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To understand the many reasons more mindful moms make seed super milk, it is essential to honestly look at human habits, health, and history regarding nutrition. Mammals make the perfect milk for their young. It is consumed direct, fresh, and raw from birth until weaning. Then the baby switches to eating the same foods the adults eat, so it can grow big and strong like the parents. It is common sense and simple to understand…cow’s milk is for baby calves and human milk is for baby humans.

If cow (bovine) milk is perfect nutrition for baby cows and human milk is perfect nutrition for baby humans then why are humans consuming cow’s milk? Common sense would dictate that a mother is perfectly designed to produce the perfect milk for her offspring, yet many babies are being raised on cow’s milk formula and then given cow’s milk after they are weaned. Often people keep consuming dairy for the rest of their life.

Unfortunately most babies are consuming milk from cows that were raised in confined Commercial Animal Feed Operations (CAFO) and fed food with antibiotics, bovine growth hormones, chemicals (glyphosate & pesticides), Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO corn) and even supplements that are unhealthy for humans. The dairy cows are treated for continual milk production that would normally last only 90 days, so the cows become exhausted, sick and worn out, and are killed after about four years. The milk is then pasteurized (cooked and no longer raw) to kill all the bacteria from the sick and tired cows. Most of this dairy cow meat is used for cheap hamburgers. This is just six of many key reasons cow’s milk is not good for people or the planet.

The common sense question to ponder is why do some people believe, drink and promote cooked cow’s milk as healthy, when we are not baby cows.  Even baby calves get big fast and are weaned off of the raw cow’s milk in around 90 days, and never drink it again for the rest of their life. They grow up big and strong after being weaned and then eating plants. This blog will dig a little deeper into the sad story of cow’s milk being used as human food and then share thirteen great, seed super milk suggestions, made with healthy nuts and seeds to be a much more nutritious choice to replace cow’s milk . These plant based nutrition suggestions will help you and your family stay happy and healthy as a holistic human. Read further and see what you think.

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Common Sense and Cow’s Milk

Common sense would indicate there is something goofy and unnatural about the current obsession of consuming cow’s milk and dairy products for our entire life if even cattle do not consume it after 90 days. Humans are the only mammal that continue to consume cooked dairy after being weaned.  Is it possible that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), American Dairy Association and other food industry organizations are manipulating, marketing, misleading and misrepresenting the hyped health benefits of dairy? What if the brainwashing and marketing is driven more by promoting profits over people instead of focusing on the long term happiness and health of humans?

Doing a little background research on the growth of calves and the nutrition in cow’s milk will reveal that a baby calf gains about two hundred pounds in 90 days drinking its mother’s raw milk prior to weaning.  The cow’s milk is loaded with the extra fat, nutrients and proteins for the calf to grow fast so it can then start eating grass. Human babies do not need the same amount of fat, nutrients and protein in cow’s milk and definitely do not need milk that is loaded with health hazards and pasteurized to kill all the bacteria and pus from the cows. Could cow’s milk be a big part of our health and obesity crisis?

Many people consider the harmful health practices and processing of the dairy cows and ultimately the dairy consumer to be a big area of concern. What if the sad story about what goes on behind the closed barn doors of the dairy industry was replaced with transparency and truth? Would the consumer be so willing to consume cow’s milk if they knew the real costs, downsides and risks to their happiness and health?

Many people seem to be dealing with colds, ear infections, and sinus infections on a regular and recurring basis. It has been determined that many people develop congestion and mucus from consuming dairy products. Many cultures and people are lactose intolerant to a greater degree than they may realize. There are many plant based alternatives to cow’s milk which are much easier, healthier, safer and tastier and do not cause allergies, boogies, and Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) infections. No animal on the planet continues to consume dairy after being weaned so why do humans want to go against the laws of nature? Mother’s milk is for babies until they can begin to consume healthy adult foods.

Coconut Milk

More Mindful Moms Make Seed Super Milk

Could there be super milk alternatives for humans to be happy, healthy, and strong? Common sense and words of wisdom from many health and nutrition experts say that after weaning humans are better off avoiding cow dairy products.  We suggest you consider and research the many benefits of consuming healthy nut and seed super milks instead. As mentioned in many previous blog posts, consuming nuts and seeds provide a lot of healthy antioxidants, fats, fiber, nutrients, and protein to help keep you healthy and strong.

Let’s look into different ways to replace cow dairy with healthy plant based nut and seed super milks instead. It is estimated that over 100 million Americans are nutrient deficient due to their food choices and a lack of healthy habits, in spite of being one of the largest diary consuming countries in the world. Many people seem to be facing challenges with their health and forget that their nutrition is the key driver for their energy, fuel, immune system and repair.

Here are some easy to make great seed super milk options to try:

  • Almond super milk
  • Brazil nut milk
  • Cashew super milk
  • Chia seed super milk
  • Coconut super milk
  • Flaxseed super milk
  • Hazelnut super milk
  • Hemp super milk
  • Macadamia super milk
  • Pecan super milk
  • Pumpkin seed super milk
  • Sesame seed super milk
  • Sunflower seed milk
  • Walnut super milk
Soy milk is an entirely different story and is very complicated and time consuming to make properly so we recommend against making it.  Even the vast majority of soy milk on the market is not made correctly and can actually be a health hazard. It takes a while to really understand soy, so do the research to understand why it may not be healthy.

FYI and suggestions: One of the keys to making seed super milk is to use a very good blender that can pulverize the nuts and seeds into a pulp.  Always use plain raw nuts and seeds to make your own DIY seed super milk.  It is highly recommended to soak the nuts and seeds overnight and drain off the water. This will soften them up for easier blending and help remove some of the protective compounds and tannin that keep seeds dormant and protected until the correct germination time. It is recommended to use filtered or spring water.  The amount of seed super milk a person will consume and the number of people you are serving, will determine the amount of nuts and seeds to use. Most of my recipes call for about one cup of seeds per person for a large serving or two smaller servings each. You can match and mix seeds to customize your seed super milk. Many people find that chia seeds go well when combined with any nuts and seeds. Adding a half or whole banana or a pitted date or two gives the seed super milk a slightly sweet super milkshake or smoothie like taste. Starting with the basics will help kids love them and be sure they get to help be a part of the process. You can even add a little healthy chocolate for a special treat.

It is important to keep the seed super milk refrigerated if not consumed and only keep it a maximum of 2 or 3 days. It will taste so good that it is normally consumed the same day as made.  It also helps to keep your seeds in the freezer or fridge if you buy a large bag to help keep them better longer. Remember… to avoid roasted nuts and seeds and use only raw.

Macadamia Nuts

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a happy and healthy lifestyle and mindset. This blog shares easy plant based ingredients to make seed super milk. Enjoy

“Seed Super Milk can be a delicious and nutritious way to become dairy free and become happier and healthier.” —Michael Morningstar

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