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How well do you feel your happiness, harmony, and health are doing during these crazy coronavirus conditions? Many people struggle with anxiety, health issues, mood swings, sleep issues, and weight gain. We all know we should eat healthy food and exercise for our health and well-being, yet many people are struggling. During these crazy coronavirus conditions, many people feel they do not have enough time for exercise and fitness. There are bio-hacks available to be more productive with your time. The secret to success is to learn bio-hacks that require no extra time. So what can you do to help boost your immune system and improve your fitness starting today?

Implementing these simple 1-minute training tip routines requires no extra time because you do them during daily downtime and you begin to benefit as if by magic. This blog shares simple bio-hacks to boost your immune system and improve your fitness, resiliency, and overall well-being.  When you are dedicated and determined to create an action plan to implement 1-minute training drills you begin mico-progression to prevent mico-regression.

“The key is to be exercising throughout the day so you convert chunks of downtime into productive uptime as your life becomes more effective and efficient by implementing beneficial bio-hacks.” —Michael Morningstar

The Morningstar NEWS blog is passionate about helping you use bio-hacks to create better resiliency, resolve, and resourcefulness. During these crazy coronavirus conditions, we all have small chunks of downtime that can be refined, refocused, and repurposed for one-minute mini workouts that promote longevity and wellness. As mentioned in many previous blogs the key to health and vitality is implementing a wide variety of fitness and holistic health strategies. As with most diseases, health issues, and medical problems, the key is for us to implement better fuel, maintenance, and training habits that offer better benefits for prevention and protection against disease.

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Convert Pain Promoting Downtime to Productive Uptime

  1. Driving on a road trip or to work offers the opportunity for breathwork, education, humming, and singing time. Arm curls turn miles into muscle mass and commuter college content for education turn miles into more memory and money.
  2. On hold, while on your phone gives you a chance for balancing, calf raises, and squats. Or grab a kettlebell to curl or swing.
  3. Sitting too long at your desk or workstation can evaporate your energy and harm your health.
  4. Standing in line at a store opens the door for a creative fitness and movement opportunity.
  5. Talking to a family member or friend on the phone while seated can lead to sickness. Learn to talk and walk or do some conditioning drills.
  6. Talking to a family member or friend in person is a great time to both benefit from talk and walk time. Make an agreement that no sitting and talking are allowed.
  7. Waiting for a bus, plane, or train gives you the opportunity to stand and stay fit.
  8. Walking the dog gives you a chance to carry a backpack and carry a hand weight.
  9. Watching a movie, TV program, or youtube video offers a great opportunity to convert a big chunk of downtime into uptime by adding in a dozen 1-minute training tips. This is a great time to rebound or sit on a Swiss balance ball.
  10. Watching your grandkids or kids play soccer or t-ball is a great motivation for you to exercise if you want to be there for their college graduation or wedding.
  11. Working on your computer while at a stand-up desk is a great fitness success strategy.
  12. Zoom calls are a great time to post a picture and do some planks or pushups. A lot of time is wasted waiting for all members to join the call.

Daily Dozen No Extra Time 1-Minute Training Tips for Longevity

After you have warmed up with some gentle movement, QiGong, yoga poses, or walking in place with hand weights, try these 1-minute training tips:

  1. Balance on each foot for at least one minute. The raised foot must be at least 6 inches off the ground and not resting on your foot or leg.
  2. Breath training and breathwork help to enhance your lung capacity and improve your immune system at the same time. Try a breathing ratio of breath in for 5, hold for 20 and breathe out for 10. Then repeat for 1 minute. It can be done while sitting or standing and for longer periods of time. This is great for reducing stress.
  3. Carry a hand weight in each hand and a 5-pound weight in a backpack and walk in place for one minute. Increase the amount of weight as you progress over time. Plastic bottles with sand or water make great weights and make free DIY exercise and fitness training equipment.
  4. Do a plank or mountain pose with the goal of holding it for one minute. Be careful and use the correct form and posture to protect your neck and spine. Even leaning against a tree or wall has great benefits for building strength. Perfect pushups are great for those that can do them.
  5. Hang onto a chin-up bar, pull-up bar, or tree branch for as long as you can or for one minute. Many people have weaker arm, hand, and shoulder muscles so use caution. If you have difficulty with hanging try using bands to help support you.  Or substitute bear crawls and crab crawls for similar benefits.
  6. Isometric pulling and pushing are easy and fast ways to use an immovable object to do resistance training. Use a door jam to push to the sides and then up for 1 minute each.
  7. Lie down and prepare to do leg lifts. Place your arms along your body and place your hands under your upper thigh. Slowly lift your legs together until they are straight up and then slowly lower them down and repeat. Start with what you can do comfortably and increase the number over time. Modified leg lifts can be done in chairs.
  8. QiGong is a great method to boost your body, mind, and spiritual resilience. The tree-hugging pose can be done almost anytime and anywhere. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and raise your arms up and in front of your heart as if you were hugging a tree. Extend your hands with palms facing you and fingers spread out. Be sure to breathe in and out through your nose. Visualize a ball of blue healing light in your arms. While this may sound very easy, it can actually produce a full-body workout by simply standing still. How amazing is that?
  9. Rebound on a mini trampoline carefully with hand weights. When watching a show you may go much longer and transition from couch potato to conditioned person.
  10. Sit in a strong chair and go from sitting to standing without using your hands to push off. Do this for one minute while maintaining caution and control. as you sit and stand
  11. Squats are a super way to build better balance, strength, and tone.  They can be done with or without hand weights. Using rope, straps, or TRX training straps is a great way to do assisted squats. Doing a wall sit or air chair for one minute adds a challenge and variety. The goal is to sit with your back against a door, tree, or wall as if you were sitting on an air chair without support under you. (make sure you are on the side of the  door that cannot open while doing your air chair)
  12. Walk up and down a flight of stairs for one minute. If you do not have any stairs handy find a bench, curb or step and practice stepping up and then down. Add hand weights if you are very comfortable and confident with this additional challenge.

Doing a daily dozen 1-minute training drills with intensity every day can help keep the doctor away so you enjoy an even more happy, healthy, and wealthy lifestyle.

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Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a happy and healthy lifestyle and mindset. This blog offers daily no extra time 1-minute training tips for enhanced health and longevity. What downtime can you turn into uptime for health and well-being?

“Daily 1-minute training drills reward you with mico-progression to help prevent micro-regression”. —Michael Morningstar

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