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How are your identity, integrity, and intentions inhibiting or inspiring your lifestyle, likes, and love for 2023? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you with many aha insights and awareness moments about why your lifestyle, likes, and love are evolving nicely or revolving out of control in your life. As you begin 2023, reviewing your 2022 results and why you did or did not make the profits, progress, promises, or promotions you wanted is essential. We must be clear about changing our approach and expanding our skill sets with more effective practices and principles. Our habits, lifestyle, and mindset determine our destiny. Creating lasting change and rapid results requires a non-negotiable code of conduct, an inspiring identity, and a stellar set of standards that empowers and energizes you. Great intentions will fail to produce positive progress and rapid results until you create the daily beliefs, habits, and mindset that can rewire your body, mind, and spirit for growth, progress, and success.

Our beliefs, behaviors, and habits directly determine our identity, integrity, and intentions which intimately influence our lifestyle, likes, and love. Our daily habits and lifestyle determine and dominate our actions and results.

I am a big fan of Survivor. Watching a few older seasons of Survivor led me to invest some thinking time to identify what Survivor success strategies for winning could apply to influencing a person’s lifestyle, likes, and love life. Uncovering these fairly universal success strategies and then sharing simple suggestions to set a higher standard for your identity, integrity, and intentions could positively influence your lifestyle, likes, and love in 2023 and beyond. Our decisions determine our destiny, so we need a code of conduct, an inspiring identity, and a robust set of standards to guide us. The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to help people establish beliefs, behaviors, and habits to be happier and healthier and manifest more magic moments.

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Ideas for Identity, Integrity, and Intentions for 2023

Our values, virtues, and visions determine our beliefs, behaviors, and rules, which define our identity, integrity, and intentions. Read my three previous blogs to help you better understand the mindset it takes to create the life you love. Create a digital folder, journal, or Vision Board to organize your goals, ideas, standards, and thoughts about the life you desire and deserve. A written blueprint is critical to building your dream home and manifesting your dream life.

Find a coach, mentor, or trainer to show you a better way and avoid the many pitfalls, quicksand, and traps that will waste your time and wreck your progress. Find a mastermind group, powerful peers, or coach to hold you accountable. Find your lasting leverage and massive motivation to stack the odds in your favor for shifting your belief systems, identity, and mindset to structure your habits. Dictate or write down at least 101 reasons why you must change your lifestyle to turn your destiny into reality.

To win Survivor requires a strong emotional, mental, physical, and social skill set. A confident emotional, mental, and physical state will help attract the people, places, and things that allow synchronicity to support your success. Your lifestyle, likes, and love depend on the consistent actions, clarity, and focus that result from your identity, integrity, and intentions.

Planning to Succeed

Lifestyle, Likes, and Love in 2023

Do you have a written plan for your lifestyle, likes, and love in 2023 and beyond? If not, you now know why your life is not going where you want it to go. You are sailing your powerboat or sailboat without a map, navigation, or tools to help you arrive at your destination. Do you have a compelling personal code of conduct, an inspiring identity, and a stellar set of standards? We each need a blueprint, mastery action plan, and vision board to act as our Global Positioning System (GPS) to guide us successfully through life or get lost and crash. A compass, GPS, or road map is important in life if you want to get where you want to be when you want to be there. Capture your desires, dreams, and destiny in a written format to send a message to the universe you are daring, determined, and driven to create a better lifestyle and better results. Look at your plan and progress at least weekly to remind you of what is most important and help adjust your actions to keep you on course.

A Code of Conduct, an inspiring identity, and a stellar set of standards are vital to success in any area of your life. The universe has infinite information, inspiration, and intentions for you to have unlimited possibilities for productivity, profits, and progress. If you doubt that statement, you have identified one of the limiting beliefs holding you back.

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog offers some simple steps for you to enjoy the lifestyle, likes, and love you desire in 2023 and beyond.

“Our identity, inspiration, intergrity, and intentions inhibits or inspires our lifestyle, likes, and love. When combined into a comprehensive and non-negotiable code of conduct, inspiring identity, and strong set of standards, we are able to manifest change and character that lasts instead of chaos and confusion that lingers”. —Michael Morningstar

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