alcohol products although it is recommended for you to wear gloves to avoid contact with your skin. Always use caution even when using natural products and be sure to read the labels

What can you do?

  • Go online to an independent and reliable source for education and recommendations. Create a shopping list and find a reliable source.
  •  Go through the house and storage areas to identify and remove all the chemicals you currently have. Place them outside the home in a garage or storage cabinet that will not leak into the living areas.
  • Read the labels for toxic chemicals and place those in a safe container for proper disposal at your local toxic waste disposal site. (Yes this is very important to protect the environment as well as learn more helpful information).
  • Read about natural cleaners, ask questions and attend programs with environmentally aware people to make better informed choices. Start a list of these better choices and ecologically focused sources. When you protect the environment you are protecting your health.
  • Purchase new biodegradable, environmentally friendly and natural cleaning products with the safest ingredients.

Once you do a little online research and begin talking with your family, friends and neighbors you will soon find a resource that has done much of the research. Compliment them on being environmentally friendly and ask them to share the information with you so you can be better informed. We all suffer from unhealthy chemical choices and all improve with healthy natural choices, so they will very likely be glad you asked and eager to help.

Toxic Sandbox BookcoverFor more information on chemicals, cleaning products and natural alternatives you may want to read a good book on the subject of environmental toxins.

To read, click >  “The Toxic Sand Box” by Libby McDonald

Another good resource, visit   > The Environmental Working Group.

There is significant evidence that being exposed to toxic chemicals harms your health and impairs your immune system. In today’s world of antibiotic resistant bacteria, fungi, molds and super virus it is more important than ever to maintain a super strong immune system. Before you expose yourself to more toxic chemicals please invest some time to discover the risks from chemical products at home and work and discover how you can benefit from the use of safe spring cleaning products.

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