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How is your energy psychology helping or hindering you during these conspiracy crazy coronavirus conditions? Many holistic health practitioners feel there are over one hundred modalities linked to Energy Psychology that can help us be even more happy and healthy than we are now. Most of these activities are baby steps that are easy to do and can offer long term benefits.

Today our goal is to share the brilliant benefits associated with the energy psychology practice of Chanting.  Chanting is a powerful energy psychology principle that can help boost our emotional energy and positive psychology to enhance our emotional, mental, and physical well being. Life is based on a quantum field of energy and information that influences every aspect of our well-being. Energy psychology is based on the art and science of tapping into our personal powers and intuitive wisdom to help us increase our level of happiness and health.

Energy Psychology is a collection of body-mind practices and principles to improve human functioning and our understanding of our place in the complex worldwide web of life.  By aligning our actions, beliefs, and behaviors we can better guide our body, mind, and spirit to be even more happy and healthy.  The Energy Psychology A-Z modality to consider this week is Chanting.

Chanting as Energy Psychology

Chanting seems to have originated as an ancient practice of emitting mantras, sounds, or words that can tone and tune our body and mind to enhance our awareness, energy, and well-being. In many ancient philosophies and traditions, chanting was a means to help transcend emotional, mental, and physical being to a higher level of awareness and consciousness.  Chanting has been a form of contemplation, meditation, and prayer for many religious and spiritual groups for centuries.  It can help one tap into subtle energy, information, and vibration from another dimension that can support our happiness, harmony, and health.

Many people believe chanting creates a subtle form of energy and information that influences us and simultaneously the world around us. The common experiences and cumulative effects from chanting most identified are a boost of energy, calming of the mind, and relaxation of the body.  Our life seems to become better connected to the ebb and flow of quantum energy as well as the rhythms, sounds, and vibrations of nature.  Chanting seems to help tune in our ability to create sounds and tones that tune our body and brain like a finely tuned musical instrument. Some like to chant solo while others prefer chanting in groups like a symphony.

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Chanting has been associated with people feeling happier and healthier which is a good thing when you think of how many people are reporting they are feeling increase sadness and sickness.  Chanting allows each of us to generate unique energy, information, and vibrations that affect our body and brain.  What if by simply chanting you could change your conscious and subconscious energy fields and boost your emotional, mental, and physical well being?  The history of chanting includes many different methods, styles, and types practiced over the millennial.  Some chanting is based on one or multiple mantras or words while some chanting sounds like a prayerful song. Chanting is believed to positively influence our mental, physical, and spiritual state by harmonizing our cells and inducing a calm and peaceful state.

Many people believe chanting can help align, balance, and calm their nervous system which can then boost their happiness, harmony, and health.

“Chanting has helped many people improve their emotional, mental, and physical well-being on a conscious and cosmic level by simply repeating a string of sounds, tones, and words.” — Michael Morningstar

Maybe it is the alignment and atonement of our body and brain that allows chanting to have such a powerful and profound impact on our emotional, mental, and physical well being. Many traditions believe that chanting can activate, align, and energize our chakras that were discussed in a recent blog energy psychology post.

Various cultures have practiced chanting for centuries so there must be a benefit at some level or it would not continue as part of our rituals and traditions without some advantages and benefits that support our well-being.  Maybe chanting will help you boost your energy psychology in a way that transcends conventional wisdom and words as it enhances your happiness, harmony, and health. Some chanting practices to research and try on your holistic health journey include:

  • Ambrosian
  • Ayurveda
  • Buddhist
  • Christian
  • Gregorian
  • Hindu
  • Mantra Mozarabic
  • Old Roman
  • Tibetan

If you only have time to learn about one type of chanting be sure to check out some Gregorian chanting which is one of my favorites.

Gregorian Chanting

As you begin to think more about chanting and how it can benefit your well being consider doing a super simple soothing suggestion assignment. Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet and tranquil place. Take a deep breath in through your nose and as you place your tongue to the roof of your mouth produce the chanting sound known as the universal Om mantra slowly and drawn out  Say it as a long Ohmmmmm and hold that sound and tone for one minute.  Then take a new breath and repeat it for another minute. Then do this for several minutes. Try this for twenty-one days and see how you feel.  This simple strategy may hook you on chanting for life or not, but at least you will be activating your awareness of chanting and maybe much more. Maybe chanting can change your charm, chemistry, and consciousness for more calm and clarity.  Namaste… Om.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. People can benefit from understanding the benefits of chanting and how it can help us maintain better happiness, harmony, and health,  How will you apply chanting as an energy psychology strategy to help you in 2020 and beyond? Namaste …Om

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