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How is your level of energy and performance psychology helping or hindering you during this crazy coronavirus pandemic? Many health practitioners feel there are over one hundred modalities linked to Energy Psychology that can help us learn to enhance our happiness, harmony, and health. Most are easy to do and can offer fast benefits when activated on a consistent and continual basis.

Our goal today is to share the powerful benefits associated with understanding the energy psychology concepts of Chakras and Chi. They are powerful principles that can help boost our emotional energy and positive psychology to enhance our emotional, mental, and physical well being.

“Everything around us and within us consists of forms of intelligent energy and information which influences our overall well being.” — Michael Morningstar

Energy psychology is based on the art and science of tapping into our holistic higher powers and inner wisdom to help us improve our happiness and health as we better harmonize and synchronize with the world around us.

Energy Psychology is a collection of body-mind connections to improve human functioning and understanding about what we do, experience, and think. By aligning our behaviors, desires, and thoughts we can better direct our body, mind, and spirit to be even more happy and healthy. The two Energy Psychology A-Z modalities to ponder this week are our energy centers known as Chakras and our Chi which is our energy flow.

Chakra’s as Energy Psychology

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Chakra’s are based on an ancient concept of interconnected energy centers and an energy complex that exists within each of us like specialized power sub-stations. In many eastern philosophies and traditions, the chakras are a connected system of energy, information, and wellness. In Ayurveda, known as the science and wisdom of life, chakras are subtle energy storage centers for harmony, health, and well being.

Every action, feeling, and thought we express or repress creates a subtle form of energy and information that influences us and the world around us. The combination and cumulative effect can be a drain on our energy or an influx of new energy. Life depends on a constant flow of new energy and fades away when our energy is depleted past the point of no return. When your battery (chakras) are dead …so are you.

We can choose to be happier and healthier or we can choose to be sadder and sicker depending on the actions, beliefs, and emotions you choose to hold in our body and consciousness. Our actions, beliefs, and feelings generate different energy and information that is stored in our body and specifically in our chakra energy centers. These subconscious energy fields determine a lot about how our body and brain respond or do not respond to meet our emotional, mental, and physical needs. Our chakras determine and direct whether a connection or disconnection occurs and affects every aspect of our life.  Therefore our chakras are believed to influence our mental and physical state in a negative or positive way.

Many people believe having aligned and balanced chakras can boost your happiness, harmony, and health. Many people have been able to improve their emotional, mental, and physical well-being by simply shifting their beliefs, energy, and habits. When we align our beliefs and chakras with a strong emotional, mental, and physical state we can manifest enhanced health and wealth. Some traditions believe there are seven chakras and each one has a different color, location, and symbolic reference. The chakras align with the seven colors of the rainbow.

  • Crown chakra is represented by Violet and has been found to stimulate artistic qualities, devotion, imagination, intuition, spirituality, and universal energy flow.
  • Third eye chakra is represented by Indigo and is a darker and deeper blue so the characteristics are similar.
  • Throat chakra is represented by Blue and has been found to increase communication, emotional depth, honesty, inner peace, and truth.
  • Heart chakra is represented by Green and has been found to support acceptance, balance, communications, harmony, love, nature, and social settings.
  • Solar plex chakra is represented by Yellow and has been found to increase creativity, fun, humor, intelligence, logic, and personal power.
  • Sex chakra is represented by Orange and has been found to stimulate creativity, emotional expression, optimism, passion, pleasure, and productivity.
  • Root chakra is represented by Red and has been found to increase energy, grounding, physical stamina, stability, and vitality.

Remember our consciousness, energy, and intuition play a major role in our external and internal well being so discover ways and wisdom to boost your energy and psychology which will enhance your happiness, harmony, and health. Consider learning about Kundalini and yoga practices to see if they may be a good fit to support you on your holistic health journey.

Chi as Energy Psychology

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There’s an art and science to conditioning, maintaining, and training the chi energy flow within our body and brain to harness our full potential. There are many Chi building disciplines, exercises, movements, and techniques to train our body and brain for better outcomes.  Understanding the body-mind connection helps us to better direct our emotional, mental, and physical energy and quality of life.

Chi is the energy or life force that circulates in all living and nonliving matter on earth. There are lifestyle and movement techniques that can help direct and enhance our energy in daily life. When we boost our Chi we can better synchronize our entire system for better focus, health, and well-being. Boosting and directing our Chi has many advantages and benefits for anyone interested in a higher quality of life.

Activities that boost Chi include breath work, exercise, hydration, martial arts, meditation, QiGong, Tai chi, walking, and yoga. They can help activate and energize our mental and physical performance while improving our happiness, health, and harmony. Activities, exercises, and movements that help our body release energy blockages and improve energy distribution and flow help boost our chi. There are various breathing techniques designed to enhance our Chi energy. Breath of Fire and Pranayama are methods to discover the art and science of breathing practices that help boost our Chi.

There are many resources with easy steps to help boost our natural chi energy and remove energy blocks and drains that result in a loss of our vital life force. It is important to learn more about our chi energy chakras and meridians to help our body and brain function and perform better. There are many great eastern modalities that share the benefits and methods to boost your chi and energy psychology.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. People can benefit from understanding how the Chakras and Chi can help maintain better happiness, harmony, and health, How will you apply these energy psychology strategies to help you in 2020 and beyond?

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