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My personal experience and research show that many dental procedures and dentists are actually harming our health. Unfortunately, many dental issues have been emotional, mental, and physical drain and pain for me. My decades of dental health issues and dumb decisions by dentists and I are one area of my health and well being that has caused me the most pain and problems long term. This may be one of my most important blogs so please read this blog carefully because it may help you make better choices and decisions to prevent and reduce painful dental issues. The American Dental Association (ADA) and many dentists are often being deceitful about what is best for our dental health and you can learn ways to protect yourself from dental disasters.

Reading, researching, and reviewing a wealth of wisdom on dental issues and recommendations for restoration has become an obsession for me to make the best decisions to care for my gums and teeth going forward. After doing the research the tough part was making the decision to invest a sizable amount of money to take the massive actions necessary to fix my current dental infections and issues. I am now in the process of restoring as much of my dental and physical health as possible. Currently, I am under the care of my new dentist, Dr. Katie To, DDS, a holistic dentist with a great team and have made great progress to resolve many of my dental issues.

It has been a very difficult process because my former dentists were following outdated guidelines from the American Dental Association (ADA) and Insurance company policies and procedures that put money in their pockets while causing me pain and suffering. It seems very apparent at this point I was brainwashed and misled by the ADA and my former dentists who put profit potential above protecting people. For decades I followed the dental health recommendations: brush, floss, fluoride, mouthwash, and toothpaste to have brighter and cleaner teeth and prevent cavities but the system failed me and was actually rigged against me so I was doomed to fail.

By sharing this education and information you can save a lot of money, suffering, and teeth issues. Research indicates that over fifty percent of Americans have gum and teeth problems impacting their dental and physical health. We have a dental health pandemic that is possibly bigger than the crazy coronavirus pandemic that is robbing our health and wealth. My dental restoration work is costing tens of thousands of dollars. It is possible to buy a new Toyota RAV4 for less than my bills for dental repair work.

Decades of Dangerous Dental Deceptions

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We all hear the same story about caring for our teeth: brush, checkups, floss, mouthwash, and use toothpaste with fluoride. A lot of dental health information is misleading and outdated due to AMA and dental insurance company guidelines and policies. It is imperative you educate yourself about oral hygiene and holistic dentistry for your best dental health and longevity.  There is so much more we need to be aware of in order to boost our dental health with better nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and holistic dentistry but the chance of learning this from the ADA or most dentists is very small.

Here is the Dental Dirty Dozen Secrets + more revealing what the American Dental Association (ADA) and most dentists are doing which causes danger and dental damage to many millions of people.

American Dental Association (ADA) owned two patents for amalgam fillings (which contain mercury, a health hazard, and heavy metal toxin) so they aggressively promote and protect their patented product. Even to this day, many dentists believe the solution to all cavities is drilling and filling with amalgam filings. Even if the cavity could be repaired naturally or by using an alternative to amalgam such as a resin. The ADA seems to refuse to admit that amalgam fillings are a problem because that would be admitting amalgam liability since people still have them in their mouths. Amalgams are so toxic they must be properly disposed of by your dentist yet they are still allowed to stay in your mouth releasing mercury into your body and brain.

Antibiotics are often over-prescribed by dentists and doctors. This can harm our healthy microbiome in our gut and mouth and result in digestion, immune, and oral health issues. Very seldom do they recommend healthy probiotics to help restore our healthy microbiome. I was put on tetracycline for many years to treat acne even though it caused harmed my digestive and immune system.

Bacteria in our mouth are like tiny termites that feed on the sugar from the consumption of beverages and foods. They have been linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and heart problems. Very seldom will you hear about this from your dentist or doctor. Brushing with toxic toothpaste and rinsing with toxic mouthwash is not the answer to good oral hygiene contrary to the messages we receive from the AMA and dentists.

Cavities are problems with the enamel of a tooth. Unfortunately, when I got cavities the dentists were quick to drill and fill them with amalgam filings. I never remember a dentist saying that it was a tiny one and we should try some prevention and protection strategies to see if the tooth could heal the cavity. This is very possible when you understand the cause and effect of cavities. Allowing the tooth to heal itself or using a temporary bonding resin may have been a better choice. Instead, they drill a big hole so the amalgam can be packed in to stay in place.

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Cavitations are a major problem for many people. I did not learn about cavitations until much later on as a senior citizen. Three cavitations formed at the base of three of my four root canals and one at the PDL from a wisdom tooth removal. Cavitation is a hole or pit in your jawbone where bacteria can live and do damage. These four cavitations required the dead root canal tooth to be extracted followed by boring and drilling of some of my jawbone to remove the bacterial infection which was causing some serious health issues. The one cavitation on an upper root canal tooth has even spread into my sinus and was impairing my breathing.

“Dental health depends a lot more on what and when you drink and eat rather than what mouthwash, toothbrush, or toothpaste is being advertised and promoted by the ADA and dentist.” — Michael Morningstar

We are told to brush after our three meals but what about candy, fruit, gum, juice, milk, snacks, sodas, and sugary beverages. Our gums and teeth are under constant attack due to our high sugar intake all day long.

Excessive drilling of a tooth for a tiny cavity causes a chain reaction of tooth loss. Each filing replacement often results in more drilling away of the tooth. Eventually, the tooth can crack due to weakness. Dentists used amalgam fillings when they drilled and filled my teeth which harmed me in multiple ways. Amalgam silver fillings have up to 50% mercury which leaches into your mouth. When some of my teeth were over drilled they became weak and cracked. This resulted in crowns and in some cases root canals. The crowns had a metal base which has known health issues. The root canals left dead teeth in my mouth which gave a home for bad bacteria to hide out and cause cavitations and health issues.

Fluoride is another health hazard and known toxin. Putting it on your teeth and in toothpaste contributes to health issues. For years my dentist would recommend fluoride treatments. Because fluoride has been recommended by the ADA it has even been added to our drinking water in spite of it being considered a health hazard and toxic by doctors, scientists, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Gum disease caused by bacteria is a dreadful problem and serious health hazard that very few dentists are stressing enough early on to prevent problems. Dentists seem to make a big deal about braces, checkups, fillings, and straight teeth initially because that is where they make the most money upfront. Then down the road when the filings are failing and the gums are problematic they have new revenue from crowns, root canals, and periodontal deep cleanings.

Medical doctors are prescribing and pharmacies are selling many Over the Counter and prescription drugs with serious side effects including to our gums and teeth. Antibiotics kill bad and good bacteria with the bad bacteria often coming back the fastest and the good being overwhelmed.

Mercury is a health hazard and heavy metal toxin used in amalgam fillings. When the dentist drills out the old amalgam it releases more mercury into our blood and brain. Then they put in a new amalgam filling (more mercury). Amalgam fillings continue to be left in the mouth of many patients even to this day.

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Metal braces can be a health hazard because the body reacts to the various metal components. Nickel is a health hazard and heavy metal toxin. Metal-based braces and crowns often cause a micro electric current that interferes with our delicate nervous system and leach metals like nickel into our blood and brain. Metal implants can cause metal toxicity which will affect our dental health and longevity. In the EU they use zirconia implants.

My dentists and doctors neglected to tell me that milk is best avoided once you pass infancy. Milk is known to contribute to excess phlegm and mucus which irritates our sinuses. As a result, I had earaches and sinus problems for over three decades. Did you know that sinus infections can affect your gums, health, and teeth? Did you know that sinus issues can cause you to breathe through your mouth and lead to sleep issues, snoring, and teeth issues?

My back and front teeth were obviously wearing away prematurely due to excessive chewing of salads and grinding my teeth in my sleep from stress. Several dentists were negligent because they avoided pointing this out to me. The first mention from my dentist about a nightguard came when I was in my late fifties and after I wore down my back and front teeth. After decades of damage, the problem was severe and is going to require very expensive dental work to fix. Was this part of their profit-driven rationalization and reasoning? Providing a nightguard early on would have really helped. When they did finally offered to provide one there was a fairly high charge when prevention should be covered and encouraged. Then they changed a crown and it no longer fit properly and they wanted a new fee to replace it. Sorry if it sounds like sour grapes regarding my previous dentists but it sounds like dental school-educated them on how to create an annuity for the dentists to keep them happy in big houses with expensive cars while I was losing my dental health, physical health, and wealth.

Periodontal ligament issues were never discussed until my new holistic dentist started discussing my cavitations and problems identified by her 3D cone x-ray. She was the first dentist to ever mention and recommend one to me. Once she did the 3D cone x-ray it revealed several deep problems within my gums. I had seen two previous dentists several times for an infected gum and tooth and they never mentioned the importance of a 3D cone x-ray for determining the possibility of cavitation. Sounds like malpractice and poor patient care to me.

Removing all four of my healthy wisdom teeth when I was a teenager made no sense and was a very painful experience. To this day I do not believe it was necessary but the dentist’s story told my parents it was for my best interest when more likely it was to generate dental revenue and training at the dental school. Seems to me like our creator put them there for a good reason. Have you ever wondered why so many wisdom teeth are being removed routinely?

Root canals are a health hazard because a dead tooth is left in your body which allows bacteria to flourish and hide out from your immune system. Medical doctors think this is a problem waiting to happen but most remain silent because it is not their area of health.

Taking amalgam filings out releases excess mercury vapors into your body and brain. The dental staff and other patients are also exposed. Taking metal crowns off by drilling or grinding releases harmful heavy metal vapors.

Toothpaste endorsements for fluoride (a health hazard and toxin) by the ADA was about making money in spite of the dangers of fluoride to infants, children, and adults. Doctors are warning pregnant women to avoid fluoride and mothers to avoid using water with fluoride in the formula.

X-rays provide important information to dentists and patients. However, most dentists use a lead vest that is too small and leaves the body, neck, and thyroid exposed to harmful radiation exposure.

My goal is to provide this education and information to help you make better choices and decisions regarding your dental health and longevity.

Dental Health Holistic Resources

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You owe it to yourself and your children to get the education and information because you have tough choices and decisions to make regarding your oral health and hygiene. All adults, children, and teens need this information now to avoid making major mistakes and suffering from dental disasters.

Next week our blog will reveal over 101 brilliant A – Z strategies and suggestions to help you with your dental health and longevity.

Passion and Purpose

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense many hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Remember, it is up to each of us to learn proper oral hygiene to take great care of our gums and teeth if we want to be happy, healthy, and holistic. You are the CEO of your lifestyle and your decisions will determine the quality of your dental health and longevity.

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