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How is your energy psychology harming or helping during these crazy coronavirus conditions? Many holistic health and natural hygiene practitioners feel there are over one hundred modalities linked to Energy Psychology that can help us be even more happy and healthy. These simple suggestions are easy to do and can offer long term benefits.

Today our goal is to share the brilliant benefits associated with the energy psychology practice of Humming. It is a baby step towards boosting our energy psychology and enhancing our emotional, mental, and physical well being. Our quality of life is based on the energy and information we allow to influence our lifestyle and well being.

“Energy psychology is based on the art and science of tuning in to our higher intelligence and intuition to help us determine and direct our happiness and health. We are what we consistently eat and think.” — Michael Morningstar

Energy Psychology is a collection of body-mind connections and practices to improve human functioning and well being in the complex cycle of life. By aligning our beliefs, habits, and routines we can better direct our body, mind, and spirit to enjoy more bliss and happiness. The Energy Psychology A-Z modality to consider this week is heart-healthy humming.

Humming as Energy Psychology

Is humming a part of your daily routine to help you stay happy, healthy, and in harmony? Maybe it should be. Ideally, it is because many studies have shown that humming has been linked to many benefits for our emotional, mental, and physical well being. Humming has been found to be an effective way to calm our nervous system via the vegas nerve as it boosts our immune system and mood. As we learn to better understand the body-mind connection it is easy to comprehend how humming helps us influence our emotional, mental, and physical state which plays a major role in influencing our overall quality of life.

Humming is a natural way of expressing our mindset and mood. Humming is easy to do and great for those that have the false and limiting belief they cannot sing.  Humming with or without music is a simple way to change our emotional and mental state. When we hum we can express our emotional, physical, and spiritual mood. Humming has many advantages and benefits for anyone interested in influencing their happiness, harmony, and health.

Humming is beneficial because it involves: auditory awareness, breathwork, emotions, mental state, sounds, vagus nerve, and vocal variety,  These help influence our emotional, mental and physical state while also influencing our happiness, health, and harmony.

Whether we hum in the house, outdoors, shower, or a vehicle you are coordinating and synchronizing many aspects of our body, brain, and beating heart to activate magic meanings, memories, and moments that we link between our emotions and various songs we hum.

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Hum to an infant or toddler and watch what happens. If they are not hungry, tired, or wet they often stop crying and fussing and become more calm, happy, and playful. Humming helps calm our heart rate and soothe our parasympathetic nervous system via our vagus nerve.

Humming is an easy, free, and natural way to calm and soothe your emotions and mental state so hum often and regularly. There are many excuses people give for not humming. Some say they cannot carry a tune or remember the song. Limiting beliefs like these usually come from a critic in your past that hurt your feelings. When we do not hum we are suppressing a part of our heart health and the human spirit.

It is beneficial to hum because it allows our emotional expression to release tension, replace negative feelings, and reprogram us with positive feelings. Humming helps our body and brain function and perform better which contributes to our health and longevity. Humming is free and works a lot better to alter our emotional state than using addictive alcohol, dangerous drugs, pharmaceutical pills, or shopping sprees with serious consequences and side effects.

Whether you enjoy humming an anthem, lyric, melody, or song you can help alter your mental state and thinking patterns in seconds. What is great about humming is you do not even need to know all of the words to a song. Try humming a military service (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, or Navy) anthem to a service veteran and see what happens. For a senior citizen try humming their favorite movie theme song. For infants try humming a lullaby. During holidays try humming some of your favorite holiday songs. Consider humming s special song from your religion of choice like Amazing Grace. Try humming a patriotic theme like God Bless America or God Save the Queen and see how you feel.

Humming is a great way to put us and those around us in a better mood. When we are in a grateful, happy, joyful, or proud state we find our health and heart function better. Humming helps us to feel better and calmer and centered which has been proven to be very good for our health and heart when we are dealing with the stress and struggles of our modern madness. Maybe humming a few times a day will help you let go of some stress and start feeling healthier emotional feelings. Try humming several times a day for twenty-one days and see if the benefits are healthy and helpful.

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Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. People can benefit from humming to help maintain better happiness, harmony, and health, How will you apply the energy psychology of humming to help you in 2020 and beyond?

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