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What are your beliefs about the benefits and uses of hemp? Many people believe hemp is a healthy habit while others think it is a health hazard or dangerous drug. This is because there is so much condemnation and confusion around cannabis, hemp, and marijuana plants and products. This blog is dedicated to helping more people appreciate, discover, and understand that hemp is healthy for people as food, medicine, and products and healthy for our planet.

Hemp is a flowering plant in the Cannabaceae family. It grows easily and fast with minimal effort on the part of the farmer. Hemp plants have been used to produce cannabinoids and terpenes for medicine, leaves for food, seeds for food and oil, and stalks for fiber. At some point in time, humans started to cultivate different hybrid varieties of hemp. Over time the hemp plant was cross-bred to create hybrid varieties with different properties, including the production of more cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the compound that can create a euphoric feeling or emotional high. In many countries, this led to laws and restrictions against hemp plants. Many believe the various cannabidiols provide medicinal benefits, so they value hemp as medicine. The US has legal guidelines for hemp plants so that commercial-grade hemp contains less than .3% THC and medicinal-grade hemp contains greater than .3% THC.

Hemp History

A quick history lesson is helpful. To begin discussing the history of hemp would involve going back thousands of years and learning that hemp has been harvested, planted, and used to help humans survive and thrive. Hemp has been used for clothing, fabric, food, medicine, oil, paper, rope, sails, and shelter. Archaeologists and historians have traced cultivated hemp back for many thousands of years in China, Egypt, Greece, Russia, Turkey, and other countries. Many people believe that hemp and humans co-evolved for a mutual benefit. Humans seem to have developed and evolved with cannabinoid receptors in our body which many feels allows us to better benefit from hemp plants at a mental, physical, and even spiritual level.

President George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp to produce canvas wagon covers, rope, and sails. The United States Constitution was drafted on hemp paper. Hemp fiber and seeds were essential for many important uses and were grown by most farmers because they had so many beneficial uses. As mentioned in the previous blog, moms even made hemp seed super milk to feed their children. Hemp seed and hemp seed oil are delicious and nutritious.

Hemp Buds

Hemp is Healthy for People and Planet

Hemp is being cultivated in the US in a big way because people have come to realize again that hemp is healthy for people and healthy for the planet. They are learning there are minimal downsides and risks from legal and quality-controlled hemp foods, products, and supplements to support their happiness and health.

Hemp has been used for fabric, food, and fuel for thousands of years. It was also a common and popular medicine frequently recommended by many doctors and pharmacists in the 18th and early 19th centuries. It was extensively used by many adults and children for almost every common ailment known to man. It was well documented, recommended, and researched in medical journals including the Merck Manual. Today hemp is making a big come back and there is significant research to find more beneficial uses for cannabis and commercial hemp.

Hemp goes well even in harsh conditions and poor soil. It grows like a weed even in depleted and over-cultivated soil. It does not need commercial fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides like cotton to do well. Most of the hemp plants grown are commercial hemp to provide fiber and seeds used in many beneficial products.

Unfortunately for many financial and political reasons hemp was sabotaged as a valuable crop and banned in the US for many decades. Finally, due to the efforts of many dedicated and determined environmentalists, farmers, and hemp supporters, hemp is making a big comeback and growing in popularity and support. The National Hemp Association has some great articles on its website regarding hemp facts and hemp history.


Hemp is a Powerful, Profitable, and Proven Plant

Many people are looking for more eco-friendly and sustainable foods and products and discovering the benefits of hemp. Many people also seem to be dealing with emotional, mental, and physical health issues on a regular and recurring basis. Using hemp for food and medicine can offer many benefits to help you and the planet.

Cannabis, Cannabinoids (CBD), and hemp have become a new normal for many people seeking the benefits of herbal and medicinal plants. Cannabinoids can boost our immune system to better respond to pathogens. They have also been found to reduce anxiety and stress which contribute to a weaker immune system.

  • Hemp oil is also becoming very familiar as more people look for plant-based medicine and nutrition.
  • Hemp fiber is used to make fabric that can be used for clothing, furniture, linens, and mattresses.
  • Hemp fiber is better than cotton because it requires fewer chemicals, fertilizers, and fuel to grow and is more durable.
  • Hemp fiber is also used as an excellent insulator in home construction.
  • Hemp fiber is also used to make hempcrete which is a great building material for homes and walls.
  • Hemp is a very eco-friendly and sustainable product for bio-fuels, fabric, food, and paper products.
  • Hemp helps rebuild the soil and even remove toxic compounds.
  • Hemp is great for restoring land for farming and productive use.
  • Hemp provides an eco-friendly and sustainable food source.
  • Hemp can be made into plastic and used in making homes and vehicles.
  • Hemp seeds are a fantastic food. Hemp seeds are high in fiber, good omega fats, and protein.
  • Hemp with higher cannabinoids and THC has been found to help people with many health conditions. It is being used to help people dealing with anxiety, cancer, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, MS, PTSD, and many other conditions.
  • Hemp plants and seeds provide a lot of healthy antioxidants, fats, fiber, nutrients, and protein to help keep you healthy and strong.
  • Hemp is healthy for people and the planet, so begin buying hemp products to support your health and well-being and support a sustainable planet.

Consider buying some hemp oil, hemp seeds, and a hemp T-shirt to wear. Hemp seeds can be used to make delicious and nutritious super milk. Check out the National Hemp Association to learn more about hemp and ways to help support our hemp farmers and growers. Maybe discovering hemp history will help more people discover the potential benefits of cannabis, CBD, and commercial hemp to be even more happy and healthy. Many people feel hemp is a healthy habit and offers hope to help heal people and our planet. What are your empowering or limiting beliefs about hemp?


Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a happy and healthy lifestyle and mindset. This blog shares the many benefits of cannabis, hemp and marijuana in supporting human health and well-being.

“Eat hemp because hemp provides a delicious and nutritious superfood to help humans be happier and healthier, while also supporting eco-friendly and sustainable farming.” —Michael Morningstar

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