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How well do you think masks, mask madness, and mask mandates that prevent us from seeing smiles and reduces our oxygen intake, are working to stop the spread of the crazy coronavirus conditions around the world? Obviously not very well, because we know the masks will not prevent a microscopic virus from being breathed in or breathed out. So what can you do to help protect yourself from being a helpless and hopeless person during these crazy times? During these crazy coronavirus conditions, the single most important thing you can do is to bio-hack, boost and improve your innate immune system and increase immune intelligence. This blog is dedicated to sharing simple steps you can do to boost your immune system and reduce your chances of being overloaded and overwhelmed by whatever coronavirus variant is spreading at any given point in time.

As mentioned in the previous Morningstar NEWS blog it is important to first create emotional, mental, and physical resiliency, resolve, and resourcefulness. During these crazy coronavirus conditions, too much emphasis is being placed on treatment after the fact and too little emphasis is being direct to preparing, preventing, and protecting your body from infection with natural and holistic health protocols. As with most diseases, health issues, and medical problems, the US healthcare system (and many others) are focused more on elaborate and expensive treatments rather than easy, early, efficient and effective prevention and protection strategies.

Did you know that while doing research on our genes and microbiome science has discovered humans are actually complex hybrid animals? They discovered humans are made of roughly 10% of what you would call human cells and are made of 90% other than human DNA and microorganisms. Think about that for a minute. So that means humans contain nine times more non-human microorganisms and pathogens in our bodies as actual human cells and DNA material, glands, organs, and tissues. We actually need these organisms to digest our food, help us survive, and protect us from the really detrimental and harmful critters inside and outside of us. It is essential to get this concept in your head and understand it so that instead of waging war with these micro-organisms we make peace with them and learn to support them so they can support us.

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Ideas to Increase Immune Intelligence

Boost your chi energy and life force. Talk and think about your gut, immune system, and microbiome. Learn to tune into what signals and signs it is giving you. Do you have acid reflux, compromised immune system, excessive bloating and gas, stomach aches, or weak digestion?

Become aware and learn more about the brain-gut connection. Educate yourself on how your immune system functions and work normally and also when challenged by unhealthy pathogens. Find ideas and information on natural health, nutrition, and nutrient-dense organic whole foods.

Ideas to Improve Immune IQ

Attend, read and watch various seminars, science shows, and summits for education, information, and inspiration of improving your health and immune IQ. The more you know and learn the more you can do to boost your immune system. The Gut Solution is an excellent program to help you understand the many complex concepts with ideas to improve your immune IQ. While many doctors do not seem to understand the benefits of improving your immune systems naturally to prevent gut issues there are many doctors that do. These great resources and role models have a higher Immune IQ and can help you with ideas to improve your immune IQ also.

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Ideas to Improve Innate Immune System

There are many holistic and natural ways to improve your innate immune system. Traveling to different areas of your county, country, district, state, or territory helps expose your body and innate immune system to new prebiotic and probiotic friends. Trying new foods, herbs, and supplements from different parts of the world can help populate your gut and innate immune system with new colonies and types of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The more you are exposed to the pathogens of the world the quicker your innate system can calibrate, consume, and connect with more diverse inhabitants of planet earth.

There is a concept referred to as assimilation, where your body picks up a hitchhiker, gives in a ride, and gets to know it better. Usually, they will become friends and cooperate together. Connecting with many cultures and diverse organisms and people around the world improves our innate immune systems and helps build a more compassionate, conscious, and cooperative world.

Ideas to Increase Innate Immune Microbiome

First, you must eliminate fake, fast, fried junk foods and Frankenstein foods from your diet. Eliminate and reduce as many highly processed and refined foods from your life as possible. Avoid as many antibiotics, chemicals, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), sugar, and toxins in your household and life as possible. Herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides are very detrimental to our gut microbiome and a healthy immune system. Eliminate, minimize and reduce artificial sweeteners and refined sugars. Alcohol is a sugar and also can impair the liver which is our key organ for breaking down, dealing with, and processing fats, foods, and harmful substances in the body. Your liver is your lifeline according to Jack Tips, DC, and must be cared for and nurtured if you want to live a healthy long life.

Then it is time to start to cleanse and detox your body of antibiotics, chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, plastics, synthetic compounds, and toxins. Many people will benefit from a gall bladder, liver, and parasite cleanse.

Prebiotics and probiotics are essential for feeding us and help us have great gut health. Our gut is one of our first lines of defense against harmful pathogens like viruses. Constantly changing your diet and trying new nutrient-dense foods allows your body and gut to populate with a diverse army and array of helpful microbiome organisms. Consuming fermented foods like naturally cultured beets, cabbage, kavass, kefir, kimchi, pickles, and sauerkraut is a great way to improve your microbiome.

Increase Our Happiness and Health to Boost Our Immune System

Our happiness and health depend on how well we can boost our immune system and maintain our natural defenses to deal with the various bacteria, fungi, parasites, pathogens, and viruses in our world. We must boost and build our inner happiness, health, and harmony first to create an intelligent, resilient, and vibrant immune system. We actually have more danger, harm, and risk from exposure to chemicals, Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR), heavy metals, herbicides, pollution, synthetic substances, toxic people, and toxins. We must also learn to exercise more and sit less to boost our fitness, flexibility, health, and vitality.

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Increase our Life Force and Immune Symbiosis

“The Life Force is strong with this one” is a quote from a Star Wars movie. George Lucas based the Life Force concept on symbiogenesis, referring to midi-chlorians as similar to our mitochondria. Mitochondria morphed from one simple cell to a complex cell with a little help from bacteria-like creatures without whom human life would not exist. As you now know we have trillions of little creatures who live in and on us, and without them, we would all die. We need them for life. They need us for life. We need each other. This is a powerful concept to build our life force and stop waging war on bacteria and viruses. We can never win a war against the coronavirus or any virus for that matter. Any war only causes casualties. Learn to live with nature and let the Force be with you, and increase your happiness, health, and immune system.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of rewarding research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a happy and healthy lifestyle and mindset. This blog offers suggestions to improve your innate immune system and increase immune intelligence.

“Learn to live with nature and let the Force be with you, to increase your happiness, health, and immune system.”. —Michael Morningstar

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