The previous Great NEWS post shared Bacteria Superbug Health Hazards and today we address Skin Infection and Skin Issue Health Hazards. Have you had problems with your skin? Nothing seems worse than dealing with irritated skin issues. There are numerous contributing factors for skin conditions and bacteria infections that are affecting millions of children, men and women. Today we look closely at the common Skin Infection and Skin Issue Health Hazards and what you can do to help prevent and protect against the majority of skin problems.

The Great NEWS Coach blog Health Hazards series is designed to educate you and offer alternative actions and healthy habits. Modern health hazards are causing disability, disease, disfigurement and death so we must learn how to protect our self and family. Skin infections and issues are a major problem around the globe that affects millions of people.

Man and Skin

There are numerous contributing factors for skin conditions and bacteria infections that are affecting millions of children, men and women

There are several main problems that are affecting people’s skin. The most common are skin infections and irritations from bacteria, bug bites, parasites and stings and skin issues like acne, eczema, psoriasis and rash. As mentioned in a previous post there has been an explosion of bacteria superbugs such as: Aeromonas hydophila, Bacteroides fragilis, Clostridium perfringens, Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes. After you suffer from a bug bite, parasites or sting you are more susceptible for bacteria infections as a result of the damaged skin and resulting wound as well as scratching. Bacteria are more antibiotic resistant and therefore more deadly. We will also discuss skin issues like acne, eczema and psoriasis and how these annoying problems can also lead to much worse consequences.

This post will highlight some of the worst skin challenges and offer valuable insights to help you minimize your risk for infections. It is written because of my own personal experiences and several close contacts who also suffered significant financial and physical pain. Improperly or untreated skin infections and skin issues can lead to disability, disease, disfigurement, dismemberment and death in humans. Any minor skin irritation or issue can evolve into a life threatening issue if not taken seriously enough and treated with appropriate levels of care and intervention. Antibiotic resistant bacteria are prevalent around the world and waiting for an opportunity to get into and under your skin.

Now that we are aware of the various skin challenges it is time to turn our attention to small steps we can take to promote healthy skin and better protect ourselves from skin infections. There are simple strategies we can all take to help keep our skin clean, normal and trouble free. The simple choices we make each day affect our skin health for the present and future.

We must first focus our attention on taking great care of our skin. Acne, blackheads, eczema, psoriasis and rashes are signs we have a variety of health related issues to deal with. Since our skin is our largest organ of elimination it is imperative that we keep it clean, healthy, protected and well nourished. The condition of your skin is a key indicator of your overall health and well being so consider it an important barometer for your health and vitality. When we have problems on the inside it will show on our outside.

Skin problems are not caused by a lack of creams, lotions, OTC medications, prescription medications, soap and topical treatments. These will not solve skin issues and will only make matters worse for our overall health. When we stop wasting our money and time on quick fixes that camouflage or compound the problem we take a giant step for real progress. When we focus on empowering emotions, exercise, fitness, holistic health, lifestyle, natural nutrition, sleep, sunshine and overall well being our skin will respond.

By making healthy choices all day and night we create more health in our life. We must treat the whole body, mind and spirit as one system and focus on our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being. We must learn to live in harmony with our ecology, ecosystem and environment.

Skin Issue Health Hazards

Blotchy Hands

Our skin is clear barometer, speedometer and thermometer for how we are living our life. If you are having challenges and skin issues it is time to look closely at the real causes.

Skin issues develop from a long list and wide variety of factors including:

  • Alcohol, drugs and tobacco are known to damage skin
  • Artificial sweeteners are harmful and affect your tissues and skin
  • Bacteria, fungus, molds and yeast indicate a toxic terrain and they excrete additional waste products into the body.
  • Body care products are a major source of harmful chemicals that damage our tissues
  • Chemicals, cleaners and compounds in the environment damage and irritate the skin
  • Digestion issues are often a sign that your digestive system and probitoics are not healthy
  • Emotions like anger, anxiety, depression, frustration, guilt and sadness affect your skin health
  • Environmental factors like microwaves, nuclear radiation and pollution can damage your skin
  • Fabric treatments can harm and irritate our skin
  • Fats and oils from unhealthy sources (canola, corn, cotton, hydrogenated oils, margarine, peanuts, shortening, soy, vegetable, fried foods, trans fats are not good for our skin.
  • Food additives, coloring’s, flavorings and preservatives affect our skin
  • GMO foods can create digestion issues which impacts skin health
  • Hormones have a great impact on our skin quality
  • Hygiene that is natural is essential for healthy skin
  • Laundry detergent on clothing and linens can be very irritating
  • Liver toxicity results in toxins being sent to the skin for elimination
  • Medications and OTC products are synthetic and cause skin issues
  • Pollution can affect your skin (chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals)
  • Processed fake, fast and junk foods are lacking in minerals, trace elements and vitamins necessary for healthy skin
  • Refined sugars are very acidic and conducive for pathogen growth
  • Soap can be very harsh and dry out delicate skin tissue
  • Sun shine is vital for skin health and Vitamin D production and the lack of it is harmful to skin.
  • Stress is a main contributor to health and sleep issues affecting skin
  • Toxicity can come from numerous additional sources like air fresheners, lotions, makeup, petroleum products and sunscreens which also irritate skin
  • Weather that is too cold, dry and windy can damage skin that is not nourished and protected properly.

Acne, eczema, psoriasis and rash are caused by a combination of these factors. When you stop doing the harmful things and start doing the helpful things your skin issues will naturally resolve them selves. Anything that is done as a quick fix or stop gap method that circumvents holistic health is likely to make matters worse or at best mask the symptoms temporarily. Our skin is clear barometer, speedometer and thermometer for how we are living our life. If you are having challenges and skin issues it is time to look closely at the real causes.

When skin issues are not taken seriously then the chance of skin infections greatly increases. A great example of this occurred after I was bitten by a bug in Costa Rica. Even though my skin was in excellent condition my stress and toxicity were higher than normal.  Because I did not take the bug bite serious and administer immediate first aid I developed a bacterial infection that resulted in intense pain, swelling and tissue damage. I am extremely lucky the hand recovered fully even though it took over six months to do so. Two friends were not as lucky and one ended up with surgery for tissue removal and skin grafting while the other one required several antibiotics and days in the hospital to avoid a life threatening infection.  Bug bites, parasites and stings can result in life threatening skin infections. Respond to any one with natural remedies and prompt treatment.

We need helpful bacteria in our intestines and on our skin to keep the harmful ones under control. This microbiome of beneficial bacteria and organisms creates a beneficial system and is necessary for health and vitality. Without the right mix of harmful and helpful bacteria our health is in jeopardy.

Helpful Tips to Prevent Skin Infections

Eating an Apple

We can create healthy skin by focusing on a healthy lifestyle and mindset in order to live in harmony with the micro organisms in our bodies and the environment.

Many of these may surprise you since they do not fit the conventional western thinking of many people although they are well understood in eastern medicine and wisdom.These strategies and suggestions will help make your skin more beautiful, healthy and vibrant.

  • Avoid highly processed and refined carbohydrates, foods and sugars
  • Calcium bentonite clay is known to help eliminate harmful bacteria externally and internally.
  • Clean a bug bite or cut with colloidal silver, iodine or tea tree oil which have all been found to have excellent antibacterial properties.
  • Consume only healthy fats and oils. (avocado, butter, coco butter, coconut, flax seed, grapeseed oil, nuts, olive oil, palm oil, seeds, sesame seed oil)
  • Eat fresh nutrient dense organic whole foods.
  • Exercise is essential for maintaining our health and healthy skin
  • Healthy lifestyle is a major contributing factor for healthy skin
  • Hydration and oxygenation are vital to our health and skin
  • Minerals and trace elements are essential for maintaining the health of our body and skin.
  • Pro-biotics are the key to rebuild our microbiome and unlock our digestion and immune system. Consume helpful bacteria probiotics and foods with probiotics after using antibiotics.
  • Stop using antibiotics and antibacterial products.
  • Stress reduction is essential for health and healthy skin
  • Sleep must be synchronized with the biorhythms and circadian rhythm to regenerate and revitalize the body and skin.
  • Sun exposure is vital for making Vitamin D and health skin function.
  • Use natural antibacterial foods and herbs like basil, cilantro, clove, coconut oil, garlic, frankincense, ginger, myrrh, neem, olive leaf extract, oregano, parsley and tea tree oil.
  • Vitamins (A, B, C, D, E and K) must be natural and sourced from whole foods for optimal health.

This Great NEWS post shared Skin Infection and Skin Issue Health Hazards to help people stop harming their skin and start helping their skin with holistic health techniques and tips. We can create healthy skin by focusing on a healthy lifestyle and mindset in order to live in harmony with the micro organisms in our bodies and the environment. It is easy to be happy, healthy and holistic if we have a burning desire, success strategies and mastery action plans (MAP) to guide us. Beautiful skin depends on your daily choices and decisions not the lotion or potion in a jar touted as an anti-aging wonder cream. This Skin Infection and Skin Issue Health Hazards post is designed to help each of us better care for people, plants and the planet which will benefit us with better care of our skin.

What is your current Gap?

What things are you and your family doing that may be harming your health and therefore your skin?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you reduce your harmful activities and increase your helpful ones?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding skin infections and skin issues? What new choices and decisions will lead to healthy habits to replace harmful habits?

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