Last week the Great NEWS blog shared the Seven Simple Steps to Secure a Sustainable Success System Part 2 and this week we discuss how 10 Daily Decisions Determine Your Destiny. Since we have been focusing on self growth and personal development this is another perspective for the simple steps we can implement each day to significantly improve our quality of life. These 10 Daily Decisions Determine Your Destiny so choose wisely.

Decisions – We know we have choices. We even think that our choices are totally our own. What many of us fail to realize is that our choices are really an ongoing process based on beliefs, events, experiences, ideas, and thoughts that have occurred along our timeline and the timeline of our ancestors. When we look at the large number of choices we have it is important to be making smart decisions.

10 Daily Decisions

There are ten key daily decisions we make each day that determines the direction and quality of your lifes destiny.

Desires are the basic habitual, routine and simplistic thinking generated within our mind each day. Desires generate responses that manifest and shape our daily life. They influence our attention and constantly move us in one direction or another. Our desires change on a continual basis like the shifting of wind. What we think about and desire from moment to moment has a big impact on the directions we move and the quality of our life. Most people allow basic desires for daily comforts, connection, entertainment, food and relaxation to control their life. Learn to focus your attention and intention on more meaningful desires and watch the magic moments unfold in your life. Be careful and specific what you think you desire. Many people focus more on what they fear and do not want without even realizing it.

Dreams are the bigger goals, ideas and thoughts that shape our day to day life. Look for compelling dreams and vision that empower you to be and do more with the gifts, skills and talents your creator gave you. Be sure your dreams, goals and outcomes are written down and posted as a frequent reminder. Keep your dreams empowering, fresh and visible.

Difficulties are the challenges, issues and problems that show up to help our self growth and personal development. Just like improving your endurance, flexibility and fitness it takes resistance and training to become more than we are currently. How you face these opportunities for growth will determine the quality of your life. How can you use each challenge to make you even better and stronger than before.

Dilemmas are like the proverbial fork in the road where we need to make a decision to take the path to the left or the path to the right. We are not sure what lies ahead and with limited information and time you must make a choice and experience the consequences that come with that choice.

Deceptions result from a company, organization or person with an agenda to coerce, control, direct, influence and manipulate your actions, behaviors and thinking. Be sure to choose wisely what energy, information and, people and powers you allow to surround you each day. We become like those people, places and powers we allow into our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being. Avoid the negative influences as much as possible.

Denials are a form of emotional, mental or physical blockage where you or those around you inhibit your progress in some way. Most people have heard the saying “what you resist will persist”. Life has a way of sending messages and warnings regarding the life lessons we need to learn. Are you open to these messages or are you in denial?

Discoveries result from the questions we ask our self. The power of asking quality questions is one of the most profound peak performance principles governing the quality of every aspect of your life. The questions you ask yourself and others on a daily basis help determine every aspect of your being and experiences in life. When you understand the power of your thoughts and words you realize that everything you feel, hear, see, say, think and touch affects every cell in your body and every experience you will have. Therefore be sure to focus on asking great questions to discover all the magic moments you are meant to enjoy on your journey through life.

Discipline is the focus of your body, mind and spirit to work together to help maintain your bearing and direction in life towards your dreams, values and vision. Do you have a dream board, life MAP or vision board to help keep you focused and moving forward?

Do or Do Not Do

Do – When we discover an insight or thought and make a decision to implement a mastery action plan we move forward in life. Progress is growth and helps us feel fulfilled. Avoiding actions, decisions, growth and progress causes us to feel confusion, frustration, negative emotions and pain. Therefore it is essential to learn to use your gifts, skills and talents to do what you are meant to do and continually implement you mastery action plan for self growth and personal development. When we do what we know we should do be build our self esteem and feel happier.

Do Not Do – Remember even the things you do not do that you know you should do have a huge impact on the quality of your life. When you are not doing the things you know you should you weaken your confidence, joy, happiness and self esteem. This can cause you to feel negative emotions such as angry, confused, depressed, disappointed, frustrated, guilty, inferior and stupid. Therefore learning to be proactive will empower and energize you whereas not doing what you know you should do is disempowering and demoralizing.

This week the Great NEWS blog shared how 10 Daily Decisions Determine Your Destiny.  Remember while they are easy to do they are also easy not to do so create the determination, discipline and drive to implement these simple steps to create a great destiny.  We have 10 fingers and 10 toes to remind us that 10 Daily Decisions Determine Your Destiny

Mastery Action Plan

Write and review the 10 Daily Decisions Determine Your Destiny. What areas need the most foucs in your life right now?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding daily decisions that are benefiting or blocking your destiny?

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