Last week the Great NEWS blog post shared the Great Life American Diet – GLAD News and this week reveals how Seven Sinister Signs Start Self Sabotaging Success. Based on comments, posts and questions from many family, friends and fans it seems many people are going through tough trials and tribulations. With so many problems facing individuals and families today it seems important to identify what we do that contributes to them and how we can stop fueling the fires of self sabotage. Once you are aware of how the Seven Sinister Signs Start Self Sabotaging Success you can stop self sabotaging success and start implementing smart strategies and systems for success.

These Seven Sinister Signs have been showing up more and more in our world. Many of my contacts, family and friends are being negatively affected even more than usual lately. As I look around and think about several family members and friends coming down with disease and several dying during the last two years the seven sinister signs started hovering in my thoughts like vultures waiting to pick an easy meal.

What has changed so much in the last few decades to accelerate and exacerbate the problems we now face? It is easy to point the blame at others and say they did this or that and created the problems we face. The truth is we all do things directly or indirectly that are contributing to the problems we face today. Both action and inaction contribute to what we are seeing today in the world around us. We all have blind spots and are unaware of how we are sabotaging our happiness, self growth, personal development and quality of life.

What is happening in the world today that is causing so many people to succumb to depression, despair, desperation, disaster, disease, doom and gloom? It appears the Seven Sinister Signs have become so acceptable and tolerable that a majority of people seem to have adopted them as the status quo and short cut path to a jackpot.

When you have an influential and sizeable portion of the world’s population allowing their inflated ego’s to decide, dictate and dominate how the rest of civilization lives you have a recipe for global disaster. This is not a new story since the greedy and power hungry companies, countries, individuals and organizations have been chasing the almighty dollar (euro, peso, pound, rupi, yen, yuan) and grabbing for power for centuries. Unfortunately due to new laws, policies, procedures and technologies things have now escalated to the point of putting humanity at the risk of serious emotional, financial, mental and physical harm and even possible self destruction.

Seven Deadly Sins

Man eating a big dinner with wine.

Drinking and eating too much when so many are going hungry is not equitable.

The morals of the Seven Deadly (sinister) Sins has been taught for centuries. They were identified as: envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth and wrath. For the sake of self analysis and a little soul searching now seems like a good time to see if these profound teachings from the past are still applicable in the present.

Rather than accept others observations about us as valid we usually deny our self sabotaging behaviors. This self-deception is like a tiny yet virulent virus that can destroy our health and wreck our happiness.

People do not plan to fail they just fail to plan. This also applies to the seven sinister signs in that we do not plan to stray off course we just do not have clear rules and values with a strong code of conduct. Most people do not realize that there are simple yet specific steps to stop sabotaging success and start strategizing for success

The seven sinister signs that start self sabotaging success are easy to see and easy not to see. Knowing what to look for is the first step and then you can determine if any of them apply to you and what is happening in your life.

Seven Sinister Signs Start Self Sabotaging Success

1. Anger and hatred (flip side of the coin) are like a double edge sword that harms both the person with anger and the person towards which the anger is directed. The dance of anger hurts all people involved. Anger is the result of unresolved emotional hurts that have not been healed or resolved. When you are in an angry state you typically lose the ability for thinking calmly, clearly and reasonably. Angry people often do things that cause others to feel angry and this can start a chain reaction of anger, abuse, destruction and violence. The opportunity to overcome anger is hidden within giving yourself the gift of forgiveness.

2. Dance of Deception and Denial go hand in hand and are like twin devils. When you lie to others and yourself you rob your body, mind and spirit of energy and life force. Every lie weakens you, your immune system and reduces your opportunities for happiness and health. Many people today lie, cheat and steal and then lie some more to cover up their original lies. One lie often leads to a dozen other lies to support it so you quickly have a negative compounding effect sabotaging your quality of life.

When you avoid what you know to be true; the comments, communications, connections, consciousness, emotions, feedback, feelings, gut instinct, heart center, information, intuition, spirit and soul you are deceiving yourself and causing things to be worse. It appears to be easier to deny than acknowledge. In life what we resist will tend to persist and the lessons keep coming and getting louder and stronger until we finally understand the message or suffer the consequences.

Rationalization is another form of deception because justifying your actions and behaviors instead of taking responsibility for them harms you. This is really another form of lying to oneself and self delusion. Our faulty thinking believes if we do not accept it than some how it is not so. Only after enough hard knocks and life lessons do most people wake up and accept and acknowledge there must be a better way and change in order to create the change they wish to experience. From this point on they are able to make a distinction and decision to shift towards a new direction and mastery action plan.

3. Ego is an interesting aspect of our physiology, programming and psychology. When your ego starts believing animals, people, plants and the world revolves around you and you know what is best for them this is a warning light on your dash board. When you allow your ego to become too big you make decisions that can pillage, plunder and pollute the world without regard for the people, plants and planet.

Arrogance ad excessive pride is the other side of the same coin. This is where you begin to delude yourself that you are better or more: attractive, charming, deserving, elite, entitled, important, intelligent, powerful, select, smarter, unique or wiser than others who are less than you.

Often as a result of the ego and arrogant delusion you have gone so deep into your sad story that you have a difficult time dealing with others and reality. It is always important to listen to and consider the opinions of those that have different backgrounds, beliefs, emotions, feelings, lifestyles, perceptions, reasons, thoughts and understandings

People dealing with the fears on a roller coaster ride.

Our lives are often over loaded with fears and stress.

4. Fears are causing a massive reduction in our quality of life and severe stress. Most of the fears we face come from the ego based actions of others wanting to control our life and others around us. When people allow or use anger, control, dominance, ego, fear, greed, power or revenge to manipulate others we experience and feel more fear and repression in the world. This starts a harmful chain reaction and downward spiral impacting all people in the world.

Our own fears and phobias also come from our ego living in the past or the future versus focusing on being present in the moment. In our modern capitalistic world it is easy to get stuck in feeling fearful. We must learn to live in the moment and be present to what is occurring. Often it is usually our perception (what we imagine) or our procedures (what we are doing) that creates the fear in the first place. We can let go of the fear by changing our view or behavior and living in our heart and higher being.

Fear is actually a valuable trait which helps guide our path. There is a great pearl of wisdom in the saying “You must face your fears to live your dreams”. When we live in a fearful state we trigger extreme chronic stress which greatly impacts our health. Living in a state of bliss, happiness, joy, love and peace helps to banish most of our fears.

5. Greed and envy is a sign one is placing a higher value on control, money and power above the best interest of communities, cultures, environment and people. As a result people chase false money gods and possessions rather than focus on other living beings and quality of life.

Greed is another reason that companies and individuals pillage, plunder and pollute the world. Many people place a higher value on numbers in a bank account or money with dead people’s pictures than they do the happiness, harmony and health of people and planet earth.

Cause or Effect

We are all connected to each other and subject to the laws of cause and effect

6. Ignorant of the laws of Cause and Effect sets you up for stress and strife. When you are constantly focusing on the effects impacting your life you often miss the real cause of your challenges, issues and problems. Most people respond to the crisis, emergency or problem by going into a panic. They want to blame someone else and expect them to do it, fix it or solve it for them. The entitlement mentality is causing massive issues around the world.

The real need today is foresight and insight to identify what caused the effects (issues) in the first place and resolve them permanently and sustain-ably without temporary patches. This will prevent the reoccurrence of the challenges, issues and problems on a continual basis. Many people deal with the same stuff week after week and month after month rather than step back and look at the big picture. When you step back and observe how your lack of foresight, planning and preparations caused the problems you are now in a position to resolve them with creative problem solving solutions.

Procrastination is a part of cause and effect because delaying a project, resolution or solution compounds the problems and the ultimate cost to deal with it. Other behaviors that are closely connected are avoidance, distraction and escaping. When you use cigarettes, drinking alcohol, drugs, excuses, gambling, gossiping, shopping, television and other things you are avoiding steps toward success which would be better for you and improve your life.

Improving your life results from focusing 80+% of your energy and time dealing with smart strategies, suggestions, solutions and systems for a great life (happiness, health and harmony). That means less than 20% of your time is wasted on sad, stressful and stupid stuff (challenges, issues and problems resulting from poor planning, preparation and performance).

7. Lack of Self Love manifesting as low Self Esteem, low Self Worth, Sadness and Depression come from not feeling unconditional love. These harmful behaviors rob you of the quality of life you desire and deserve. While it may be hard to agree or see this trait it is one of the biggest challenges facing most people in modern society.

This is one of the most destructive and sinister signs of self destruction because it can cause someone to do crazy things to themselves and others. With a mistaken belief that they will find it from others or as a means of punishing others they are moving further away from feeling what only they can give themselves. Looking for others to give us what we will not give ourselves robs us of our power and pride.

When we put more importance on our authority, career, paycheck, pecking order, position, power, rank, role, status or title we are setting our self up for anger, fear, envy, helpless, hopeless, loathing, pain, rejection, sadness, stress, suffering, turmoil and worth we give up our personal power and become more dependent on others.

As you can clearly see when you are not feeling appreciated, loved and worthy of all the great things that are available and present currently in your life you feel pain. When you focus on what you do not have, enjoy or experience in life you can easily get stuck in a down ward spiral like the vortex of a tornado. This leads to depression, destruction and dumb choices and decisions.

Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution

Sunlight shining through a window

Share your light and love with others to help make earth a better place to live.

If you do not see the issues or you are afraid (fearful) to even admit you may have a problem, then you are obviously further away from solving them. Remember if you are not a part of the solution than you are still a part of the problem. And this is the challenge for each one of us to ask our self and face the truth. Are we part of the problem or are we part of the solution?

So it appears that the philosophical lessons that have been passed on for generations are still as applicable today as when they were first written about centuries ago. Maybe we are still in denial and unwilling to learn and apply these valuable life lessons.

All seven or at lease some of the seven will apply to each of us at various times in our lives. Whether you want to be honest with yourself and admit this or not is another story. How we identify, react and respond will determine the difference between a great life or a sad life. The Seven Deadly Sins seem to be just as relevant today as when they were first offered as guidance to living a better life.

Understanding how the Seven Sinister Signs Start Self Sabotaging Success offers us an example and warning of what can happen to any of us. When we are not being good Samaritans and good Shepard’s for ourselves and the world around us we allow things to spiral downward towards self destruction. Life is a precious gift and when we lie, cheat or steal we disrupt the harmony of the universe and the life we desire and deserve. Identifying how the Seven Sinister Signs Start Self Sabotaging Success can help us raise our energy and vibration to a higher frequency for empowerment, improvement and sustainability.

Mastery Action Plan

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. Identify the areas of your life that are the most challenging right now and ask your infinite intelligence to reveal what you are doing to contribute to this issue by your actions or lack of actions. Focus on your strengths and expand your abilities each day and watch the world become a better place. Celebrate more of what is great in your life. The movie K-Pax offers some great life lessons about the power of focusing our attentions and intentions. Reading the The Dance of Anger is a great way to help you identify many of your limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding emotional blockages and challenges to sustainable success?

Next week the Great NEWS will share:  Seven Simple Steps to Secure a Sustainable Success System