The 2015 Great NEWS posts are dedicated to sharing easy to implement super Healthy Habits. Today’s post is dedicated to Seven Steps to be Safe and Smart to protect your most important asset.  One of the greatest risks we face on a day to day basis is an accident, fall or injury that results in lasting emotional, financial, mental or physical harm. Billions of dollars are lost and wasted each year due to easily avoidable accidents and injuries. People around the globe are facing severe consequences because of a lack of common sense and health, safety and environmental strategies. This post will offer Seven Steps to be Safe and Smart based on healthy habits.

We were given a beautiful and brilliant body and brain so what are we doing to prevent injuries and protect our self? For most people it is not enough. A healthy body and brain is our single greatest asset because it allows us to cook, drive, farm, function, invest, run a business, work and do whatever else it takes to be profitable and productive. Anything that could cause a major or even minor reduction in our quality of life and standard of living is a risk we are well advised to take actions to avoid and minimize our risks.

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Accidents and injuries can take a devastating toll on the happiness and health of people as well as their financial status.

Anything we do in life involves some amount of risk management. The key to being safety smart is to avoid and minimize as much unnecessary risk as possible. On a daily basis we are exposed to a wide variety of serious health and safety hazards. Implementing the seven steps to safety smarts can greatly reduce our odds for an accident or incident that could lead to death, disability, disease or health issues that result in serious economic loss.

While we may think we are being careful and cautious most people do dumb things that result in accidents and injuries to others or themselves. The more things we can all do to be careful and safety conscious the better the odds for being accident free and safe. This is why businesses, companies, factories, military services, refineries and workers have safety standards and training.

Unfortunately too many children, teens, adults and seniors are not in programs that continually teach and train in safety. As a result the children and adults establish unsafe behaviors, habits and routines that put them at a higher risk for accidents and injuries. Good intentions alone are not enough when it comes to being safety smart. People need guidelines, regulations, rules and training in safety to protect others and themselves from harm.

While traveling domestically and internationally I have observed many different countries and cultures and their different approaches to safety. Over the years I have personally observed some of the best safety standards and training as well as some of the worst. Some countries train toddlers to ride public transportation and be safe pedestrians. Other countries allow children to play and run in streets intended for vehicles. As a result there are many devastating effects to those countries where safety education, equipment and training are not a top priority. Accidents and injuries can take a devastating toll on the happiness and health of people as well as their financial status.

There are many different causes and contributors to accidents and injuries. Simple things we take for granted like animals, appliances, beverages, clothes, cooking, electronics, foods, home furnishings, medicines, pets, power lines, technology, toys, utilities, vehicles and weapons are responsible from unknown millions of accidents and injuries each day. All over the planet easily avoidable accidents are happening each day. Therefore each one of us must make it a priority and promise to take responsibility for being safety smart and making safe and wise choices.

When we tune in and use our common sense and intelligent intuition we set the stage for having a happy, healthy and successful life. When we tune out our innate wisdom and turn off our safety consciousness we set our selves up for accidents, injuries, pain, suffering and wealth sabotage.

Be Safe Be Smart

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Most of our accidents and injuries are the result of actions, choices, decisions or inactions on a daily basis regarding being safety smart.

It has been said that 8 out of 10 accidents are the fault of the person involved in the accident.

Today’s world is vastly different than it was 100 years ago as human common sense regresses and technology advances. Today our world is extremely complex and loaded with dangers that did not exist 100 years ago. Bicycles are sharing roads with speeding cars. Kids are riding four wheelers, motorcycles, push scooters, roller blades and skate boards without helmets, licensing and extensive safety training. Joggers and walkers listen to music on their headsets loosing touch with the world around them.

Thais blog is dedicated to helping people protect their happiness, head, health, heart, home and honor. Most of our accidents and injuries are the result of actions, choices, decisions or inactions on a daily basis regarding being safety smart.

Our goal, mission and passion is helping people become better educated and empowered for health, success and wellness. With a focused mastery action plan based on embracing the Seven Steps to Safety Smarts every day we can enjoy our dream life.

Seven Steps to be Safe and Smart

Protect your brain, ears, eyes and head. Our brain, ears, eyes and head are prone to significant damage and injuries that can be costly and devastating. Little things like dehydration, detours and distractions can lead to accidents and injuries. Avoiding the use of ear protection, eye goggles and helmets is dumb when you consider what your hearing, sight, and thinking is worth. These simple safety items can protect you from serious injuries.

Protect your hands. Our hands are important for many reasons so take care of them. Handling things carefully and wearing gloves are just little things we can do to protect our hands.

Protect your feet. Our feet are essential to our mobility for life so taking care of them is important. While wearing flip flops and sandals may be cool wearing closed toed foot wear can protect our feet from unnecessary injuries. Diabetes can cause serious circulation and foot problems including amputation so check your blood sugar regularly.

Avoid accidents, injuries and illness that can begin in the kitchen. Beverages, cooking and food seriously contribute to the incidence of accidents, injuries and illness. Many health and wellness issues start with what you drink and eat so choose wisely.

Be extra cautious when using transportation and traveling. Using various forms of transportation like buses, bikes, motorcycles, planes, trains and vehicles can expose us to numerous types of risks.  Whether you are the operator or someone else is stay alert and cautious when traveling.

Dangerous Swimming

Every year water related accidents takes a heavy toll on human life. Bath tubs, beaches, lakes, pools, puddles, rivers and wet spots are all accidents looking for a person/victim to happen.

Driving, living or operating under the influence (DUI) of numerous distractions and inhibitors to our attention, control, operations, reaction time, thinking and visibility is unhealthy, unwise and in many cases unlawful. Things like alcohol, cell phones, drugs, OTC and prescription medicines cause tens of thousands of accidents every day.

Water is essential to life and yet also carries a wide variety of risks. Every year water related accidents takes a heavy toll on human life. Bath tubs, beaches, lakes, pools, puddles, rivers and wet spots are all accidents looking for a person/victim to happen.

Every year people receive serious injuries from falls, slips and trips. Many people are injured because of encounters with bags, boxes, cables, chairs, cords, cracks, furniture, ladders, pets, rugs, stairs, steps, suitcases and toys. Can you remember a specific time one of these caused or almost caused you to take a fall, slip or trip? These items injure and even result in death for millions of people. Many people never fully recover after a bad fall, slip or trip.

Simple Steps to be Safe Smart

Protecting our body, brain and bucks requires a little common sense, proactive thinking and safety strategies. When you apply the simple steps, smart strategies and safety suggestions listed here each of us will begin to reduce many of the unnecessary accidents and injuries that rob us of our emotional, financial, mental and physical health. These ideas are easy to implement once you stop to think of what you have to loose if you cause a major accident or injury to others or your self.

Avoid using equipment, machinery, tools until you have received adequate operations and safety training.

Avoid using chemicals, cleaners, synthetic compounds or toxic products until you understand the reward versus the risks. Many products today are very risky for humans and our environment.

Ask questions and research the risks and safety considerations and warnings on new or used products you buy, rent or own. You may be in for a big surprise if you cause an accident to others or your self and you failed to read the safety and warning materials.

Avoid consuming beverages or foods that you are not sure of the ingredients, quality and storage conditions. Many people have experienced contaminated foods and food poisoning from being too lax and trusting. Read all ingredient labels and warnings to be sure of the contents and possible risks.

Vegetable Signs

Many people have experienced contaminated foods and food poisoning from being too lax and trusting. Read all ingredient labels and warnings to be sure of the contents and possible risks.

Avoid confronting pets or wild animals in a way that could result in an injury to you. Feeding pets or wild animals can result in pain and suffering to you and the animal if not handled correctly.

Avoid being under the influence of substances that can impair your judgment and reactions. Consuming alcohol, using OTC drugs or prescription medications when operating equipment, machinery or vehicles is very risky. They contribute to millions of unnecessary accidents and injuries each year. Even beverages like coffee, colas, energy drinks, fruit flavored drinks, juices and sports drinks that contain any artificial additives, chemicals, flavorings or ingredients can impair your abilities and emotional state of being.

Help find ways for our cities, communities, companies, counties and countries to implement safety education and training for children and adults.

When you exercise indoors or outdoors be sure to exercise extreme safety smarts and safety strategies. Many accidents, injuries and problems are caused while people are exercising and loose their awareness, balance or focus. Distraction by music and TV screens cause many accidents every day.

Have old and worn out boards, cables, carpet, equipment, floors, rugs, shoes, stairs, tiles, tires and walkways replaced with new and safer ones.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series offers simple suggestions to help create and maintain our happiness, health and harmony. Establishing safety smarts all year long is healthy habit to protect your most important asset… you. It is one of the most important behaviors, habits and routines we can establish. When you realize that your health and safety are mostly defined by your actions or inactions you may begin to see the light about why safety smarts is so important to your emotional, financial, mental and physical health. We all deserve and desire to be happy, healthy and successful in life so it is up to each of us to do our part to make it our reality.

This Great NEWS post on Healthy Habits shared seven steps to be safe and smart. We must each do our part to prevent and protect against accidents and injuries.

What is your current Gap?

What things are you doing that you know are dangerous, dumb, harmful or high risk and could significantly jeopardize your future? What safety protections and safeguards would help protect your health and well being? What can you do to eliminate some of those unnecessary risks and replace them with being safe and smart instead?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans and steps will you implement each day to help with your safety smarts? What simple steps will reduce your risk of accident, injury and wealth wasting? What pain and pleasure strategies will help you implement the safe and smart success strategies necessary? Remember “It is better to be careful 100 times than to get killed once.” (Mark Twain)

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding being safe and smart and better choices and decision for our health and wellness? What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate us towards better behaviors, beliefs and biology for a great 2015 and beyond?

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