The 2016 Great NEWS posts are dedicated to Holistic Habits to help us be happy, healthy and in harmony. Today’s post is dedicated to educate, influence and inspire people to want to access more clean solar energy strategies. Solar energy is great news when it comes to cooking, heating, power and transportation because these activities are consuming massive amounts of fossil fuel. Reducing our carbon foot print and fossil fuel dependency may be one of the most important decisions for our global survival and sustainability.

My goal is to help even more people become familiar with the many benefits and varieties of solar power that are available for helping with everyday activities that are damaging the planet, harming humans and wasting fossil fuel.

Free Solar Energy

Panels for Solar

There are many commercial and individual ways to start using free solar power now.

Did you realize you could be using free solar energy right now? There are many commercial and individual ways to start using free solar power now. Farms, farmers and gardeners benefit currently from free solar energy by growing fiber, food, fruit and fuels. You too can become more proactive, productive and profitable by doing an audit of where you are spending/wasting the most money on current living expenses/needs. Very likely there is some way to use free solar energy to reduce your costs/expenses.

Many developing countries are burning excessive amounts of wood for cooking fires. Other developing countries are using slash and burn of rain forests and woodlands to grow crops and the material burned is a wasted fuel. All the material burned increases the release of carbon dioxide and smoke which is causing climate change. This is very destructive to the environment and soil over the long term. All developing countries could use solar powered cookers, stoves and water heaters for the majority of their needs with a small investment up front and then free solar power for the long term.

Many veterans and young families could easily become actively involved in revitalizing farms, homesteads and small towns with a back to basics mindset and movement. With government incentives, support and training they could implement small scale solar solutions which pay off big dividends. Solar panels combined with wind turbines could provide the majority of a persons needs and even provide surplus electricity to send to the grid. Solar cookers, overs, hot water heaters and panels would be very low cost long term while creating energy freedom and independence from environmentally harmful and expensive fossil fuels.

Eco friendly building materials, methods and passive home design strategies will rapidly gain in popularity as people see the long term durability, low cost and versatility of building better structures. There are thousands of ways to use free solar, water and wind energy which is good for people and good for the planet.

Be Smart Buy Solar

Home with Solar Panels

Solar energy is the optimal choice for agriculture and farming because they are based on converting the suns energy into foods, products, trees and solar dependent systems.

Solar energy is the optimal free energy solution. When we wake up to our destructive and unsustainable dependence on fossil fuels we will see that solar power is the clean, renewable and sustainable solution to all our needs. Solar energy is the optimal choice for agriculture and farming because they are based on converting the suns energy into foods, products, trees and solar dependent systems. As an abundant and easy renewable resource the entire planet could be making better use of the sun for free energy. It can produce and abundance of eco friendly and sustainable power to supply the majority of our energy needs.

When you think about it solar energy has been the primary source of power since the beginning of man. Only more recently have powerful companies evolved to create dangerous, harmful and expensive fossil fuels and nuclear energy which is very destructive and harmful to human health and the health of our planet.

Top Benefits of Solar Energy

Rays of Sun

There is an abundance of sun exposure around the globe making it a more universal and versatile power source if governments and people would focus their energy, money and time to harness its full potential.

Benefits of solar energy which is now even easier to capture, convert, harness, process, store and utilize.

  1. Solar panels are  easy and efficient ways to produce energy with environmental benefits and safer products.  It is an eco friendly and sustainable energy source.
  2. Solar power can be collected in areas of deserts and marginal soil not suited for food crops. Small solar plants can be located close to where they are needed.
  3. Solar power requires significantly less water contamination and usage than coal, natural gas, nuclear and oil based energy systems. Drilling, fracking, nuclear leaks and waste are contaminating massive amounts of water that we depend on for survival.
  4. Solar energy falls over the entire planet and is free. No one has control or a monopoly on solar energy. Any country or person can access this free energy source with minimal costs and materials. There is an abundance of sun exposure around the globe making it a more universal and versatile power source if governments and people would focus their energy, money and time to harness its full potential.
  5. Solar energy can be used to efficiently grow crops for bio-fuel, clothing, fabrics, food, paper, plastic and much more making it the ideal source of power. Solar energy provides free food to those that plant food forests and gardens. It can provide virtually free biofuels. Solar energy can cool and warm your home all year long.
  6. Solar energy is an abundant, reliable and safe source of power with many advantages over harmful and non sustainable fossil fuel and nuclear systems.
  7. Solar energy does not require the use of dangerous and harmful extraction processes that seriously damage the environment.
  8. Solar energy is abundant, clean and free for all to access and use. It is great sequestering carbon dioxide.
  9. Almost all the soil that is being dug and mined for minerals and metals could be used to make Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB) for the home construction industry. CSEB is a very efficient method for building better homes, for less money that last longer than current bricks and sticks or prefabricated houses. CSEB’s are dried using solar power which is eco friendly and saves massive energy wastage while protection valuable resources like fossil fuels and trees. CSEB houses are much more energy efficient and therefore require much less energy to cool and heat. This is a win, win, win and win combination for everyone on the planet. Better homes at better prices which use solar power in a variety of ways are the eco friendly choice for those ready to commit, decide and take massive action now. They have been used for over 1000 years.
  10. Solar energy is abundant in the US and most of the world land causes/requires less environmental damage, maintenance, money, resources and time when you remove all the financial subsidies and hidden agendas. Remember all fossil fuels and nuclear energy are heavily subsidized and are not taxed for the environmental damage, health costs and long term risks they create.

With all these benefits and many more solar energy may be the most eco friendly and green source of energy because of all the abundant availability, open source and universal access for all countries and people. The more solar power we access, store and use  the less dependent on dirty fossil fuels and nuclear energy we become. Developing solar energy systems and tapping in to wind power is good for our health and good for the planet. What better benefits and reasons than that do we need to push our politicians to stop subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear power plants and start focusing and funding more solar and wind power plants and technologies?

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2016 series is dedicated to sharing simple suggestions for sustainable health and wellness. Solar energy is an abundant and very low cost source for powering a large number of appliances, buildings, engines, homes, products, systems that is great for you,  your family and the environment. Imagine if every country, school and scientist devoted some energy, money and time to development and research towards better and more cost effect solar solutions. This will be a game changer for that are early adopters and dedicate the resources to expanding solar to its full potential.

What is your current Gap?

How much solar energy and technology are you currently accessing? What have you done to update and upgrade your home, life style and office to tap into more solar power? Imagine the benefits of building an eco friendly and sustainable appliances, businesses, equipment, farms, homes , schools and transportation powered with solar energy. What will it take to switch from the harmful fossil fuels based products you currently use to begin using more solar powered products instead? When would now be a great time to learn more about the benefits of solar power and let our leaders, politicians and suppliers know we want more solar products?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

There is a wealth of wisdom on the internet about the many benefits of solar energy. You will find some great information at Go Solar. What small steps will you take to use more solar powered products soon? The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling by Dan Chiras is a great book to help you learn more about the potential of solar power. When we invest the energy, money and time to maximize the full potential of solar energy we will make giant strides to preserve and protect the health and well being of all living creatures on the planet.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the many benefits of going to even more solar energy and power? Are you ready to learn more and support this movement for economical and ecological sustainability?

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