In the previous Great NEWS blog post Bug Bites – Natural Prevention and Protection we shared great strategies to help you stop feeding biting bugs and start preventing bacterial bugs from wrecking havoc in your body. This post is dedicated to Baby Boomer Exercise and Fitness for the 50 Plus Positive Peak Performance Person focused on Perfect Health. It is not for the over the hill, pathetic, pill popping, poor pity party, pot bellied, pooped out, problematic and pain in the ass person unwilling to change. This post will be sharing fun ways to make Boomer Exercise and Fitness for Endurance, Energy and Enjoyment something you look forward to and will actually do consistently.

We all know that exercise and fitness are key aspects for living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately knowing and doing are two different steps in your mastery action plan. Read on to discover exercise, fitness and health strategies for the Boomer focused on Positive Peak Performance and Perfect Health.

Boomer Exercise and Fitness

Hiking in the mountains of Costa Rica and Panama several times in 2012 were great adventures and lots of fun. Even though it sounds like a fun adventure for you to try someday, be assured it requires a base level of endurance, fitness and health to be safe, secure and sensible. Whatever travels, trips and to do lists are on your bucket list probably requires a minimum level of preparation and training to have the most enjoyment and least chance of health challenges or injuries.

Mountains of Costa Rica

Exercise and fitness are key factors for hiking in the mountains of Costa Rica.

Therefore a word of caution regarding the importance of exercise and fitness is appropriate to warn you of the serious risks and significant reasons to get in shape before attempting that terrific trip of a life time or even vacation travel. Interviewing people while I’m traveling has become a great hobby and great way to learn many life lessons from others.

After many interviews it is quite obvious that most people are not feeling emotionally, mentally and physically fit to deal with the many detours, roadblocks and speed bumps that appear on their journey through life. Nor are people prepared to deal with common health challenges, physical problems and severe healing crisis that can occur to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Many people say they are too busy to spend the time working out or getting into shape. Who are they kidding? Investing in your self through exercise and fitness is one of the best investments and use of your time you can make. The real question is what other behaviors or habits are they making more important than exercise and fitness? We all have the same amount of time it is just a matter of how we allocate that time to do the things we feel are most important to us in life. What is more important than investing in your health and wealth?

Endurance, Energy and Enjoyment

By the way there is a direct correlation between health and wealth. The healthier you are the greater your opportunity to create and enjoy the fruits of your labor and expand your territory while living a healthy and long life. When you are suffering from the big bad D’s like depression, diagnosis, disease, diabetes, disability, dismemberment, divorce, disagreement or death you will experience less fulfillment, happiness, joy, love and passion in your life. The choice for healthy, wealthy and wise versus sickly, struggling and stupid is up to you so choose wisely

Man working out with weights

Exercise and fitness are key factors for a healthy and long life.

Accidents, falls and a lazy lifestyle are some of the greatest risks a boomer faces during the “best years” of their life. One serious accident, fall or injury occurring can send you on a downward spiral causing your happiness, health and wealth to go crashing downhill fast. With more attention on health and nutrition and the commitment and determination towards exercise and fitness you can live a healthy, long and productive life. Focusing on prevention and protection from an accident, fall or injury occurring will help you avoid the majority of discomfort, irritation, pain and struggles that so many seniors experience unnecessarily.

Many people today find themselves suffering numerous days each year with aches, pains and swelling which results for necessary, normal and routine activities due to poor flexibility, mobility and muscle strength. They do not understand the importance of being prepared and being proactive with a great exercise and fitness program for whatever shows up during your entire lifetime. Developing resilience is one of the most important skills and traits a person needs in order to deal with the complex and challenging world we live in.

Doing research on health risks for people in general and seniors in particular has uncovered many articles warning about the multitude of causes for diseases, infections, problems and deaths. Some of the greatest risks are common things most seniors do not usually think about such as: accidents, falls, injuries, over the counter (OTC) medication, prescriptions and surgeries. Many of these occurrences and the treatments that result are being necessitated from a lack of emotional, mental and physical fitness, health and well being which leaves one weak and vulnerable.

Being outdoors and exercising is more fun.

Exercise and fitness helps you enjoy better happiness and health.

Boomer Exercise and Fitness for Endurance, Energy and Enjoyment

Unfortunately most people are unaware, uneducated and unprepared for the many hazards and health risks that come from being out of shape and eating unhealthy fake foods, fast foods and junk foods. Much of my writing has been devoted to the importance of healthy nutrition from nutrient dense organic whole foods. Now is the perfect time for me to share more information on boomer exercise and fitness.


While bacteria, fungus, molds, parasites, protozoa, and virus are the common villains blamed for all our aliments, they are really an integrated extension of our body and our external world.  We are co-dependent on them for our long term health and well being. Read that last line again. Yes we are totally co-dependent on them for our long term health and well being.

Without them we could not exist. This information is essential for every person to learn and understand so we stop waging war on these organisms and start learning about the intricate and symbiotic relationship we have with these micro-organisms because this is an essential first step in order to focus on the profound principles of perfect health.

How does this fit in with exercise and fitness? Great question! There is a key level of awareness that forms the foundation of health and well being. The first level of health starts with “You are what you think” and the second level of health is “You are what you eat” (and digest, absorb, assimilate, utilize, release and eliminate). The third key level is based on “You are what exercise and fitness activities define you lifestyle”.

While there are a wide range of debilitating, disabling and deadly diseases transmitted from bacteria, fungus, parasites, pathogens, and virus these are not the greatest threat to our health. The vast majority of our health problems are self imposed and caused by a compromised immune system, eating unhealthy foods, lack of exercise and fitness and allowing ourselves to be weak emotionally, mentally and physically.

For perfect health you must do your part with preparation, prevention and protection to create the life you desire and deserve. You must do your part to fortify, improve and strengthen every aspect of your body, mind and spirit for peak performance and self growth.

Exercise and fitness contributes to happiness and health.

Exercise and fitness are key factors for your happiness, health and harmony.

Since most people today have very little awareness of the hazards created by an out of shape, sickly and weak body this blog post is dedicated to educating, empowering and exciting readers with safe and simple suggestions for exercise and fitness strategies that will provide natural prevention and protection from accidents, diseases, injuries and problems that shorten your life and rob you of the happiness, health and wealth you deserve.

Whether you are a boomer in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s these recommendations are meant to help you enjoy the best years of your life for the rest of your life. When you implement the exercise and fitness suggestions you will benefit with improved agility, alignment, balance, endurance, flexibility, range of motion, power, speed, stability, stamina and strength. As you read this post and do your part to implement an exercise and fitness program you will soon discover how quickly your overall health and well being will improve and support you in accomplishing your bucket list of dreams and goals.

More Endurance, Energy and Enjoyment

We all know that exercise and fitness are some of the most important factors for your long term health and longevity. Many articles and websites discuss the importance of exercise, fitness and staying healthy. What most of them fail to do is help you look deeply enough into your conscious and subconscious mind to look for the self sabotaging beliefs, emotions, feelings, hurts and thoughts that are blocking your energy and progress. Reading a how to article is great but unless it educates, empowers and energizes you to take action and follow through it is just another nice article or story.

Every year millions of people are allowing their health and wellness to deteriorate and they suffer because they are not able to overcome their limiting beliefs and move forward with real progress. This causes and contributes to significant levels of disease and death around the world that robs people of the quality life and wealth they have worked so hard to attain.

This boomer exercise and fitness post is dedicated to helping you experience more health, love, abundance and time to enjoy them. It is an essential topic that is needed by senior adults, adults and children of all ages to enjoy optimal health and well being.

Just like a wide angle lens offers a broader perspective and a telephoto lens offers a close up look you now have a better macro and micro understanding about the importance of Boomer Exercise and Fitness. Feeling emotionally, mentally and physically fit depends on endurance, energy and enjoyment to deliver peak performance and perfect health. This Great NEWS blog post on Boomer Exercise and Fitness is designed for creating Endurance, Energy and Enjoyment by offering you a wealth of helpful information to avoid the serious risks from being over the hill, out of shape and over weight.

What is your current Gap?

What is preventing you from making consistent exercise and fitness an essential part of your lifestyle?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Why is being fit and healthy important to you?  Write the top twenty pains that can result from a lack of exercise and fitness.  Write the top twenty pleasures you will enjoy from a healthy lifestyle focused on exercise and fitness.  Create a Vision Board with the dreams, travel, trips and to do list that gets you excited and motivated.  Remember to think about the carrot and the stick.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding boomer exercise and fitness?

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share: Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 2