Last week the Great NEWS blog shared the Seven Sinister Signs Start Self Sabotaging Success and this week is dedicated to Seven Simple Steps Secure a Sustainable Success System Part 1. Based on comments, posts and questions from many family, friends and fans it seems many people are going through tough trials and tribulations. As a result many are doing a lot of questioning and soul searching during 2012. Seven Simple Steps  Secure a Sustainable Success System is devoted to going back to the basics for creating a solid foundation from which to rethink and rebuild our lives.

You may be asking why the title has seven words starting with the letter “S”. The answer is seven is a special number that is easy for the brain to retain.  Also anyone can follow seven simple steps to secure a sustainable success system since it only takes 1 minute to review these seven simple steps each day.

This post is a summary of great distinctions that have resulted from decades of learning from great books, CD’s, DVD’s, mastermind groups, networks, peers, role models and seminars. Being a simple guy the seven simple steps to secure a sustainable success system helped me to condense the vast experience and knowledge of many experts into seven simple steps anyone can follow on a daily basis.

Great companies, leaders, organizations, people and teams all have a basic formula or recipe outlining their success principles. For example Stephen Covey wrote his book on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as a foundation for personal change, Maybe it is time for each of us to go back to doing the basics on a daily basis in order to become even more effective and efficient than we think we are now.

Many people are facing bigger issues and more challenges than they can remember. After many bumps in the road and my mother passing away in 2011 and younger brother passing in 2012 my head has been spinning and my heart has been hurting. This caused me to observe and ponder about what is happening in the world and how can we all adapt to the vast array of global changes taking place.

As the Great NEWS Coach and an expert on nutrition, emotions, wellness and success for peak performance it seems fairly easy to see patterns that are working and not working for success. Being totally passionate about helping people discover a proven system for being part of a Happy and Healthy Family the seven simple steps to secure a sustainable success system is shared for anyone feeling challenged by the lack of sustainable success.

These seven simple steps are based on suggestions and systems that have resulted from almost sixty years of valuable insights and learning valuable life lessons. Our rules, values and vision for life are the keys to guiding our attentions and intentions to manifest the body, mind and spirit we desire and deserve. When these are clear you will be better able to align with your natural abilities, gifts and talents to create the destiny of your dreams.

Keys to Success

Success comes from simple key principles

The Seven Simple Steps Secure a Sustainable Success System is easy to do and easy not to do depending on your ability to apply this blueprint, Mastery Action Plan (MAP) and take consistent action for creating your own success system. My outcome is to distill decades of life lessons learned into seven simple steps that are the rock solid foundation for your long term Satisfaction and Success in life. It is up to you to apply and implement them on a consistent basis.

Seven Simple Steps to Secure a Sustainable Success System

To understand the full power of each of these seven simple steps read the following summary to dig deeper into strategies and suggestions to apply them in your any area of your life.

1. The Power of  Directing Body, Mind & Spirit – You must direct and manage your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state of being at all times. Your Physiology, Psychology and Programming are the keys to unlocking the meaning of all your behaviors, choices and habits. Everything you eat, drink, hear, smell, taste, touch and come in contact with affects every cell in your body. Learning how to choose wisely is priceless talent. Your body, mind and spiritual health is the foundation to your success and wealth We must learn to listen to our heart which holds the key to happiness, health and success.

Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t you are right”.
My mantra is: I am Gifted, I am Guided and I’m so lucky I’ve decided

The eagle must see the big picture and develop keen focus to eat and survive.

We can chose to fly with eagles or run with turkeys.

2. The Power of Focus – You must know what you want. How easily you focus your attention and intention on that which you desire to manifest determines the ultimate results you will experience and enjoy. You must be mentally focused like a laser to get great results consistently. It is easy to be distracted and disoriented in today’s world of information overload. Be sure you have an auto pilot system in place to help keep you constantly adjusting and on course. We all need a compelling future. What is yours?

Do you have a bull’s eye on your target? Do you understand the full results and rewards it will produce? You must believe it first to see it.

3. The Power of Quality Questions – It is imperative to know why you want something first before you go on a wild goose chase after it. Be sure to ask quality questions and demand quality answers. The more precise your questions are and the more compelling your answers are the more effective and efficient you will be with processing information. Knowing specifically why you want to achieve something or want to avoid something gives you the clues and leverage you need for real progress towards success. Questions and answers become the defining stories of our life. Choose your stories wisely. It is easy to go into a trance when telling or listening to a story.

Asking quality questions of yourself and others is helpful for receiving quality answers. Remember to listen first and carefully calibrate the answers you receive before you are tempted to speak. Most people are already forming an answer before the other person has finished their though.

What is most important in my life right now?
What top ten things today will help insure I enjoy and experience a great day?
What am I most grateful for at this time in my life?
How will I turn my challenges into celebrations?

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Stack of flat stones

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Pitiful Poor Performance

4. The Power of Planning and Preparation– Everyone can benefit from a detailed blueprint and Massive Action Plan (MAP) to accomplish their desires and dreams. How do you plan to get from where you are now to where you want to be? People need a detailed map for each and every area of a quality life. These maps become the guide for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Without maps, mind mapping, treasure maps and vision board’s people tend to wander. Do you carefully tune in and visualize the path to success? Are you clear on what success will feel, look and sound like when you have reach it?

Now that you have discovered the first four of the Seven Simple Steps  to Secure a Sustainable Success System it is time to rate how things are going in your life now? If you are not happy about some area of you life right now focus on being happy first and then figure out what is preventing you being all you can be in that area. Remember there are Seven Simple Steps to Secure a Sustainable Success System so read part 2 and follow these steps each day and observe the magic moments that manifest. Be sure to celebrate all the little steps along your life’s journey.

Mastery Action Plan

Write in your journal each day to remember your life lessons and magic moments. Emotional blockages also block our ability to step up to the next level. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an absolutely amazing form of Energy Psychology to help reformat emotional blockages and restore your mastery mindset for peak performance and sustainable success in any area of your life. Great news: Gary Craig the founder of EFT has created a new website that offers detailed video tutorials at:

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding emotional blockages and challenges to sustainable success?

Next Week the Great NEWS Will Share: Seven Simple Steps  Secure a Sustainable Success System Part 2