4 02, 2022

Top 22 Tips for Energy, Health and Resilience in 2022

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To enjoy a life with energy, health, and resilience in 2022 requires a detailed plan similar to the concept of building a beautiful house requires detailed blueprints. What lifestyle strategies, suggestions, and systems will you implement to make your life in 2022 better than it was in 2021? To enhance our quality of life requires [...]

12 11, 2021

Are Bitters Bad or Are Bitters Badass Beneficial?

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How often do you consume bitter foods, herbs, and teas? If you answer not very often, you can benefit from reading this blog and remembering the words of wisdom from Hippocrates, referred to as the father of medicine. Bitters may be one of the most important tastes for us to include as a regular part [...]

8 02, 2018

7 Far Infra Red Therapy Benefits

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Right now is winter and most of Canada, EU, UK and US are struggling with very cold weather and a major cold and flu epidemic. Did you ever wonder why they call them colds? As we focus on healthy habits for 2018, Far Infra Red Therapy (FIRT) can help with all three of these challenging [...]

30 04, 2015

Seven Steps to be Safe and Smart

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The 2015 Great NEWS posts are dedicated to sharing easy to implement super Healthy Habits. Today’s post is dedicated to Seven Steps to be Safe and Smart to protect your most important asset.  One of the greatest risks we face on a day to day basis is an accident, fall or injury that results in [...]

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