In the previous blog Fabulous Functional Feet blog my goal was to grab your attention and help you focus some Tender Loving Care (TLC) for your feet. Our feet are made up of an incredibly complex design of bones, cartilage, joints, muscles, and tendons. Pain or problems of the feet means you are doing something unhealthy and unnatural to impair their natural function and movement. Many people are experiencing foot pain and fail to connect the dots for cause and effect. Therefore it seemed appropriate to dive a little deeper into various exercise and fitness resources and role models that can help you rehabilitate your feet after you stop the abuse. Applying the Fast Five Fix for Fabulous Feet first and now implementing these additional support methods can help you rapidly restore your feet to their intended fabulous function.

Bare FeetWelcome to another blog on Problems Prevented with Simple Steps. How much do your feet bother you? Most people neglect their feet even when they are the key to balance, move, stand, and walk. A wise proverb says “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Are you really ready? Most people do not appreciate their feet and the key role they play in our overall health and well being. The basic foundation of our health starts with our feet.

Fabulous Functional Feet

Once you stop harming your feet it is time to start helping them. Below are great additions to your exercise and fitness lifestyle that can rebuild foot health while reducing foot pain and problems. Many fans and followers of these methods rave about the beneficial effects of proper foot conditioning and training to restore healthy feet. Many people with feet problems start a chain reaction to their back, hip and knees causing pain. When you fix the feet problems you start a chain reaction that can help reduce the pain and problems in other areas of the body. One you reverse deterioration and limitations in the feet you have a solid foundation to resolve the rest of your issues.

If you suffer from compromised feet problems or maybe not quite yet, you can begin to implement the Fast Five Fixes for Fabulous Feet. Here are some great resources and role models with techniques and tips to experience fabulous feet fast.

Egoscue MethodThe Egoscue Method was designed by Pete Egoscue as a full body exercise and fitness education and training program combining many disciplines. It evolved into a very popular exercise and fitness training method and is used by many people around the world. Pete and his team are always focused on proper alignment and function. The Egoscue team have many exercise videos with proper alignment and foot care tips.

The Foundation Training method by Dr. Eric Goodman is based on directing your body and mind to align and synchronize your movements with a deliberate focus on concentration, control, coordination, and correct form. Dr. Goodman shares great strategies and suggestions to help you build a strong core and foot foundation for better health.

MovNatThe MovNat method of natural movement by Erwan le Corre is evolving into a very popular exercise and fitness training method and is used by many people around the world. Having attended one of his weekend programs I can testify to the focus on fantastic footwork and natural movement training for an all-around healthy lifestyle. He promotes training barefoot.

The Monkey Bar Gym founded by Jon Hinds is a great functional fitness resource and role model. Jon promotes bare feet, body weight exercises, and Eischens yoga. Barefoot yoga is great exercise. Check out Jungle Gym XT for a great home fitness program.

Going BolderThe book Growing Bolder and videos by Stephen Jepson are both informative and inspirational. This guy knows how to take care of his feet and have fun doing it. We can all learn some things about better agility, balance, and coordination from him.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Remember … Foot pain is a warning sign on your dashboard that something needs attention and correction. Is it time for you to stop causing the problems and start finding solutions? Comfort must be a priority if health is important to you. If you do not take proper care of your feet you can be physically impaired or injured permanently.  Maybe barefoot and comfortable flat shoes are the right solution right now.

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