In the article Ten Toxic Threats to Human Health and Happiness the fourth threat involved disease, doctors and drug risks. Unfortunately our modern society is plagued by an increasing level of dangerous health hazards and expensive healthcare treatments and systems to deal with Accidents, Disabilities, Disease, Pathogens (bacteria, fungus, molds, virus and parasites), Sickness, Hospitalizations, Medical procedures, Prescription Drugs, Over The Counter (OTC) Drugs & Vaccinations.

While we have made massive progress in some areas new problems are evolving faster than we can effectively and efficiently handle them. Glaring examples include the staggering obesity and diabetes epidemic and over use of antibiotics and antibacterial soaps which has actually lead to more antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Many people have developed serious fears and phobias regarding bacteria, bugs and microscopic organisms. These organisms are a natural part of the circle of life. Humans have more bacteria in our intestines than we have cells in our body and they are essential for digestion and our life.

When plants and animals are healthy, strong and vibrant they are able to deal with most bacteria, bugs and pathogens. When they are sick, weak and feeble they are vulnerable to disease and death. Pathogens such as: bacteria, fungus, molds, parasites, protozoa, spirochetes and virus serve a valuable role to maintain a checks and balances and keep our ecosystem efficient and healthy.

The Positive Intention of Disease

We should not fear disease because it is a wake up call and warning sign we are out of balance and not maintaining our body and mind at optimal levels. Disease is not the enemy it is the early detection and alarm system warning us to pay attention and change our lifestyle. Once we create a better environment and strengthen our healing system we will regain perfect health.

Remember that disease is a result of choices you made which sabotage your health. Once you make health a top priority and focus on being healthy every day you will see your health transform. It is essential to make this commitment as early as possible if you really expect to maintain your body, mind and spirit for perfect health and prevent disease.

Pile of PillsDisease, doctors and drugs are being widely discussed in the media now due to the healthcare reform bartering coming from various government departments and politicians. This is good because disease, doctor and drug risks have been a growing concern and increasing significantly for decades. On one hand we could argue that modern medicine has helped us identify diseases earlier, reduced childhood diseases and treated patients with medicines and therapies which have resulted in saving many lives and longer life expectancy.

On the other hand we could counter that modern medicine has contributed to significant health hazards and problems with: antibiotic resistant bacteria, adverse drug reactions, escalating infections in hospitals, excess addictions and dependency on prescribed drugs, excess cesarean surgeries (in US), abuse and over use of Over The Counter (OTC) medications, over medication of children, toxic treatments (chemo, radiation) and radical surgery promoted by oncologists without discussing or offering alternative therapies first, proliferation of vanity surgeries, unnecessary surgical procedures and excessive promotion of vaccinations.

A Health Industry Profiting From Disease

Many areas of the allopathic medical model have shifted from an altruistic focus on helping us and our families to be happy and healthy to a focus on creating a mega money making medical business focused on better living through chemistry and mechanical procedures regardless of the consequences or costs. We have allowed the American Medical Authorities blind trust, greed, manipulation, money, power and science based ego to dominate modern allopathic medicine and create a sick care empire and virtual monopoly. They have even prevented and prosecuted other medical modalities which are less invasive from being equally accessible and available.

Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm”. Yet we are constantly reminded of doctors promoting dangerous and experimental drugs, invasive procedures, excess vaccinations, excessive surgeries, toxic prescription drugs and high risk treatments which have significant probability for harmful side effects and permanent damage. These are often done often without full disclosure and considering other less harmful and less invasive natural treatments first.

In many developed countries we have allowed the sick care system to dominate our economy and way of life. We are creating serious new challenges due to our lack of awareness and understanding of the delicate balance between disease, doctor and drug risks.

If Hippocrates were Alive Today

HippocratesLet food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” a quote from Hippocrates, 460-400 B.C., the father of medicine.

When is the last time a doctor asked questions about your holistic health and natural nutrition program and gave you an exercise or whole foods prescription with specific suggestions on how to make changes to improve your health naturally?

Hippocrates is also quoted as saying:

Nature is the physician of man.” Our emotional, mental, nutritional and physical lifestyles are the keys to our healing process and health rather than the mechanical procedures, diagnosis of disease, doctor or drug.”

Some patients, though conscious that their condition is perilous, recover their health simply through their contentment with the goodness of the physician.”

Imagine what an amazing holistic heath and family wellness model we will create when everyone takes full responsibility for their own health and well being and makes better choices and decisions. This will lead to a health transformation around the world as people and physician work together to maintain and manifest health and wellness rather than waiting until disease sets in. There is an old saying which wisely proclaims “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Moving Beyond Our Sick Care System

Our sick care system dependency on expensive medical intervention must be replaced by one that is totally focused on prevention strategies to support our body’s infinite wisdom to heal itself. The problems triggered by increasing amounts of poisons, pollution and populations across the globe demand new solutions and thinking. We must provide a comprehensive and sustainable system based on holistic health, natural nutrition and family wellness that includes education, training and coaching for all global members of society.

It must be focused on health, safety and environment and include couples counseling, pre pregnancy counseling, pregnancy coaching and education, pre natal care, natural child birth, breastfeeding, youth education, nutrition and elders. Yes these are high goals and if we can land men on the moon then we can make this global vision a reality.

When we ignore our common sense, inner wisdom and powerful intuition we are vulnerable and weak. When we ignore our health and give away our responsibility for health decisions we are destined to be sad, sick, stressed and tired. When we begin to focus on the proven principles regarding the cause and effect cycle of disease, doctors and drug risks we can make intelligent choices and permanent progress towards long term happiness and health.

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