The previous Great NEWS post Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 3 focused on exercise and fitness for peak performance. Yes it was quite long and offered a lot of suggestions and this series would have been better if it was written as a 10 part series. There is so much great information on this topic to support boomers maybe too much was shared at one time. Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 4 will recap and review some key simple solutions, strategies, suggestions and systems to implement great exercise and fitness activities and offer some new important insights as well.

Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 1 shared simple strategies to help you become mentally conditioned and focused for a life of exercise and fitness.

“You are what you think”

Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 2 suggested you stop eating fake foods, fast foods and junk foods and start eating nutrient dense organic whole foods and super foods for perfect health.

“You are what you eat”

Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 3 provided suggestions for energy, endurance and enjoyment. Deep diaphragm breathing is one of the most important skill sets for avoiding disease and seeking perfect health so master this skill to live long and be healthy.

“You are what exercise and fitness activities you maintain”

Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 4 offers important insights and will recap and review some profound principles and help chunk it down into baby steps.

Vision board for exercise and fitness

A vision board helps keep you focused on exercise, fitness and health.

What You See is What You Get

“You are the result of the parameters and perimeters you choose to surround yourself with each day” .  The passions, people, physical things, pictures, places, planet, plans, plants, prescriptions, principles, psychology and purpose you chose to have in your life affects every cell in your being .

Remember to choose wisely what you allow into your body, mind and spirit because you create your reality for better or worse till death do you part. In reality it goes beyond your physical death because of the impact you have on family and friends based on your life, love and the legacy you leave behind. How will your spirit be remembered? Will you be a shining star radiating light for years or a burned out bulb buried at the dump and forgotten.

As your Great NEWS Coach you knew this questions was coming. Have you created your Vision Board for Boomer Exercise and Fitness? Congratulations for those that did. What are the rest of you waiting for?

When you fail to implement a simple yet key baby step it often allows your short term fascination and infatuation to die rather than nurturing it into long term inspiration and motivation to sustain shifts in behavior and habits. Failing to do a vision board for most people becomes the weakest link in their mastery action plan which will ultimately lead to failing to achieve what they desire, deserve and are destined for. They often blame the book, person, plan, program or other people for “it not working” in an effort to avoid taking responsibility for their own failure to act or staying on the path until they are successful and celebrating great results.

Walking barefoot in a field of yellow flowers.

Enjoy the journey.

Life is a Journey

Life is a journey much more than the destination and yet it is important to have great destinations in mind to help make the journey more enjoyable and fun.

If you are not following through and taking action in some key areas of your life you know you should be it is time to look at your Hardware (H), Operating System (OS) and Beliefs Software/Systems (BS). Another way to look at this is your Physiology (H), Programming (OS) and Psychology (BS).

Are there unresolved emotional hurts that are blocking you from moving forward? This is where energy psychology and especially Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is great at helping you stop the sad stories and start focusing on smart solutions.

Please invest the time to create your Vision Board and look at it every day. The best times for viewing are right after waking up, before each meal and right before going to bed. This is because the mind needs inspiration and motivation all day long to steer safe passage around and through the dangerous obstacles blocking your life journey. Put it on your computer and phone as a screen saver.

Creating a Vision Board

Creating a Vision Board is like writing the book of your life (Billions of words and millions of pages) compressed into less than 100 pictures. Remember if “a picture is worth a thousand words” then looking at your Vision Board is like reading a 100,000 word book about your past, present and future life in a few minutes. Since the brain stores past, present and future memories and thoughts as pictures this is a Great NEWS strategy to program your mind as you look at your vision board while reciting peak state and positive programming affirmations.

Rebounding is one of the best activities for doing this. Anything that conditions you for feeling empowered, energized, excited and physical is a turbo charger for receiving the most benefits from your Vision Board and Incantations daily body, mind and spirit pep rally.

Viewing your Vision Board will help pre-frame your thinking, pre-program your mind, and project positive exercise, fitness and food suggestions. It will also help protect you from the con men, convincing commercials and manipulative media that profit from stealing your health by sabotaging your plans for exercise, fitness and holistic health.

This post offers proven principles learned from many experts over five decades of trial and error to help you create the perfect mastery action plan for you. Now it is up to you to do your part and begin implementing these principles each day.

Remember Pareto’s Principle the 80/20 Rule shared in Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 2 which states 80% of the results come from 20% of the input. Your daily goal is to keep focusing on the sustainable strategies for health (20%) and let the self sabotaging habits which are unhealthy (80%) fade away over time. The key is to maximize the 20% habits that are most beneficial and to minimize the 80% behaviors that are most harmful.

The Boomer Exercise and Fitness series of posts will help you avoid wasting your energy, money and time. Having already wasted too much of these precious resources in the past my self you can benefit from not making the same mistakes. By avoiding the misleading hype and focusing on the optimal exercise and fitness activities you get better results faster.

The best strategies, suggestions and systems regarding the exercise and fitness activities for agility, balance, flexibility, lean muscle, power, resilience, stability, stamina, strength and tone means faster results so you can feel and see the difference sooner. The list of exercises in Part 3 gives you the most benefit in the least amount of time. BTW Doing Yoga is one of the best things you can do each day after you wake and before starting your exercise.

Maintaining a positive mental attitude, eating healthy foods and sustaining your exercise and fitness activities are important but if you are surrounded by negative emotions, energy, people and things your body, mind and spirit will suffer. Negative energy is like a black hole and will influence you to age faster, struggle more and block long term peak performance. Our bodies demand and require emotional, mental and physical fitness to maintain and perform at our best for a healthy and long life. We were born to be wild and wired for fitness.

A woman walking on a beach.

Enjoying a walk in the sunshine feels great.

Exercise and Fitness Activities

Weekly exercise and fitness activities are essential for conditioning your body and mind to deliver 100 percent reliability. A sedentary, self sabotaging and stressful lifestyle will cause some critical system in your body to fail and ultimately ruin your life. Cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, kidney failure and strokes are examples that can quickly rob you of your health and wealth. It is therefore essential for you to create a mastery action plan focused like a laser to manifest an active and resilient lifestyle. Great exercise and fitness activities are the foundation for enjoying even more happiness, harmony and health for the best time of your life during the rest of your life time.

While we may all know intellectually that exercise and fitness activities are important for long term health and vitality it is easy to become dejected, distracted, disillusioned and yes even depressed. We are constantly being tempted and tested emotionally, mentally and physically to distract us from what we know we should be doing. We often allow excuses and procrastination to break our momentum and then justify our behavior and lack of will power.

We all need to look deep into our conscious and subconscious mind to find the self sabotaging beliefs, emotions, feelings, hurts and thoughts that are blocking our personal power and progress. As mentioned frequently EFT is one of the best self help suggestions to resolve lingering and unresolved emotional hurts.

Reading a how to article, book or blog is great but unless it educates, empowers and energizes you to take action now and follow through it is just a collection of words on a page. Implementing a mastery action plan and then achieving the results you desire is the best return on investment (ROI) from your invested energy, money and time.

Are You Sabotaging Your Health and Wealth?

Millions of people are sabotaging their health and wealth. Are you one of them? This leads to unnecessary suffering because not turning their limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs is your choice. Since you have worked so hard to attain what you have it seems logical to use your resilient resolve to rewire and reprogram your body and mind. Daily tapping on acupressure points using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is one of the best self help systems for personal development and self growth. Tapping while viewing your Vision Board is a super success strategy and very powerful.

Whether you have been consuming too much of the unhealthy beverages and foods or not exercising enough or both this post is dedicated to help you. This series and the entire site archive shares the Great NEWS strategies gathered over decades and compressed into posts that can be read in minutes and implemented quickly.

Whether you are a boomer in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or beyond you can do this. Do not allow those limiting beliefs previously referred to as Beliefs Software (BS) to stop you. Just like with a computer you can update or upgrade any software to a faster, newer and more powerful version easily and quickly.

As you implement the exercise and fitness activities that were suggested in Part 3 you will benefit with improved agility, alignment, balance, endurance, flexibility, range of motion, power, speed, stability, stamina, strength and tone. When you make exercise and fitness a daily part of your routine you will quickly discover how easily your body and mind begin to improve and respond to the new demands you place on it. Boomers have been shown to actually notice some of the fastest results in the shortest period of time once they begin exercise and specifically resistance exercise using their body weight or other load bearing exercise.

Boomer Health and Vitality…1 2 3 & 4


“You are what you think” (Part 1)

“You are what you eat” (Part 2)

“You are what exercise and fitness activities you maintain” (Part 3)

“You are the result of the parameters and perimeters you choose to surround yourself with each day” . (Part 4)

After reading Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 4 and ideally all four posts again you have a great foundation for exercise, fitness and nutrition strategies for peak performance and perfect health. Our emotional, mental and physical well being depends on great exercise, fitness and fuel to provide the endurance, energy and enjoyment we desire and deserve. This Great NEWS blog post on Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 4 and well as Parts 1, 2 and 3 have provided proven principles to help you prevent the serious risks from being out of shape, over weight and over the hill so you can enjoy even more health, love, abundance and time to enjoy them.

What is your current Gap?

What prevented you in the past from enjoying healthy exercise, fitness and eating? Avoid that.
How will it feel to move away from past pains and towards perpetual pleasure as you turn on more of your passion, pleasure and personal power? Do this.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Create a Vision Board containing all the areas of a well balanced lifestyle helps with closing the gaps. (See my earlier post on Vision Board and Life MAP.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding boomer exercise and fitness or Vision Boards?

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share:  Aging and Anti-Aging Foods