Last week the Great NEWS blog post shared England – The Great and Gross – Part 3 and today since turn about is fair play we share the Standard American Diet Disaster – SADD News. While there are many gross issues challenging England there are still far fewer than those facing the United States (US) currently. Most Americans appear to be leading the world in unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and habits that are robbing people of their health and wealth. Read on to see how many of the Standard American Diet Disaster – SADD News problems you are guilty of following.

Due to many conflicting agendas, motives and priorities many people in the United States have become the most medicated, obese, unfit and unhealthy people in the world. The last several decades have witnessed the significant rise in weight gain and obesity.

Standard American Diet Disaster is Unhealthy

This type of unhealthy and unprecedented effect had to result from a cause or number or causes. As you conduct the research into the obesity epidemic there appear to be specific patterns and trends.

To begin with there is the existence of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) which developed various charts and methodologies of how people should eat. While families typically have passed down the wisdom regarding eating and food at some point the government decided to develop a plan of action for people to follow.

Over the years the recommendations have changed as the special interests of specific food industries and USDA have evolved. Over time companies and government have the desire to create more demand towards particular foods and therefore have designed and developed blue prints and charts with the foods being recommended.

Self serving corporate interests bribe and lobby various government agencies and politicians to create pet programs which result in a big bonus payoff for big agriculture interests. The power play is perpetuated by creating special interest sponsored programs and subsidies which create high incentives to promote select crops. The end result is a significant emphasis towards raising apples, bananas, beef, bread, canola, cereal, corn, cotton, chickens, dairy, eggs, fish, oranges, peanut, pork, potatoes, soy beans, sugar, turkey, wheat and white rice over other choices. While many of the foods may be perceived as the foundation for a countries food needs it is easy for the foundation to become the whole emphasis and focus

This can be seen in unhealthy and unbalanced boxes, charts, pie plates and pyramids that over emphasize the Big Ag industries and leave the healthy foods like beans, broccoli, buckwheat, cabbage, coconut, collards, dandelion, chicory, endive, kale, lettuce, mustard greens, pinto beans, pumpkins, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, walnuts,

Dumb, Dumber or Dumbest?

French fries

French fries

When you compound the poor eating habits of millions of citizens over decades with a push towards over cooked, refined and processed foods such as baby foods, breads, canned foods, cereals, cheese, corn, formulas, juices, margarine, meats, milk, oils, pasta, potatoes, sugar and vegetable oils you see sad, sick, stressed and tired people. As these compound further with the influence of other Agencies and Associations you have a formula for disaster.

Obesity in the US is now considered a disease and subsidized in many ways. This allows people to justify and rationalize their behavior since they carry the gene for obesity and therefore have a disease which is beyond their control and requires special attention and treatment. As you focus more attention on obesity you get more obesity. It is more important for our leaders to focus on fitness, health and nutrition and make that a top priority across all layers of government, industry and the population.

We all know that obesity is the result of unhealthy lifestyle choices and our government is responsible for providing more excuses and justifications. They are also guilty of a lack of leadership and providing inaccurate information about exercise, health and nutrition.

The United States Depart of Agriculture (USDA) publishes the dietary guidelines for the American people. Since when did an agency that is responsible for the raising of animals and crops become qualified to dictate what American population should be eating for health and vitality?

USDA Food Pyramid Leads to Food Problems

The USDA Food Pyramid was in place for decades providing unhealthy suggestions that have created many of the problems we see today. Most of the food pyramid recommendations are wrong for humans because it appears more like the perfect formula for fattening up animals for slaughter. It recommended seven to eleven servings of breads, cereals, grains, pasta, rice and potatoes per day which is a major reason why we see the excessive obesity today.

The USDA is not the most effective with regulating and monitoring the agriculture sector in regards to the raising of animals and crops for protection our health. We have all heard the stories of bacterial breakouts at meat plants, excessive chemicals being used on crops, super bugs and super weeds. On top of that we are now witnessing Genetically Engineered and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) that are not even labeled or properly tested in order to protect people from these Frankenfoods.

Taking a closer look at some of the most glaring problems pushed on the public we see examples of tainted advice provided to the public which creates a disastrous food foundation. When you have a poorly designed and faulty foundation you are due to have massive problems eventually. The US government’s policies and programs are causing massive confusion with disastrous results.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices is SADD News

Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharin, are allowed to be sold and use in foods in spite of significant evidence they can be very harmful.

Many doctors and scientists have create fat phobias and are recommending that people avoid saturated fat like avocados, butter, coconut oil, eggs, grass fed beef and palm oil when in fact the body (especially brain, hormones, liver and nervous system need it for proper functioning.

Companies, doctors, government and scientists have been recommending that people eat hydrogenated fats and oils (Crisco, and margarine) and harmful oils from GMO crops (canola, corn, cotton, soy oil). They promote the corn oils, vegetable oils, peanut oil, safflower oil and soy oil as healthy alternatives.

Significant evidence shows they are not and that we should instead eat cold processed olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, sesame oil and sunflower oil which are much healthier

USDA Faulty Food Foundation

The USDA has been recommending the consumption of high levels and percentages of refined carbohydrates (bagels, breads, cereals, donuts, grains, juices, pancakes, pasta, pastries, pizza, potatoes, rolls, white rice and white sugar. People are addicted to all the refined carbohydrates that convert to sugar quickly in the body.

Excess antibiotics and hormones create unhealthy cows which produce unhealthy milk.

The USDA has recommended excessive amounts of pasteurized cheese, dairy products and milk be consumed by people of all ages.

The USDA and Government agencies have allowed GMO foods to be fed and sold to people without being disclosed on the ingredient label.

The USDA has allowed the use of excessive antibiotics, hormones and other unhealthy treatments for raising animals for human consumption.

We are told to eat fairly large amounts of animal products even though many have excess amounts of GMO feeds and harmful compounds in them.

Super Size Me with Super Size Meals

Jumbo cheeseburger

On top of the government recommendations companies promote super sizing meals to make them even larger.

Many canned foods and restaurants use table salt (NaCl) which is an industrial compound used on roads in winter and water softening. The body needs all the minerals and trace elements in sea salt.

Artificial additives, colorings, dyes, flavor enhancers, flavorings and preservatives are contaminating the beverages and foods with many known harmful consequences.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is an excito-toxin that over stimulates the brain and has harmful side effects.

This week’s blog post highlighted the Standard American Diet Disaster – SADD News. As a result of the unhealthy lifestyle choices, junk foods and eating habits the United States is facing a major financial and health disaster. It is definitely SADD News to see the US leading the world in unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and habits. Our unhealthy beverages, foods and Frankenfoods are robbing people of their health and wealth. Unfortunately today’s global economy and American companies’ expansion plans are spreading these unhealthy foods around the world and with it the Standard American Diet Disaster – SADD News is coming to other countries.

Mastery Action Plan

Write in your journal for four weeks regarding all the beverages and foods you purchase and consume. Be sure to include eating out, vendors and foods prepared at home. This will help you become acutely aware of your current choices and the money you are spending. Once you are aware of your healthy and unhealthy choices and patterns it is time to create a strategy and system to shift to healthier options.

Call to Action

By stopping your three least healthy choices and starting three more healthy ones each week you will quickly manifest a healthy lifestyle. Share your comments, commitments and questions regarding Standard American Diet Disaster – SADD choices versus Great NEWS Choices

Next Week the Great NEWS blog post will share: Standard American Diet Disaster – SADD News Part 2