This blog post is dedicated to ideas and inspiration to help you begin to focus on fitness that is perfect for you.

Your personalized fitness program must be flexible enough to fit your location, routine or schedule. In order to design a great exercise and fitness program it is important to begin at the beginning. In order for the program to be fun and produce fantastic results we must begin with focus on fitness and flexibility as the foundation.

Starting LineBefore we focus on fitness and exercise for being energized, fit and healthy it is essential to first check out our current emotional, mental and physical condition. If you are below 70% of your previous capacity in any of these areas it is important to find the challenge and focus on it first before moving on to the next step. When people are sad, sick, stressed or tired it is easy to over do it and injure themselves.

Sad, Sick or Stressed?

If someone is feeling sad they may not be getting enough sunlight or full spectrum light. When someone is sick their immune system may be lacking key antioxidants, minerals, nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. People that are stressed may be over reacting to emotional triggers in their environment. Many people are tired as a result of disrupted circadian rhythm patterns or a poor sleep environment. Address these areas first in order to feel happy, healthy, in harmony and energized.

When people feel sad, sick, stressed or tired they are prone to accidents and injuries which force them to pay attention to the warning signs. This is what happens to the majority of people who have stopped exercising. They get all psyched up and go over board with a new exercise or fitness program and end up becoming sore or injuring themselves. It has been shown that if you are not having fun and making progress you are less likely to maintain an activity for very long.

Pain Free BookCoverWhen people are overly sore or injured they become demoralized and suffer a set back while they recover. Usually they get more stressed and over eat so they move backwards instead of forwards and become even more frustrated. This is why many people give up on themselves after a major emotional, mental or physical set back and quit exercising.

It is essential to create an overall healthy lifestyle wellness program to rebalance your life. When you are focused on an integrated approach each aspect helps support the others with a synergistic benefit.

Before Taking the First Step

Prior to beginning a rigorous new exercise, fitness or sport program be sure to arrange a check up with your trusted natural health advisor and access some professional coaching and consultation. Be sure to check your overall health and specifically blood pressure, blood sugar, cardio vascular system, heart rate, hydration and oxygen levels. Once you have the green light and great guidance it’s time to go slowly for the gusto and enjoy steady progress with your new program.

Egoscue Method BookcoverBe sure you deal with any injuries, lack of mobility, physical pain or range of motion issues by seeking the advice of a chiropractor, exercise physiologist, holistic practitioner, personal trainer, physical therapist, rehabilitation expert or sports specialist first.

The last thing you want is to start a new program with lingering pain or problems from previous limitations. Once you have identified the condition and received competent help it is up to you to invest the energy and time to repair and rehabilitate the weak link in your physical fitness.

Starting with a Solid Foundation

When we focus on our basic lifestyle and nutrition as the foundation for health it is easier to develop a fitness program that will be fun and produce fantastic results. When a contractor is building a quality house it is essential to begin with a solid foundation. The same is true when we focus on fitness and flexibility we must first begin by building our energy and structural system to deal with the demands of the exercises.

Mastery Action Plan

Start by investing 10 – 15 minutes a day in meditation to reduce stress and strain.

People often find their pain is eliminated or at least reduced when their tense muscles relax after meditation. Stress and tight muscles are key factors for people experiencing health issues, injuries and pain which prevent a basic exercise program. During this time find a respected resource and role model to guide you.

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Read the book Egoscue Method or Pain Free by Pete Egoscue to begin retraining your body for alignment, strength and structural integrity.

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