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This may be one of the most important blogs ever posted on Morningstar NEWS because it shares the best dental destiny decisions and discoveries A – Z that has been accumulated over my last decade. My personal experience has included decades of dental procedures and dentists harming my dental health. These dental issues led to emotional, mental, and physical pain as well as a financial drain for me. My dental health issues and dumb decisions by dentists are one area of my health and longevity plan that has caused me long term concern and stress. This blog may help you make better choices and decisions to prevent painful dental issues by sharing 189 brilliant A – Z dental destiny strategies and suggestions to help with your dental health and longevity.

Researching holistic health and holistic dental health has become an obsession for me to make the best decisions for my health and longevity. The research is one of the toughest parts and it takes a major investment of time to find the references and resources you can trust. Once you gain the education and information it is time to start looking for a holistic dentist that is compatible, convenient, and trustworthy.

I was lucky to find Dr. Dawn Ewing first to help with some dental diagnostic testing first and this led me to my new holistic dentist Dr. Katie To DDS in Katy, Texas. She has a great team and we are making great progress to resolve many of my dental issues.

It has been a very difficult process and I have endured quite a bit of downtime and pain to fix issues that resulted from my former dentists were following the American Dental Association (ADA) and Insurance company outdated policies and procedures. Decades of neglect and substandard care failed me and resulted in a series of cascading and compounding dental health issues.

This education and information can save you a lot of money, pain, and suffering. The majority of people have gum and teeth problems impacting their health. Dental health problems are affecting people of all ages and only seem to get worse as we age robbing us of our happiness, health, and wealth. Dental work can cost tens of thousands of dollars and not having good dental health can lead to serious mental and physical health issues.

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Dental Destiny Decisions A – Z

Caring for our teeth requires a lot more than brushing, checkups, flossing, mouthwash, and toothpaste with fluoride. To have great dental health and longevity requires us to get the education and information necessary to make better dental decisions if dental health and longevity is important to you.  To boost our dental health requires a strong foundation and multiple layers like a tall skyscraper. We need better nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and holistic dentistry to deal with the many potential challenges to our gums, teeth, and tongue.

My previous blog shared the Dental Dirty Dozen Secrets and this blog will reveal over 101 Dental Decisions, Distinctions, and Discoveries from A – Z that can help ensure you maintain the dental health and longevity you deserve and desire.

  1. Acid reflux can damage tooth enamel,
  2. Activated charcoal can help your dental and physical health,
  3. Alcohol is a sugar and can contribute to gum issues
  4. Algae is great for dental health
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is great to eat, gargle and rinse your mouth
  6. Alignment of our body, head, and teeth impacts our overall health
  7. Alkalize your mouth to reduce acid and bacteria
  8. Amalgam fillings have mercury a health hazard and poison
  9. Amino acids are essential nutrition
  10. Amla is a great source of Vitamin C
  11. Animal products in excess can harm our health (buy organic)
  12. Antibiotics can disrupt our microbiome and be health hazards
  13. Antioxidants are great for dental health
  14. Artificial sweeteners are health hazards.
  15. Bacteria in the mouth can be like termites,
  16. Bad breath is a warning sign indicating bacteria overgrowth
  17. Baking soda can help alkalize and clean our mouth,
  18. Beans are a good source of protein
  19. Berries are superfoods
  20. Bite affects tooth health and longevity
  21. Bitter herbs help our health
  22. Bleeding gums are a danger signal
  23. Blender foods can boost health and immunity
  24. Bluegreen algae are superfoods
  25. Bodycare products are often health hazards for our body, Bone broth offers nature nutrition
  26. Braces can be harmful and helpful so do your homework first
  27. Brain health depends on dental health
  28. Brushing carefully and correctly is key to oral health,
  29. C Vitamin is key to gum health
  30. Cacao is a superfood
  31. Calcium bentonite clay can alkalize and clean our breath in a mouth rinse
  32. Candy is food for cavities
  33. Carotenoids help gums stay healthy
  34. Cavitations are bacteria in deep pockets under your gums
  35. CBD can help gums be healthy
  36. Chemicals harm our oral and physical health
  37. Chewing our food is key to digestion
  38. Chia seeds offer great omega fatty acids
  39. Children depend on you for coaching and guidance regarding optimal dental care
  40. Chlorophyll from green plants is great for our dental health
  41. Chlorella is a superfood
  42. Cleanings are important to identify issues early
  43. Clove oil can help minor gum and tooth issues
  44. Coffee can be too acidic and hot so use caution
  45. Cold stuff can cause nerve and tooth pain
  46. Collagen can support our health
  47. Crowns can be harmful or helpful so do your homework first
  48. Cultured foods consumed regularly can help our boost our microbiome to help us stay healthy
  49. Dairy has dozens of ways it can damage dental and physical health
  50. Dental hygiene must be a priority
  51. Decision-making regarding choosing a dentist vs. a holistic dentist deserves your serious consideration…choose wisely
  52. D Vitamin is key to dental health and all health
  53. Deviated septum can be problematic
  54. Diabetes can create major health issues so check your blood sugar regularly
  55. Drugs can damage health and gum tissue.
  56. Eating late can cause acid reflux which damages our enamel and teeth
  57. Enamel is living tissue and needs to be nourished and protected
  58. Energy meridians run near each root of our teeth and can be damaged by extractions and root canals
  59. Enzymes (digestive and metabolic) are vital to health and longevity and many people can benefit from supplementation
  60. Essential oils can be a great way to help boost your dental health and longevity (cinnamon, clove, lavender, myrrh, neem, oregano, peppermint, tea tree)
  61. Exercise is essential for health,
  62. Far Infra-Red devices can help our dental and physical health
  63. Fermented foods help support our health
  64. Fiber foods are important
  65. Flossing done right can help, and done wrong can hurt
  66. Fluoride is a health hazard and toxin
  67. Formula (for babies) has a lot of sugar
  68. Fried foods and fried oils contain free radicals
  69. Fruit and fruit juice has a lot of sugar and requires brushing or at least rinsing after consumption; dried fruit has a lot of sugar and can stick to teeth longer
  70. Gargling with warm salt water is beneficial
  71. Garlic and ginger are a great support
  72. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO fake foods) are best avoided
  73. Glyphosate is a serious health hazard
  74. Green leafy foods are great for gum health
  75. Green powders make a healthy drink with less sugar
  76. Grinding teeth at night can cause serious problems
  77. Gum (chewing) can cause problems with crowns and fillings plus can cause excess saliva
  78. Gum issues can cause many tooth problems
  79. Gum care is vital to dental health and longevity
  80. Garlic, ginger, and ginseng can be great for your gums
  81. Health starts in our mouth and stomach so choose what you consume wisely
  82. Heart disease can result from the bacteria in our mouth
  83. Heavy metals in our mouth are health hazards and a major potential problem
  84. Herbal tea, tinctures, and tonics can help with dental health
  85. Holistic Dentist support is worth the money and time if your health and longevity are important
  86. Homeopathic remedies can be helpful for dental health
  87. Hormones affect dental health and longevity so blood testing is important
  88. Hot beverages and foods can harm your gums
  89. Hydration is vital for health
  90. Ice chewing can damage teeth
  91. Ice-cold drinks typically contain excess sugar
  92. Iodine (1 drop) in one gallon of water is a great immune booster and great mouthwash
  93. International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT.org) is a great resource to find a list of holistic dentists in your area
  94. Jaw shape and size is important for dental health
  95. Jaw function and strength is important for dental health so get them checked out
  96. Juicing raw veggies is great nutrition and can help save excess tooth wear
  97. Kelp and seaweed have a lot of minerals for healthy bones and teeth
  98. Kids deserve great dental health and TLC so help them learn the strategies and suggestions shared in this blog post early on
  99. K Vitamin is essential for health and longevity
  100. Krill has benefits
  101. Lipstick can contain lead and other health hazard toxins
  102. Liver (our internal organ) is our lifeline so take care of it
  103. Living foods are great for our gums
  104. Love your gums and teeth to live longer
  105. Magnesium is beneficial in many ways and many people are deficient
  106. MCT oil is helpful
  107. Medicinal mushrooms and plants can help oral health
  108. Meditation is good for emotional, mental, and physical health
  109. Melons are good for health
  110. Metals in the mouth can cause problems
  111. Microbiome health in our gut and mouth is vital to our health
  112. Milk (mother’s milk) is for babies only
  113. Minerals are essential for great gums and teeth
  114. Molds can be a big problem
  115. Mouthwash (commercial) is mostly toxic and should be avoided so discover some DIY holistic mouth rinse
  116. Mushrooms are great nutrition
  117. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is key to gum health
  118. Music can be great for our health, longevity, and sleep
  119. Nasal breathing is better
  120. Natural toothpaste can be much better than chemical toothpaste
  121. Naturopathic protocols and remedies can be beneficial for holistic health
  122. Neem oil has some great gum benefits
  123. Nightguards are very helpful to protect teeth from grinding
  124. Nutrition plays a major role in our emotional, mental, and physical health…choose wisely
  125. Oil pulling (almond, coconut, olive oil, or sesame oil) can be very beneficial,
  126. Oral health greatly influences mental and physical health and requires TLC
  127. Organic food is best, over-the-counter (OTC) medications have side effects and man harm our health
  128. Pacifiers can affect our children’s bite, palette, and teeth
  129. Pain in our gums is a warning sign
  130. Palette shape is important and many things affect it during early childhood development
  131. Periodontal ligament (PDL) problems are common and deep within our gums and often overlooked
  132. Pictures of gums and teeth every two years would tell a powerful story about our dental health
  133. Plaque is a dangerous sign and warning that bacteria are present
  134. Plant nutrition is vital for health and longevity
  135. Prevention is cheaper and less painful than poor dental care
  136. Prescription drugs have side effects that can harm your oral health
  137. Prebiotics and probiotics are powerful protection for our gums and teeth
  138. Processed and refined oils can harm our health (canola, corn, cottonseed, and soy plus hydrogenated and margarine)
  139. Quercetin is great for gum health
  140. Question every little detail about your dental health if your health and longevity is important; question your dentist recommendations and get a second opinion from a holistic dentist before you agree to a treatment plan that may have serious consequences for the rest of your life
  141. Raw foods (fruits, greens, nuts, seaweeds, seeds, sprouts, and wild foods are beneficial for great health)
  142. Resveratrol is a really great support
  143. Rinsing our mouth with dental-friendly holistic remedies is helpful
  144. Root canals are a big problem and warning sign (medical doctors feel leaving dead teeth/tissue in the body is a big problem)
  145. Root vegetables (Doctrine of Signatures says root veggies are good for our roots) have many minerals and natural nutrients for health (beets, carrots, daikon, jicama, onion, radish, sweet potato, and yucca)
  146. Saliva helps digest food so chew food well
  147. Sea saltwater gargle and rinse is helpful
  148. Sesame oil is great for gums, Silica helps keep us healthy
  149. Skin brushing can help cleanse and detox
  150. Skincare with natural products is important
  151. Sinus issues can impact the health of our gums and teeth and sinus irrigation helps
  152. Sleep quality is linked to our health quality
  153. Smiling influences our relationships and can be impacted by teeth issues
  154. Smoothies can help our health
  155. Snacks can be harmful or helpful for dental health…choose wisely
  156. Spirulina is a superfood
  157. Sports often put our teeth at risk and mouth guards can help
  158. Sprouts are great nutrition
  159. Stress starts many health issues and can cause grinding which wears teeth prematurely
  160. Sugar is a big danger to healthy gums and teeth
  161. Sulfur in cruciferous foods helps our health
  162. Sunshine is vital for making Vitamin D and our health
  163. Teas can be beneficial and medicinal
  164. Teeth are living tissue
  165. Teeth Protectors are important during many sports
  166. TENS device may help with dental health and tooth pain
  167. Tetracycline can create dental and health issues
  168. Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) issues are serious and may need treatment
  169. Tobacco is toxic for our gums
  170. Tongue cleaning helps remove bacteria
  171. Tonsil health is a warning like a proverbial canary in our mind/mouth
  172. Toothbrush bristles can be problematic and wear teeth down prematurely
  173. Toothpaste is often made with toxic ingredients so choose wisely and avoid fluoride
  174. Tooth soap is a new and terrific idea (Dr. Bronners is a natural soap and safe for brushing)
  175. Toxins can damage our dental health so avoid them
  176. Turmeric is terrific for gums and teeth
  177. Vegans and Vegetarians can be deficient in nutrients and vitamins and may require supplements
  178. Veggies (eat more and the rainbow)
  179. Water is vital to our health
  180. Waterpik can be a helpful support tool for dental health
  181. Wellness water is great for dental health
  182. Wholefoods
  183. Wild foods (aloe, cactus, dandelion, nettles)
  184. Wisdom teeth are often extracted unnecessarily
  185. Wifi off at night can help our health and sleep
  186. X-ray (3 D cone provides a wealth of wisdom about our bones, gums, and teeth; x-ray use requires complete protection and shielding to avoid harmful radiation exposure
  187. Yoga (especially inversions)
  188. Yeast issues can cause major problems for our health
  189. Zest of citrus has Vitamin C and can be a great support for our overall health

Yes, this is a long list of suggestions so my suggestion is to read them again to absorb more.

“Understand all decisions today affect our dental and physical health and determine our overall health and longevity.” — Michael Morningstar

You owe it to yourself and your children to get the education and information because you have tough choices and decisions to make regarding your oral health and hygiene. All adults, children, and teens need this information now to avoid making major mistakes and suffering from dental disasters.

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Passion and Purpose

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense many hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Remember, it is up to each of us to learn proper oral hygiene to take great care of our gums and teeth if we want to be happy, healthy, and holistic. You are the Chief Health Officer (CHO) so your decisions and lifestyle will determine the quality of your dental health and longevity.

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