Are you experiencing foot problems like athletes foot, bunions, calluses, corns, crooked toes, foot fungus, ingrown toenails, pain, plantar fasciitis and more? Many people are unintentionally harming their feet without holistic help to stop abusing them and start fixing them. I was motivated to write this because someone I know had two foot surgeries for bunions that have left her barely able to walk and in pain. If any of these pains and problems have plagued you then get ready to learn basic techniques and tips to enjoy Fabulous Feet in Five Steps.

FeetWelcome to another blog on Problems Prevented with Simple Steps. How much do your feet bother you? Most people neglect their feet yet they are vital to being able to balance, move, stand, and walk. A wise proverb says “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Are you ready? Most people do not appreciate their feet and the major role they play in our overall physical alignment, balance, endurance, stability, strength, and well being. When it comes to the core foundation of our health an ancient proverb says “disease or health starts with our feet.”

Fast Five Fix for Fabulous Feet

Stop torturing your feet wearing improperly designed shoes and start wearing properly designed footwear. Many shoes are designed for fake fashion and financial profits rather than being foot friendly and functional. Cheap construction, cramped feet, high heels, improper fit, and platforms are examples of flawed fashion. Our foot is naturally designed to be flat on the earth for alignment, balance, and stability. Heels throw the body out of alignment. Look at the alignment and gait of people when they walk. The majority of people in developed countries have a structural misalignment that negatively affects their entire body. Zero drop is a better design for foot-friendly footwear. Be sure shoes are long enough and have a roomy area for your toes to spread. Investing in great footwear is a great investment in you.

SneakersStop abusing your feet and wearing shoes that do not fit properly. Many people (especially women) wear shoes that do not fit well for vanity reasons, such as a fabricated sense of sex appeal or style. They want to appear sexier, slimmer, or taller to alter the perception of others when they are noticed. Fashion and shoes are seductive selling stories told to make people think they look more appealing and attractive. Watch people walking ahead of you and notice how many of them waddle and walk like a duck because of their shoes and unnatural body alignment. Footwear must be designed and made for comfort and support. Adjust straps, change the lace pattern, or wear different socks to improve how footwear fits. Start wearing fabulous footwear that fits properly. If your feet hurt, listen to them and find better footwear.

BirkenstocksStop wearing the same shoes all day long and start changing them during the day. Binding your feet in the same shoes all day is not healthy. Try wearing a runner, walking or zero drop shoe that is comfortable for the majority of the day and only switch to more formal shoes when appropriate. Wear breathable, comfortable and supportive shoes to help protect your feet. Minimalist and open footwear can offer better foot support. Some fabulous footwear includes Birkenstock, Crocs, Five Fingers Vibram, Merrell, MTB, New Balance, Sanuk, and Teva.

Stop wearing shoes for so long and start going barefoot more frequently and for longer periods. Go barefoot as often as possible. Many people go for days or weeks without ever touching the bare earth. Our feet need to relax and our toes stretch out rather than be cramped in shoes all day long. Going barefoot for at least several hours each day is one of the best things we can do. Check out the book Earthing by Clinton Ober to learn the many health benefits. There are also many foot exercises and protocols with various props like acupressure boards, mats, magnetic insoles, orthotics and shoe inserts (many are worthless) to greatly benefit our feet.

Foot MassageStop neglecting your feet and learn to support them. Avoid consuming or using harmful chemicals. Many foot creams, lotions, and soaps contain toxic compounds that are health hazards. Use only natural products like almond oil, calcium bentonite clay, coconut oil and essential oils on your feet. Wear comfortable shoes that breathe. Massaging your feet at night is a great way to do a little reflexology and reward your feet. Eat healthy nutrient dense organic whole foods and reduce sugar intake to avoid diabetes which can damage the nerves in your feet. Overweight people put excessive strain and stress on their feet and joints which means they must focus even more supportive on footwear.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Remember … foot pain is a warning sign on your dashboard that your feet need attention and it is time to stop causing problems and start finding solutions. Comfort must be a priority if health is important to you. Take proper care of your feet and they will take care of you. Maybe barefoot and fabulous footwear is the right solutions right now for fabulous feet.

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