On January 1st, a New Year and New You is waiting to unfold. It is important for you to focus on what is most important in your life and develop a mastery action plan in order to manifest a happy and healthy New Year.

It is important to set goals and have a clear vision for your life. Once you have a clear target for the New Year it is important to set standards and hold yourself accountable. Challenge yourself to be even more dedicated and diligent in the year ahead and be all you were meant to be.

Writing Out Your Goals

Most people benefit from writing their goals and sharing them with like minded individuals in a dream team or mastermind group. Each person agrees to help support and hold each other accountable. Imagine the additional incentive that comes from sharing your plans with a mentor, network of peers or role models to help reinforce your commitments.

Often we will do more to avoid embarrassment and losing face with respected peers than we will do to improve in some area of life. The important thing is to clearly identify a success strategy that will help motivate you and then share it with others you respect.

Letting Go of Old Stories

Pointing the WayMany people start the New Year with a common mindset. They feel dissatisfied and unhappy about how things are turning out and wish things would turn out better. Wishing for things to change and being totally committed and confident in doing whatever it takes to change are as different as day and night.

To create the life you desire and deserve you must let go of the story and focus on the solutions. You must replace limiting behaviors and beliefs with new and empowering behaviors and beliefs that will move you in the direction of your destiny.

Your Personal Compass

Since we are complex beings with very complex body, mind and spiritual aspects it is important to create a mastery action plan for success. First we need to be clear about our personal internal guidance system of values and rules which serve as our COMPASS. The next thing is to develop a Life MAP (Mastery Action Plan) to guide us on our way.

Once we understand these two systems we are able to meet our desires and also support others through the bumps, detours and potholes in the road of life. When you and your support team are clear about your direction and purpose it is easy to find new solutions and strategies to keep a positive perspective regardless of any obstacles that may appear.

Creating Your Life MAP

Transformation occurs when you are clear about what you want, create a plan, implement the plan and then adjust as needed. You must be fully committed to improving the eight areas that make up a balanced life: body, mind, spirit, relationships, self growth, profession, finances and abundance.

After you have written out a basic plan you then create a vision board or what I refer to as a Life MAP (Mastery Action Plan) to keep you focused each day on your goals and outcomes.

[colored_box title=”8 Areas to a Balanced Life” variation=”teal”]

  1. Body – Manifest energy, health, natural nutrition and well being everyday.
  2. Mind – Being happy, health and in harmony is a mental mantra.
  3. Spirit – cherish the magic moments, feel grateful for your blessings.
  4. Relationships – Appreciate your self, family, friends and others every day.
  5. Education Self growth is an ongoing progress to learn new skills and promote personal development
  6. Profession – Love your Dharma & Live your Destiny
  7. Finances – Live your life purpose with passion and add massive value for others to fulfill financial abundance and a fantastic financial plan to manifest your financial freedom.
  8. Abundance – manifest more, contribute, acts of kindness and selfless service[/colored_box]

Remember first it is imperative to understand and consciously choose your values and rules for life. Next clearly set your goals and outcomes. Then each year it is essential to identify what is most important in the eight key areas that define your quality life.

Next it is important to create a mastery action plan with simple steps and specific strategies to stay focused as you create a great life. With these basic guidelines you are well on your way to manifesting an amazing New Year and New You.

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