Last week the Great NEWS blog post covered the Perfect Health for Toddlers and this week you will cover specific strategies for Perfect Health for Dads. This is a continuation of the Perfect Health Mastery series for creating happier, healthier and more harmonious families. This Perfect Health for Dads article provides simple strategies and suggestions for dads to eat, exercise, and be a great example for the rest of the family.

Dads already know they need to drink adequate amounts of great water, eat lots of nutrient dense whole foods, exercise and reduce their exposure to harmful products and stress.

Father and InfantHere are some of the key strategies, suggestions and solutions observed to accomplish the most likely probability for perfect health.

Building Blocks for Dads

  • Find a way to drink the best water possible. Our body is approximately 75% water so it is one of your most important decisions.
  • Eat three great meals a day with healthy foods that are grown in harmony with the environment and in great soil that will yield nutrient dense whole foods. The majority of your foods should be locally grown and in season.
  • Be sure to eat some type of green leafy plant at each meal.

Some great examples of foods they eat in Costa Rica almost every day of the week are: 

  1. Cabbage, lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, carrots, beets, beans, rice, tomato, vegetables, yucca, onions, cucumber, radish, many root vegetables, squash, avocado and coconut.
  2. Costa Rican’s also enjoy bananas (several varieties), plantain, mangos, watermelon, papaya, guava, passion fruit, star fruit, oranges, limes, lemon and grapefruit.
  3. They also quite regularly consume raw milk (often goat milk), cheese and eggs. Additionally they eat free range chickens, beef and fish to round out their diet.

Walking Fitness, a Way of Life

The men in the country side work very hard in Costa Rica. Almost everyone walks most of the time. The men tend their gardens, fields, animals and use a machete to control the rapid growth of plant life that could easily grow several feet in one year due to the abundant rain fall. Exercise and hard work is part of their lifestyle that keeps them healthy and grounded to the cycles, rhythms and seasons of the earth. Men around the world can learn from other men that must use the body and mind to exist. It seems too many men today are overusing their brain to the detriment of their body.

Walking and carrying your daily supplies helps keep the entire body fit and limber. Getting outdoors in fresh air and nature are key ingredients for perfect health and happiness. Walking on uneven terrain and up and down hills is great for a super fit body.

Family and Personal Time

Dad Jogging On the Beach at SunriseQuality time with family and friends is extremely important.

Physical contact and connection is important and even essential. Are you enjoying enough hugs, massages and intimacy in your life.

Sunday is a day of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Stop the stressors and start investing time to smell the roses, hibiscus, bougomvillas, periwinkles, petunias, passion flowers, orchids or whatever flowers around you. We have so much to be grateful for and it is important to remember to count our blessings.

The Other 50%

Creating perfect health for dads is easy to do and not easy to do depending on your values, vision and virility. Dads are the other key 50% head of the house that must accept full responsibility for their health and lifestyle.

You are what you drink, eat and think so choose wisely. Another key reason to focus on perfect health is because what you do, eat and say is what your children do and remember. Therefore it is imperative to make your life easier now and in the future by doing your part to help your children be happier and healthier by setting a great example. Perfect health for dads starts with focusing on their own health first and being great role models.

Mastery Action Plan

  • Consider making a decision to avoid all unhealthy fast foods, junk foods and highly processed foods for 10 days.
  • Once you have accomplished this milestone consider increasing the perfect health program for 21 days and feel and see what a difference it makes in your vibrant energy and health.

Our next Great NEWS blog post will share: Perfect Health for Children

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