Welcome to another blog on Problems Prevented with Simple Steps. Are you experiencing any bone, joint or muscle pain? How is your overall physical alignment, endurance, stability, strength, and tone? The Pilates method may be a great addition to your exercise and fitness lifestyle while also reducing pain. Many fans and followers of the Pilates method rave about the beneficial effects Pilates training has on their fitness and resilience. Many people with back, hip and knee pain will swear that Pilates helped reduce their pain and reverse deterioration and limitations. They also become more confident and determined about their physical abilities and activities.

PilatesPilates exercise programs can help you greatly improve your fitness or allow you to better manage conditions that may be limiting your movement and well being. Pilates has been proven to provide emotional, mental, and physical benefits to people dealing with chronic discomfort and pain which can limit activities and joy in our lives. It can allow physically impaired and injured people to function better and helped manage difficult challenges and conditions more easily.

Whether you suffer from compromised musculoskeletal conditions or not yet, you can begin to practice basic Pilates techniques and experience amazing benefits. The Pilates method was designed by Joseph H. Pilates as a full body fitness training program combining many disciplines. It evolved into a very popular exercise and fitness training method and is used by millions of people around the world. The Pilates method is based on directing your body and mind to synchronize your movements with a deliberate focus on concentration, control, coordination, and correct form.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a full body workout that engages all joints, ligaments and muscle groups. All parts of the body are engaged and exercised at the same time. The focus is on aligning, conditioning, and strengthening the entire body.

PilatesA good Pilates program improves agility and flexibility through proper strengthening and stretching exercises. When you properly train all the muscle groups in a coordinated and systematic way you improve and increase the range of motion and overall stability of your joints and muscles. This can help improve performance while reducing the chance of injury.

All the major and minor muscles of your body including abs, back, hips, legs, and upper body are activated to stay lean, strong and toned with Pilates. A well balanced, conditioned and coordinated body helps you move with greater ease and leads to better overall performance with less risk of injury.

Pilates is great for improving and maintaining proper posture which is essential to maintain our overall physical health and well being while also remaining pain-free. Poor posture often leads to muscular and skeletal imbalances and misalignments which usually result in pain and problems later in life. By implementing a diligent Pilates practice you can improve current alignment and imbalance issues and prevent others from occurring in the future. Better posture can result in better agility and balance which reduces the risk of injury and thus helps to prevent pain in the future.

Pilates training focuses on proper breathing techniques as you exercise and move in your daily life. Proper breathing is essential for our level of energy, health, and vitality. Deep diaphragm breathing helps our cardiovascular system, respiratory function, muscles, and organs by maintaining proper carbon dioxide and oxygen levels for all of our cells.

Pilates BreathingPilates helps us tune in and be even more aware of our overall emotional, mental, and physical state of being. When we are more mindful and tuned into our environment and movements we are more aware of our posture and relationship to our surroundings. Application of this awareness is a powerful technique for our long term well being.

Pilates can be done with special Pilates apparatus or without, so you are able to exercise regardless of access to equipment or a facility. One of my favorite resource books is The Pilates Body by Brooke Siler. It shares pictures and simple steps to make it easy to apply the Pilates method.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Remember … Pain is a warning sign on your dashboard that you are abusing and misusing your body and it is up to you to stop causing the problem and start finding a solution. Maybe Pilates is the right solution at the right time for you.

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