Last week we discovered a major risk from fungus and mold problems while this week we focus on the fungus among us from lousy leaders in companies and countries to rediscover valuable leadership lessons and principles.

A comparison is made to fungus because of the similarities to lousy leaders and problematic parasites that live off their host without adding value. Many people are now aware of the economic problems caused by bureaucrats and corporate leaders with immense power that are abusing their power to control, confiscate and corrupt large amounts of assets, money and public resources to increase their power and wealth.

It is time for us to wake up to the fact that we have many selfish and self serving leaders instead of strong and selfless servant leaders. It is time for a call to action to set honesty, integrity, leadership and transparency as the fundamental foundations for all organizations so we learn from our lack of leadership lessons and create a better future.

While many people in key leadership roles offer lip service and talk about integrity, transparency and values they are incongruent and not walking the talk. Instead they are shrouding their policies and procedures behind a massive veil of secrecy and seclusion. They hide behind complex laws and secret meetings to create self serving policies to make them and their friends more powerful and wealthy at the expense of the lower, middle and upper class that are not able to join their elite and privileged secret societies and social clubs.

Dr. Duesberg, World Renowned HIV Expert

Corporate & Government Misdirection

Corporate & Government Misdirection

One big life lesson learned occurred more than fifteen years ago while attending a health seminar in Hawaii with Dr Duesberg a world renowned HIV expert as a guest speaker. He went into great detail about the erroneous and false assumptions released to the public by medical professionals and government officials in order to profit from government grants and research dollars that would be funneled into the drug companies, medical schools and universities.

They used a faulty hypothesis to convince and frighten people into believing the world might soon be consumed by an AIDS epidemic to scare people into compliance and conforming to health and medical dictates that were to come.

Now billions of dollars around the world have been wasted on harmful drugs, treatments and vaccinations that have destroyed unknown numbers of lives and robbed our national treasures of billions of dollars that are needed now for education, energy sustainability and infrastructure.

In reality more people around the world are dying from each category of conditions: cancer, dehydration/ diarrhea/ intestinal issues, coronary disease, malnourishment, parasites, respiratory disease, strokes, and wars than die from HIV.

This is not because their program has worked but because their deceptive story was based on false and misleading assumptions to create a clever and deceitful diversion from the true risks to human health. This has caused massive funds to be diverted to special interest groups and have cost us a huge fortune in lost opportunity to solve real problems that would have a massive long term benefit on global society.

Corporate & Government Misdirection

This is one of a very long list of examples that show how corporate and government leaders have worked together to rob their citizens of their health and wealth in order to grant themselves more power and wealth by taking from others. It is easy to identify other examples such as American Dental Association (fluoride), American Medical Association blocking natural medicine, artificial sweeteners, automobile (low MPG), biotechnology, chemicals, coal fueled power plants, fraudulent investments, junk food industries, GE and GMO Frankenfoods, herbicides and insecticides (toxic), nuclear plants, oil spills, pharmaceuticals, pollution, Wall Street bailout and warfare and weapons industries.

These activities drain the financial resources of the citizens and often result in long term financial and physical health challenges. It is easier to tell the truth and do the right thing the right way the first time than to come back a fix a problem years down the road plus all the complications that arise.

Therefore it is essential for each one of us to do our part to educate ourselves regarding the overall common sense principles for directing our own lives, communities and government. We must insure that we operate in a prudent and forward thinking way and consider the impact on seven generations and even beyond when making decisions.

When we study history we learn that too much power can corrupt a person and absolute power will absolutely corrupt so we must be vigilant and learn the leadership lessons from the lpast so as to not make the same mistakes in the future.

Mastery Action Plan

Watch a brilliant eleven year old leader named Birke Baehr deliver an inspiring and motivating presentation on TED X TV

To watch, click >  What’s wrong with our food system?

This young man has a better understanding of the food problems facing the US and many countries than most adults. This is what youth leadership looks like.

Ron Paul is a political leader committed to making the tough decisions insure government is by the people and for the people. Ron Paul said if elected President he will:

  • Stop the spread of socialist, Big Government health care.
  • Stop the growth of government spending, restrictive regulations, and interference in our lives.
  • Cut taxes and eliminate the IRS, because I believe the money you earn is yours and does NOT belong to government.
  • Audit the Federal Reserve, which I believe will serve as an important first step toward finally ending the Fed once and for all.
  • Ensure the federal government returns to its constitutional limits by eliminating departments and agencies that are not authorized by the Constitution.
  • Repeal Big Government schemes like the so-called “PATRIOT Act”.
  • Return to the Founders’ more humble foreign policy. American troops and taxpayers deserve better than to be used for “nation-building” or policing the world.

Our next blog post will share: Awaken the Genius Within