This blog post is committed to sharing ideas and offering inspiration to help you focus on fitness that is easy and flexible enough to fit your location, routine and schedule.

The outcome is to design a great exercise and fitness program that provides fabulous fun at the same time as you enjoy the benefits of fantastic fitness. Therefore we must look at the big picture as we fine tune our focus on fitness and flexibility foundation.

Our vision is to empower, inspire and motivate people to focus on being committed and dedicated to being loving members of happy, healthy and in harmony families. One of the most important benefits for this site is helping others by sharing strategies, suggestions, solutions and systems that support all areas of a balanced life.

It is essential to create a supportive family, friends and peer environment in order to reinforce and reward the healthy habits and regular routines on the path to perfect health. No one is an isolated island therefore we all greatly benefit from an encouraging and supportive team.

Building Core Flexibility and Strength

After building a solid foundation with the ideas in Part 2 it is time to move forward with a more advanced core flexibility and strength program that utilizes enhanced basic movements. Once you have developed a core foundation of stability, stamina and strength then you can add new body weight exercise movements to continue building the core muscles, joints, tendons, cardiovascular and respiratory system

Basic Fitness EquipmentThere are many great fitness and exercise programs designed to use your body weight for great results. When these are combined with low cost basic items such as: backpack, barbells, dumbbells, DVD’s, medicine ball, sandbags, steps, straps, stretch bands, Swiss exercise ball and yoga mat the choices and combinations are almost unlimited.

For an initial investment of $250 or equivalent currency or even less you can have your own home gym that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week (24X7).

Then you can add additional devices, equipment and resources over time. Be on the lookout for previously owned items that end up at resale and thrift stores. You can find great VHS tapes for a bargain. Avoid the allure of big machines and equipment that takes lots of space and are restricted to 1 or 2 basic movements. They are often donated because they took up too much space and were boring to use long term.

On a limited budget the most important items to own are a great pair of running/ walking shoes, comfortable clothing, backpack, dumbbells, sand bags, strap suspension system, Swiss exercise ball and yoga mat. These items are all you need for an almost infinite combination of lifetime great exercise and fitness routines. You can buy or create a TRX strap system that will provide hundreds of great routines for less than six months at most gyms.

KISS Fitness

A high quality rebounder is also a great investment for your health and longevity and one that a family or close friends can share. I have had mine since 1996 and still enjoy the fantastic feeling of bouncing and energizing every cell in my body.

Remember the Keep It Super Simple (KISS) principle when it comes to fitness. The more options and routines you have with your basic items that are easy, effective and efficient to do the more likely you are to enjoy and use them. Especially if you can do them at home and while watching mindless TV or movies. (safely of course!)

Yoga for body, mind, spirit, fitnessWith a little coaching, demonstration and education you are ready to begin a safe and satisfying fitness program. Begin doing basic yoga every day to gradually condition your bones, joints, muscles and tendons for more advanced exercises later on. The sun salutation is a great routine to perform early in the morning each day. Be sure to breathe deeply, focus on the movements and go slowly to enjoy all the advantages and benefits that yoga has to offer.

Yoga is about quieting the overactive mind and inviting the body, mind and spirit to become reconnected and synchronized. Avoid awkward, painful of uncomfortable positions until you are able to gradually advance and be more comfortable and confident with your progress.

Follow your yoga practice with rebounding or a brisk bike, swim or walk. If the weather is not optimal outdoors than using steps indoors is a great way to enjoy a fantastic routine. You can use stairs or a simple step system for doing step ups and step downs. As easy as steps sound to do, adding steps can make an incredible exercise routine with a few modifications. It is easy to make a simple walk more advanced by simply carrying hand weights or putting on a backpack with some sand bags for added weight. Remember a little weight will go a long way in your hands or on your back so add a little at a time. Meditation is a great way to calm down and relax after energizing.

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Hints and tips:

  1. Water bottles are great hand weights and a simple reminder to hydrate.
  2. Learn to do different routines such as curls, lifts, presses, punches and swings with the water bottle hand weights to develop all the muscles in the arms, shoulders and back.
  3. Sand bags make great weights for a backpack and should be carried high in the pack and near the shoulder blades.
  4. As with any exercise and fitness program be sure to start slowly and advance a little bit at a time to avoid excess soreness and injuries. Start slowly and add a little weight over time.


Now that you have a simple checklist of equipment and items to help support you with your exercise and fitness program it is time to set an intention for exercise and fitness to be a part of your daily routine. Just like every thing else in life the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

It is time for you to start with those simple steps and enjoy the life journey even more. As you focus on a fitness and flexibility foundation and implement your exercise and fitness program notice how the fabulous fun and fantastic fitness starts to impact the quality of your life. Remember to enjoy breathing deep, smiling and transforming every cell in your body into a happy, healthy and in harmony cell for perfect health.

Mastery Action Plan

Keep a journal with a notation of what you enjoyed most during and after the fitness activity.

BTW if you have the limiting belief you are too busy to exercise use EFT tapping as you say that sad story out loud until you realize how foolish it really sounds.

Then tap on the solution to your excess negative anchors, baggage and obstacles in life as you say something empowering and energizing about what you are committed to being, doing and having in the life of your dreams.

Remember EFT helps with anything and everything that may be limiting you so integrate it into your day.

Our next blog post will share: Part 4: Focus on Fitness