The previous Great NEWS post Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 2 on Energy, Fuel and Nutrition offered suggestions to help stop eating fake foods, fast foods and junk foods and start eating nutrient dense organic whole foods and high octane super foods.  Today Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 3 will help you plan and prepare a fitness program for peak performance. Remember that Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 1 shared simple strategies to be mentally conditioned and focused for a healthy lifestyle. Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 3 will provide exercise and fitness suggestions for improving your energy, endurance and enjoyment to help live the life of your dreams to your fullest.

How are you doing with creating a Vision Board for great nutrition from Part 2? Did it include pictures of healthy beverages and foods containing antioxidants, minerals, phyto-nutrients, trace elements and vitamins that will help keep you beautiful, energized, healthy, vibrant and youthful? Congratulations to those that have created their vision board.

Vision board for health

Vision boards for a healthy lifestyle are great for inspiration and motivation.

Those that have not finished it yet please invest the time to do this now because it is a key mind motivation method to pre-frame your thinking, program your mind, and project positive food suggestions. It will also protect you from the fake, fast and junk food commercials and manipulating media that want to steal your health and wealth by sabotaging your eating, exercise and fitness activities.

The outcome for this article is to offer you proven principles learned over five decades of trial and error to help you create the perfect mastery action plan for exercise and fitness activities that support you.

Listening to many experts, reading excellent books and trying many different programs has allowed me to minimize the 80% that is least effective and maximize the 20% that is most effective. Remember learning  the Pareto Principle the 80/20 Rule shared in Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 2 states 80% of the results come from 20% of the input.

This post will save you a lot of wasted energy, money and time by helping you avoid the misleading hype and focusing on the optimal exercise and fitness activities for you. Are you ready to discover the best of the best strategies, suggestions and systems regarding the exercise and fitness activities for agility, balance, flexibility, lean muscle mass, power, stamina, strength and tone those five decades of first hand experience has identified?

Couple walking on the beach

Exercise and fitness activities are key to enjoying your dreams and goals.

You Are What You Maintain for Exercise and Fitness Activities

This post on boomer exercise and fitness will focus on the 20% proven principles and super strategies for the boomer committed to peak performance and perfect health. As simple as it may sound “You Are What You Maintain for Exercise and Fitness Activities” is profound wisdom. You can have a positive mental attitude and eat healthy foods but if you fail to maintain your exercise and fitness activities your body and mind will age more quickly and not provide optimal peak performance long term. Our bodies demand and require being emotionally, mentally and physically active to maintain and perform at our best over a healthy and long life span.

Conditioning your body and mind is essential for avoiding the harmful consequences created by leading an overly sedentary and excessively stressful lifestyle. It is important to develop a relaxed, resourceful and resilient lifestyle to balance out the low level periods and high stress points in our busy lives. Boomer exercise and fitness activities are the foundations for enjoying happiness, health and harmony for the best of your life during the rest of your life.

We all intellectually know that healthy eating, exercise and fitness activities are very important for our long term health and longevity. Yet many people also tend to feel that there is not enough energy and time to fit them into our schedule each day. We regularly see articles and websites from doctors and experts that discuss the importance of healthy eating, exercise and fitness activities. Yet how do you “just do it” when there are so many distractions.

They want to fix you by focusing on the effect such as weight problems by selling you a diet and meal replacement products. They are usually not focusing on the underlying cause such as emotional stress eating which when resolved would avoid the excess calories and weight gain. Most of them fail to help you look into your conscious and subconscious mind to look for the self sabotaging beliefs, emotions, feelings, hurts and thoughts that are blocking your energy, happiness and progress in life. Reading a how to article or book is a step in the right direction but unless it educates, empowers and energizes you to take action and follow through consistently it is just another nice article or story.

Every year millions of people allow their health and wellness to deteriorate and they suffer because they are not able to overcome their limiting beliefs and move forward with real progress. This causes and contributes to significant levels of disease and death around the world which robs people of their health and wealth. Great NEWS is a big supporter of EFT and believes  using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is one of the best self help systems for transforming any area of your life.  EFT is great for all areas of personal development and self growth so use it for overcoming negative emotions and limiting beliefs and for sustaining healthy eating, exercise and fitness activities.

This post on boomer exercise and fitness is dedicated to helping you combine the best techniques, tips and tools to experience even more health, love, abundance and the time to enjoy them. Healthy eating, exercise and fitness activities are essential topics that are needed by senior adults, adults and children of all ages to create healthy habits for enjoying long term perfect health and well being.

Most people do not fully understand how important exercise and fitness are for peak performance and perfect health. Since “You Are What You Maintain for Exercise and Fitness Activities” this post will outline the basics of the perfect plan for you to promptly put into action.

Active movement and stretching is important for flexibility.

Gently stretching and warming up the muscles is important every day.

Boomer Exercise and Fitness for Endurance, Energy and Enjoyment

While we all know that exercise and fitness activities are essential for long term health, longevity and vitality so it is frustrating when the articles and websites seem to disagree on how to best achieve this. Many experts fail to help you create safe, simple and sustainable eating, exercise and fitness activities that fit your unique lifestyle. Many people promote equipment and gyms that are complicated, expensive and intimidating. They can leave you feeling frustrated and may often result in financial or actual physical injuries.

Many people have been injured on machines, treadmills and other exercise equipment that were too advanced or complicated for them.  Many people get hurt biking, running and walking for that matter so it is essential to develop a great exercise and fitness program that minimizes your risk of injury.  Therefore the goal is to direct you towards suggestions that you can learn and master safely and sensibly.  Often times when something is safer it is also better in the long run since you are more likely to maintain that program. Today you will be educated, empowered and excited as you learn how to create great exercise and fitness activities that can be done by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Active Lifestyles Require Active Activities


Great Boomer Exercise and Fitness Activities

Curls and Presses
Leg lifts
Military Press or Overhead Lifts
Power Walking
Pull Up and Chin Up
Push Ups and Planks
Swiss Exercise Ball
TRX suspension training system

Woman swimming

Swimming is a great exercise and fitness activity.

It is super beneficial to have a safe and simple proven plan that can be performed without needing fancy exercise equipment, gadgets or machines. However great it looks on the showroom, most exercise equipment ends up being less than ideal and will sit idol the majority of the time. Avoiding commutes to the gym also saves money and time. If you are lucky and smart enough to live in a community or condo that includes a gym you can walk to then feel free to access and exercise with your family and friends. Imagine how great it will feel knowing how to engage only your own body, mind and thinking as you enjoy full body exercise and fitness activities.

Just put on your favorite shirt, shoes, shorts and socks and follow these suggestions for exercise and fitness activities any place and any time. Always be sure to limber up and warm up before exercise and fitness activities and to cool down and loosen up after.   BTW it is common sense to be sure you are in good health and have a full physical with blood work by a qualified medical practitioner before beginning any new exercise and fitness program.  Always plan ahead and schedule time for exercise and fitness activities as if it was as important as food because it is.  Also think safely, slowly and successfully when you get started for long term sustainability.  This is where your bucket list of dreams and goals comes in handy to help inspire, motivate and reward you.

Keep those feet and legs moving for health.

Keep those feet and legs moving for health.

Ten Terrific Training Tips

1. Power walking is a great way to build, maintain, stretch and support the foot, calf and upper leg muscles. It differs from a leisurely stroll because the pace, performance level and pulse rate are pushed up to a level where you breathe more deeply yet can still breathe without huffing and puffing. Carrying water bottles in your hands or a back pack with some weight helps increase the level of difficulty and intensity. This increased load will help engage and maintain more of the upper body and helps to provide more of a full body workout. To gain even more benefit do the power walk briskly for 30 seconds and then slow it down a bit for 90 seconds to recover a bit before going back to a brisk pace for 30 seconds. Repeat this cycle for 8 repetitions.  It is also important to be able to walk backwards and side ways to develop better balance and stability.  Using hiking poles or ski poles are other great enhancements to add spice and variety to your power walking.  Walking barefoot is also great if you have a beach or safe path available.

2. Doing “air chairs” or wall sits are great for the back and lower body. This is fairly intense short duration exercise where you simulate sitting by leaning against a wall and sliding down into a seated position and holding yourself in this seated position for as long as you can. This is very beneficial when you have been sitting for a long time and only have a few minutes to exercise. A great combination is to alternate leaning push ups with lunges and wall sits. If you are not quite ready for wall sits then perform “sit and stand” exercise to build the thigh muscles. This is done by sitting is a chair and going into a standing position using only your abdominal, back and leg muscles to raise and lower you from the sitting to the standing and then sitting position again. Avoid using your arms to assist in the movement.

3. Using the stairs in a building, parking garage or sports stadium are great ways to strengthen leg muscles and your lung capacity at the same time.  Even the stack able aerobic step units can provide great step exercise and fitness activities.

4. Lunges are an easy and fast way to and provide a quick lower body workout.  You should plan on doing lunges in four directions (forward, backward, left and right).  You can perform this empty handed at first until your strength and balance improves and then advance to holding hand weights or carrying a backpack.

5. Squats are another easy and fast way to burn calories and provide a quick lower body workout.  You can start by holding on to a pole or similar object for stability.   Over time you can add hand weights for increased benefits and variety.

Woman doing push ups

Doing push ups on the floor or against a wall are great for upper body strength.

6. Push-ups (full length, knee version or wall leaning versions) are fabulous and fast routines for building upper body strength. Even holding the body still in the plank or push up start position is a great full body exercise and has many fitness benefits.  Even leaning against a wall and doing wall push ups will help you improve your upper body strength and tone.

7. Doing abdominal crunches on the floor or with a Swiss exercise ball are fantastic. You can also do leg lifts or scissor kicks to help keep your core abdominal muscles strong.

8. Toe raises (1 or 2 leg version) and heel dips on a curb or step are fantastic for  stretching, strengthening and toning the ankle, foot and calf.  This is a great activity to do while watching a DVD at home.  Other healthy choices include sitting on a Swiss ball or standing while watching a video to avoid being a couch potato.

9. Doing the Superman pose which is performed while lying on the floor and raising your arms and legs is great for maintaining a healthy back. You can lift either one or both arms or one or both legs at a time depending on your ability.

10. Performing seated dips help develop the arm, shoulder and upper body. These are preformed while holding your body in a seated (air) position while using a stable bench, chair or step to fully support yourself on your hands and heels while your arms bend and slowly lower your buttocks toward the floor. Then you slowly use your arm and shoulder muscles to raise your body to the return seated (air) position.  By adjusting the position of your hands and feet everyone can find some version that works for them.  These are great routines  to do during commercials.

One bonus tip is to check out the TRX suspension training system which offers a wide variety of exercise options in a simple grip and strap system that is compact and light weight.

Doing crunches on a Swiss exercise ball

Doing crunches on a Swiss exercise ball is great for the abdominal muscles.

Enjoying Choices and Variety

As you can clearly see there are many options for body weight work outs that can be done indoors or outdoors any time of the year.  You do not need gyms or machines to enjoy powerful exercise and fitness activities.  There are many varieties and versions of various body weight exercise and fitness activities to help keep you energized, engaged and excited to maintain and sustain you long term.   It is not necessary to do all ten at one time just focus on doing some of them throughout the day and some of them everyday.    Start with the basic ten and then add new variations to keep your muscles and neurons compounding and confused by constantly learning new techniques and tricks. Who says you cannot teach an old dog new tricks?

Whether you are a boomer in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or beyond these recommendations are meant to help you make the rest of your life the best of your life. As you implement the exercise and fitness suggestions you will benefit with improved agility, alignment, balance, endurance, flexibility, range of motion, power, speed, stability, stamina and strength.  Doing yoga is also a great exercise and fitness activity to accomplish all of these and yoga has been written about in other Great NEWS posts.  As you read this post and do your part to implement new exercise and fitness activities you will soon discover how quickly your overall emotional, mental and physical health and well being will improve and support you in accomplishing your bucket list of dreams and goals.

Remember the boomer exercise and fitness activities basics:
Part 1 You are what you think so maintain a Positive Mental Attitude to lay the foundation for living a healthy lifestyle.
Part 2 You are what you eat so choose wisely
Part 3 You are what exercise and fitness activities you maintain so be sure to enjoy some each day.

Henry Ford is quoted as saying “If you think you can or think you can’t, you are right”. How determined are you to Conceive, Believe and Achieve your Dreams and Destiny? Remember your exercise and fitness activities will contribute significantly to your health, love, abundance and time to enjoy them so make them a top priority.

Just like a wide angle lens offers a broader perspective and a telephoto lens offers a close up look you now have a better macro and micro understanding about the importance of Boomer Exercise and Fitness activities. Your emotional, mental, nutritional and physical well being depends on endurance, energy and enjoyment to deliver peak performance and perfect health.

After reading Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 3 and understanding the essential fundamentals of exercise, fitness and peak performance you are ready to supercharge your health and lifestyle. Your emotional, mental and physical well being depends on participating in great exercise and fitness activities which provides the energy, endurance, energy and enjoyment to live life to the fullest. This Great NEWS blog post on Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part 3 as well as Part 1 and Part 2 have provided a wealth of helpful information to avoid the serious risks from being over the hill, out of shape and over weight so you can enjoy even more endurance, energy and excitement in your life.

Where Is Your Gap?

What is the story that is preventing you from consistent exercise and fitness?
What has to happen in order for you to feel enough pain from these excuses to turn your passion, pleasure and personal power on maximum full throttle?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Creating a Vision Board with the top ten exercises that help you feel and look fabulous, fantastic, firm, fit and foxy is a fun way to get you excited and motivate.  Commit to an accountability coach, buddy,  family member or friend what your weekly program will include and resolve to do it regardless of any temporary obstacles.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding boomer exercise and fitness?

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share:   Boomer Exercise and Fitness Part  4