Last week the Great NEWS blog shared the Seven Simple Steps  Secure a Sustainable Success System and this week is dedicated to Seven Simple Steps to Secure a Sustainable Success System Part 2. Based on comments, posts and questions from many family, friends and fans it seems many people are going through tough trials and tribulations. As a result many are doing a lot of questioning and soul searching during 2012. Seven Simple Steps  Secure a Sustainable Success System is devoted to going back to the basics for creating a solid foundation from which to rethink and rebuild our lives.

The view standing on top of the peak is better than the view from the bottom.

The view standing at the top is better than the one at the bottom.

5. The Power of Massive Action – We all know that intention, knowledge and planning are great. It is also essential to know that taking consistent and precise action are the keys to getting great results. For every action there is also a reaction so be a great observer to notice what results you are achieving. When we heighten our sensory acuity we can often observe the hidden universal influence of cause and effect.

Most people waste a lot of time focusing on the effects when it is much more important and efficient to focus on the cause and direct our energy there. When we focus on the effects we can waste a lot of energy and time even though we might be taking lots of action. It is essential to determine if you are busy or productive. There is a massive difference in the amount of results and time frame for success in any endeavor when you carefully observe your daily actions and resulting progress. Being busy does not equate to being productive and making progress towards success.Actions speak louder than words so talk less and be/ do more

Actions Speak Louder than Words

6. The Power of Accountability – Everyone must evaluate their results and measure their progress: Be sure to create and maintain a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual process to track your progress. We all need coaches, mentors and peers to keep us accountable and help guide us back on course when we stray. Experts can help us find a more efficient and effective path for results. The quality of our life is a collective result of the commitment, energy, experience, standards and time we invest in self growth and personal development.

Like it or not the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for measuring success involves some measurement based on keeping score cards and tracking progress. What are the most important benchmarks that are important for you to feel progress and success in your life?

7. The Power of Persistence – This means you must be patient as you are consistent and persistent with your action agenda. Changing your approach until you accomplish the results you are seeking is the secret to success. You never know when the next step will be the one that delivers the jackpot. Life is not a one hundred meter dash but is a life long journey to be enjoyed and savored.

While it is great to have a definite purpose, plan, people and persistence life is still a mystery and will unfold on its own terms and in its own sweet time. It is important for us to learn patience with our persistence and enjoy the journey as we benefit from the life lessons along the way. Be sure you celebrate the small simple steps and even the side trips along the way. Being in a persistent state of faith, gratitude, joy, love and wonder constantly refills your fuel tank and renews your happy and loving heart to sustain you on your life journey. Variety is the spice of life so be sure to find many ways to celebrate and enjoy the magic moments.

Never give up on your dreams. Your dreams are your destiny and it is up to you to find the way. Remember to always “face your fears and live you dreams”.
Remember anyone can apply the seven simple steps each day by simply reading the following summary each morning after you wake up and each evening right before you go to sleep. It takes less than one minute a day and will lay the foundation for everything you want to be, to do and to have in your life so enjoy the process.

The heart is key to your success

Help your heart have happiness, health and harmony

Seven Simple Steps Secure  Sustainable Success System

1. The Power  of  Directing Body, Mind & Spirit

2. The Power of Focus

3. The Power of Quality Questions

4. The Power of Planning and Preparation

5. The Power of Massive Action

6. The Power of Accountability

7. The Power of Persistence

While these seven simple steps to secure a sustainable success system are easy to apply each day it is also easy not to apply them. With all the decisions, delusions, destruction, distractions, disasters, and disease in the world today it is easy to back slide. You goal should you decide to embrace it is to enjoy happiness, love and joy every day and in this way you are making progress every day toward creating the life you desire and deserve.

Be sure to celebrate all the little steps along your life’s journey. Magic Moments have the power to propel us forward for a great life and perfect health or whatever keeps you happy.

Now that you have discovered all of the Seven Simple Steps to Secure a Sustainable Success System it is time to rate how things are going in all areas of your life now? If you are not happy about some area of you life focus on being happy first and then figure out what is preventing you being the person you want to be.

Remember there are Seven Simple Steps to Secure a Sustainable Success System so follow these steps each day and observe the magic moments that manifest.

Mastery Action Plan

Have you seen the movie “The Way” with Martin Sheen? It is an extremely powerful movie and may provide insights into the meaning of life, your definition of success and what is really most important in our lives.
Listen to the song “This Magic Moment” by the Drifters for a quick emotional flood of great feelings. This song can help you be in a great state for even more magic moments to appear in your life.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding psychological challenges to sustainable success?

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