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How is your energy psychology helping or hijacking your emotions during these crazy coronavirus conditions? Many holistic health experts believe there are over one hundred proven principles and success strategies linked to Energy Psychology that can help us be happy and healthy. Singing is an energy psychology process that is easy to do and can offer long term benefits as it helps soothe our stress.

Our goal today is to share the brilliant benefits associated with the energy psychology practice of Singing. We can attract, circulate, and direct energy and information that will influence our overall emotional, mental, and physical well being. Energy psychology is centered around the art and science of tapping into our inner intuition and personal powers to help us with habits that help us be happy and healthy.

Energy Psychology is a collection of body-mind communications and connections to improve how we function, survive, and even thrive. By aligning, balancing, and tuning our actions, beliefs, and habits we can guide our body, mind, and spirit to more bliss and tranquility. Singing is the simple Energy Psychology A-Z modality to embrace this week.

Energy Psychology of Singing

Listen to “I Feel Good” sung by James Brown, “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys, or “Happy” sung by Pharrell Williams and notice what happens to your mindset and mood. These are simple examples of the power of singing soothes stress.

“Could singing help you stay happy, healthy, and in harmony?” — Michael Morningstar

How often do you sing? Hopefully, it is a frequent daily routine because many studies have shown that singing has been linked to many benefits for our emotional, mental, and physical well being. As we come to better understand our body-mind connections it is easy to understand how singing helps influence our emotional, mental, and physical state which plays a major role in our overall quality and quantity of life.

Singing is a natural way to express our feelings. Singing is a form of energy and expression that communicates a meaning and message to share with others. While instrumental music is beautiful something magical happens when we add the human voice to the music so they blend together. Talking is like a black and white picture while singing is like a High Definition (HD) color movie with the very vivid colors of the rainbow. When we sing we can better engage our entire emotional, physical, and spiritual being to communicate with others and the world around us. Singing has many advantages and benefits for anyone ready to improve their happiness, harmony, and health.

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Singing is beneficial because it involves: auditory awareness, body movement, breathwork, facial expressions, emotion engagement, lung capacity, mental acuity, mental focus, vocal variety, and word recall and sequencing, Does this sound like an activity to engage in daily for improving emotional, mental and physical health? Whether you sing in the car, home, outdoors, shower, or with others you are engaging your body and mind to create and recreate magic memories and magic moments between our emotional state and various songs we sing.

Singing is an easy, fun, and natural way to boost our mood so why not use this perfect prescription often and regularly without any negative side effects? Many people give excuses for not singing. Many people believe they cannot sing or are not good at it. This limiting belief likely came from a critical person who hurt your feelings in the past. When we do not sing we are choking off the expression of our human spirit and our vital life force. It is important to sing because it allows you to release negative emotions and stress that are known to interfere with our health and immune system.

Singing helps our body and brain function and perform better which contributes to our longevity and vitality. Singing is free and works a lot better than dangerous drugs that are health hazards with serious side effects. Whether you enjoy singing alone or singing with others the key is to sing often. By the way, rubbing our ears and singing is a great way to put us in a peak state to comprehend, learn, and remember better.

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The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. The Energy Psychology of singing can help people maintain better happiness, harmony, and health. How will you apply energy psychology and singing strategies to help you in 2020 and beyond?

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