To enjoy the best health ever it is highly recommended that you experience the numerous benefits provided by consuming Living Cuisine and Raw Whole Foods. To achieve optimal health it is highly advisable for you to enjoy more plant based foods that are grown chemical free, eco friendly, locally, organic and sustainable.

This includes eating beans, fresh fruits, green leafy plants, legumes, raw nuts and seeds, roots, sea weeds, sprouted grains, tubers and vegetables. These are natural, unrefined and unprocessed foods that are able to support the natural energetic, healing and regenerative capacity we’re born with. Most people find they are able to maintain and even restore their health and regained their energy after starting a Living Cuisine lifestyle.

Eat more fruits and vegetables” … is a precious gem of knowledge and wisdom known throughout the ages and passed down to future generations as the foundation of great health.

Following a Living Cuisine lifestyle is your best option to provide the total nutrition your body needs and deserves.

The (SAD) Standard American Diet

With today’s Standard American Diet (SAD) of fast food and junk food people are not meeting their nutritional needs. We see evidence of this with the rampant illnesses including autoimmune diseases, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gall bladder problems, hormonal issues, stroke and more.

Poor food quality, excessive exposure to toxic chemicals and a high-speed lifestyle puts us at greater health risk. Living Cuisine is an exceptional countermeasure to the SAD lifestyle, and is crucial to meeting the majority of your nutritional needs.

Help Maximize Vibrant Energy and Health

Raw VeggiesA Living Cuisine lifestyle provides you the clear advantage of eating potent plants and nutrient dense whole foods. It easily provides the most bio-available, natural nutrients and potent co-factors the body needs. The full spectrum of choices and options include:

  • Fresh organic raw fruits nuts.
  • Seeds and vegetables which are delicious and nutritious.
  • A rainbow of colors and tremendous tastes from which to choose.
  • Eating habits with optimal food combining for healthy digestion.
  • Herbs to help enhance your various endocrine, immune and organ functions.
  • Abundant antioxidants to protect you against free radical damage.
  • Highest quality minerals, trace elements and vitamins to optimize assimilation.
  • Diverse food choices to provide the complete spectrum of fats, carbohydrates and proteins (amino acids) the body needs.
  • Digestive enzyme complexes to maximize the delivery of nutrients to your body.

Living Cuisine is extremely delicious and nutritious and offers a wide variety of complex carbohydrates, essential fats and proteins tailored to meet your individual needs and tastes.

Natural Nutrition from Potent Plants

When eating live foods you also fuel your body with:

  • Antioxidants
  • Complex Carbohydrates
  • Essential Fats & Oils
  • Essential enzymes, minerals, phytonutrients, trace elements
  • Vitamins
  • Fiber
  • Protein

Many People Discover

  • When eating Living Cuisine many people find they receive additional benefits which include:
  • Curb caffeine and sugar cravings
  • Enjoy optimal health and vitality
  • Enjoy more energy and better stamina
  • Maintain optimal weight
  • Reduce annoying allergies and common health issues

Potential Noticeable Health Improvements

  • Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels
  • Bones and Joints
  • Brain and Nervous System
  • Cardiovascular and Circulatory Systems
  • Digestive System
  • Endocrine Glands
  • Immune System
  • Muscular and Soft Tissue Systems

With the above noticeable improvements accumulative benefits are often noticed, such as:

  • Balanced pH – Slightly Alkaline
  • Enhanced Energy
  • Increased Strength
  • Less Hunger Pangs and Unhealthy Food Cravings
  • Optimal Weight
  • Renewed Vitality
  • Sustained Stamina

Adding Healthy Elixirs to Your Diet

Raw Kiwi FruitA great way to create an amazing variety of great tasting meals and save time is to use a blender or Vita-Mix to create a wide variety of Energy Elixirs. The idea came as a way to help myself and later others eat better and improve your health and longevity. When blending Energy Elixirs are inconvenient, it is recommended you consume the same ingredients as a traditional meal.

The Living Cuisine lifestyle offers ideal main meals and healthy snacks and deserts. It is especially helpful for those who do not like to cook, are frequently on the go and anyone wanting to stabilize their optimal body weight. Replacing old fashion outdated breakfast with Energy Elixirs is a great idea. In fact you can use Living Cuisine and Energy Elixirs to replace an unhealthy lunch or dinner meal. If you are on a budget you may soon find that Living Cuisine is a great way to replace many of your most expensive and least nutritious eating out meal choices with more economical and healthier ones.

Living Cuisine lifestyle is an ancient and newly rediscovered health and wellness philosophy and a paradigm shift for those interested in totally redefining the way they feel and look. Not only will you get the health benefits that you deserve, you will also help curb your hunger pangs and avoid the unhealthy snack alternatives that many people choose. To enjoy the best health ever be sure to make Living Cuisine and Raw Whole Foods part of your healthy habits and lifestyle.

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